Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Happy Mother's Day to you all!  Tis a bit freezing out there today it has to be said. The weather has scuppered my plans of taking two of les enfants out on their bikes.  We opted for a few games instead. I have to say buckaroo ain't what it used to be - he doesn't appear to 'buck' on any level.  Swiftly moving on to Pig goes Pop. This one is quite good fun and I have to say mildly addictive - little buddy enjoyed it too. 

So as is customary on Mother's Day I have received 3 lovely cards, a mug, a love seed (?!) to plant and some heart shaped chocolates together with a bunch of flowers. Prior to this my daughter brought me breakfast in bed which included a yogurt as "she loves them" - I don't actually, bless her, they just feature in my diet.   I sent my own mother an Elizabeth Arden gift set of facial creams. It is a tricky one that isn't it - face creams.  Most woman like them but at the same time you don't want to be saying "here have some of these you need it" - I like receiving lotions and potions as I wouldn't ordinarily buy them myself.  I think it took me an entire year to use the elemis stuff my husband got me. When I did finally get around to using them I wondered why I hadn't done so previously. I like the fantasy of having time for skin maintenance as, for me, it is just that!

I'm now debating on making a pizza or just ordering one which we rarely do - I will make one I think. I am weighing in tomorrow. My jeans do feel loser but still lots of work to be done. I'm hoping to book our Las (not los as I seem to be in the habit of saying) Vegas this month.

So a busy week it will be this week.  I have my annual shopping and pamper night that I arrange for the school on Tuesday. It is anything but relaxing, however, I do feel the most relaxed I have done on this event. I figure if it goes to plan if it doesn't not the end of the world. I've sold nearly all of the 109 time slots, the stall holders are all booked and paid their deposits, the therapists all contacted, the school told how many tables are required and I have lots of lists. Lists on my lists.  I need to make contact with the two psychics although as everyone will tell you "shouldn't they contact you" and I will be sorted.  The worst thing that can happen on this type of evening as all tickets are pre-sold (believe me if you didn't pre-sell them and extract the money there and then you'd get no sales) is if a therapist doesn't turn up. 

In other news (this is secret so if you are from the school you didn't hear this from me) the cycling club that I have been trying to set up is good to go!! Yay, my son will be able to ride his bike for one hour within the school grounds at a free after school club run by a teacher that has attended the British Cycling course. Its very exciting. It will be split into two sections year 3/4 will do the first term and 5/6 the next. I'm hoping there will be flexibility in that the infants can also attend. I also emailed a local cycle shop to see if they would be interested in sponsorship.

The MadBlogs finalists were annouced and no I didn't make it - not that I thought I'd have a cat in hell's chance. You have to have some serious amount of nominations and be an expert at networking and sucking up big time! It would have been nice to see some blogs that I read (although I know the Fashion Detective so was pleased for her) but nope non of the those featured and sadly some bland boring old shit was in amongst the finalists! Ahh maybe I'm being unfair and its just that parenting blogs are just boring no matter how you write about it. Its so middle of the road, written by the middle 'worried well' chattering classes.

Finally, to finish of my mindless chit chat. I ordered two of these for my son's lego. I thought they were a good price and looked great for £11.00.

Picture website. These were large ones too



  1. I am still SO jealous of your Lost Vagueness trip!! I had a few favs in the finalists of the MADs but there was a load I haven't heard of there- clearly the blogging world is bigger than I thought! Hope the school thing goes to plan! Xx

    1. Well hello missus - I can't quite believe I will be going there either its a cliche but I don't care every bugger has got there before me! I plan to be drunk and wild for the most part. Re the blogs I just find them a high portion of them to be bland and the same old same old but then that's the nature of parental blogging I suppose. I have to be honest though I can't beyond the title of the blog to have a good look! x

  2. get beyond I meant to say x