Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Guilty Pleasure

of Rocky is being indulged as I type whilst the hubster is working away on his new business venture - Garden Art - which he is producing. They look really good and we've both been so busy this week preparing for an exhibition he will attend in 2 weeks with my sister and his daughter. There has been no time to blog I'm afraid and worst still no time to exercise. Ekk! Although today I did get out on the bike with my son - but it wasn't for that long - the cold on our faces was quite something when we whizzed down the hill so we cut it short. I really missed the blogging and always do better on my diet when I'm accountable on the weigh in and writing stuff down.

E for effort. Back to Rocky - I wrote about this film in one of my very first blog posts. I like1970's films  (1976 to be exact) - the clothes, the decoration - I call them 'period pieces'! My husband groaned and said not Rocky - this can be replaced with 'Jaws' and 'Cliffhanger' - every now and then I like to indulge in a cheesy film.  I said I'll probably have a back to back session of all these type of films when he's away.

So, I could have written about lots last week. Some fat girl was on the telly moaning she couldn't get a job because she was 22 stone. She argued that if she was black or disabled people wouldn't ask them to change - erm, no because they can't actually change those things.  She said people assumed she was lazy and lacked self control. Well, not everyone who is fat is lazy but I suspect lots are and yes you do lack self control if you are over weight - myself included.

Then there was talk of the government banning people smoking in their own cars - what next? The thought police? You can't have this that and the other conversation.

This blogger wrote a very good post about what an earth do you eat now? Lots has been talked about the horse meat saga. You can't trust anything you eat. I've always been highly sceptical about 'organic' and any other claims of that ilk. There is a film called (although I haven't watched) Soylent Green where people discover they are eating humans. That would never happen or would it? Who would have thought we'd be picking up something which said 'beef' but it was actually horse. Anything is possible in this sick, screwed up world we live in.

Only tonight I watched some programme whereby a horse was being artificially inseminated. They were posh horses - you know the type that are worth loads and know it. They got the male horse to do his business in a pretend mare then impregnated the real mare. How fucked up is that?! Christ she's merrily trotting around the field, someone shoves a turkey baster up her and the next thing she is with foal. Poor luv she didn't even get a chance to get jiggy with it - she may have had huge plans.....

Until next time.....


  1. You do always make me smile so it is definitely a bad thing that you aren't popping into my inbox as much as usual! Good luck with your hubby's business venture, sounds really exciting, I hope it goes well. Thanks for the mention too, it is true that we do live in a very strange world indeed. I'm not a huge fan of Rocky I was always more of a Footloose and Flashdance kind of a girl, which is strange as I really have no idea how to dance. My husband loves the Rocky films though and I caught him saying the lines as it was on last night! Tell me you don't do that ...

  2. only Adrian!! Ahh thanks will get back to it asap as need to to lose weight! x