Monday, 25 March 2013


....and Monday weigh in. Well you better sit down for this one - 3lbs off. Whoop whoop. Back to basics has worked and I feel much better. Last week I was pretty hungry all the time! In fact, on Monday and Tuesday my head hurt so much I think my body was in a state of shock.  I worked out on Sunday (only the Wii dance mind but I find this is the best thing to do if I haven't exercised for a while) for the first time in two weeks and today I did the brutal boot camp workout. I am hungry as I type so its all good.

Crafty Bloggers Beware! Ha ha knit one, drop one!

I plan on doing my weights workout tomorrow.  The weather here is cold and on Saturday it snowed so the hubster and I didn't get to have our day out in London. We stayed in by the fire with the kids, movies, knitting, tapestry - have no fear oh crafty bloggers my daughter is into this stuff - and an Indian take-away. Perfect. The only thing more tedious than this weather is people who go on about it all the time.  Buy a hat. Shut up.  We live in a bland country weather wise - this should come as no surprise.  It snows, it rains and the summers are hit and miss. Get over it.

Frubes - Dr Who ones no less - why would you? WHY?!!! pic ebay of course

In other minor rants - Frubes. If you don't have children then I shall explain. They are little plastic tubes containing about a tablespoon of yogurt. A friend of mine once gave my children Frubes when they were quite young - yogurt all over the shop. I remember thinking at the time why? That's all - why though? Why would anyone think this is a good idea. Is eating yogurt really that hard in the conventional sense? These germ infested things are just gross.  They have a tear off opening, much like the ones you can't open with ketchup, so yogurt squirts out everywhere. The child then has to suck on a dirty bit of plastic that has been touched by god knows how many hands all because the lazy arsed parent can't just buy a fucking yogurt pot and spoon.  Frubes. Everything that is wrong with my world.

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  1. It's so good to be past the fromage frais years. Sadly, where my 14 year old used to smear yoghurt as a baby is now probably covered in semen. Teenage boys are vile.
    I never got on with Frubes. Just the thought of sucking on something plasticky and filled with gunge turns my stomach. A spoon and a few minutes is all it takes to get the same results. As you know I'm no earth mother, but feeding the brats seems to come with the deal.
    From my days working in Boos however, with yummy mummies pondering lipsticks and indulgent bathing while their newborns screamed their heads off and then coming to the till with £20 worth of ready made infant formula, it would seem feeding the babies yourself is just something people do when they can't afford to pay someone else to do it. As it ever was.

    1. Yuk re teenage boys not looking forward to that! I agree takes 2 seconds and less mess! x