Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Yes that's me at the moment. Sorry I haven't blogged for quite some time as been busy with school stuff, family life, husbands business venture and anything else I can throw in.

The business venture didn't fair too well at the show he was at. The average age of the buyer was 70 and they hadn't come to shop. Whilst the hubster was away I slept with a bowling pin, just in case of intruders, as any normal sane person would of course.  As long as your weapon of choice is something you would ordinarily have in that room then its accepted in court as self-defence rather than murder. I read this once so take it as gospel. For example, if you kill a burglar with a kitchen knife in the kitchen then that's fine but if you kill him with it upstairs not fine as it doesn't ordinarily live there. The knife that is not the burglar. My bowling pin does live upstairs albeit in my son's room so weapon of choice is okay in a court of law. I digress.

The pamper night was a success - raised £800 profit for the school and a local photographer came down too. He was welcomed with the words "you're a man" still at least no babies showed this year like last time. I mean for goodness sake its meant to be relaxing evening not a bring your kids along too. He was a youngish lad and we gave him some Iranian chicken and rice with the crispy bit on top. I shall await our little write up in the paper.

The day after we were allowed to see the plans for the new school and guess what? Its crap. Basically they're plonking a building (albeit a nice building) in the cheapest area of the school and connecting it to the old school. This will house the juniors to the infants - so separate schools in effect. We have 3 mobile huts. The next extra 30 children will be placed in one of these and the little cooking facilities they have will be ripped out.

As for the old building the children will still have the same small dinning hall, same defective roof, same parking for 4 cars now extended to 12 cars. My son said "surely they would just make one big school?" Yes you'd think son maybe he could stand for councillor as he makes more sense than most adults I encounter these days. One councillor said "well I parked here at 8 am this morning and there were no cars" now that didn't really register until I got home. What a numpty do I really need to explain that no one gets to school 55 minutes early and if they did, yes you would get a space. Twat.

So that's it for me. I've been very loyal to this school but no more. I have no interest in raising money anymore. Nice families have complained and the response is "we'd be sorry to see you go" - totally shortsighted in that that's hardly good PR is it? We know this area, we know mum's, mum's talk and do you really want people saying don't go there.  Urgh when did teachers become like politicians?  I resigned from the PTA this week and it felt bloody fantastic! I feel liberated and excited - I have a few odds and ends to sort out but that's it. I also have a school to look at on Friday - best to keep your options open. Be in control of your destiny as much as you can. That is our family motto.

My friend's son has chicken pox - another thing I don't understand. Why are we still allowing our children to get the pox?  To me its such a dated illness is it not? Some throw back to the middle ages okay 17th century but still - do we really need to suffer with chicken pox in this day and age? My husband has never had it so always freaks out when there is wind of it doing the rounds. Funnily enough though nor have our children - well not a proper case of it my eldest had about 4 spots when he was about 7 and that's been it. Buddy has been around lots who have had it and still no sign.

I don't mind if he gets it naturally but I can't be doing with these chicken pox parties. I don't care if its worse later on etc let them get it naturally.  I can't really understand the mentality of lets make our children sick - it doesn't sit comfortably with me.  And people are so selfish about it - oh lets all get it because it'll be easier on us - they don't think about pregnant women and people who may get shingles etc. As I said before we don't even need to get it there is a vaccine. In fact I'm pretty sure in America they have it as standard and NHS workers are offered it so you don't have to have the pox.

Oh and at the pamper night I saw a psychic who said I would lose 4 stone and gave me a green crystal to wear in my bra. So if I lose that by the time I go to Vegas we know its all true! Only thing is I've lost the crystal as naturally when I take the bra off I forget about my magic crystal.

On the diet front its been pretty dire to say the least - no exercise for a whole week. This weekend has been good as I've been able to refocus and my goals and what I want to achieve. Something had to give and the PTA has been given the chop. It was taking up way too much of my time and impacting on my workouts and diet.  I have put on about 7lbs though.  My diet re-started on Monday (its Tuesday) and my goodness my head is aching from the shock of going back to basics. I'm embracing the hunger people, embracing it.

Finally there were two articles that I agreed with on Sunday and have been meaning to write - in fact the words 'baby farm' could have been plucked out of my mouth. I don't ordinarily agree with the Daily Mail but this article was frigging excellent.

Until next time...which will be soon as I wrote this at the weekend and my disposition has greatly improved!


  1. Natasha, it's good you have pulled out of the PTA - something that frustrating can't be good for you. I didn't get chicken pox until my first year at university - just before exams - a nightmare! Good to hear there is a vaccine for it now. Hope you have a good week. Good luck with the weight - it is a journey as they say (irritatingly) Cheers

    1. Thank you Carole you always cheer me up! That sounds awful getting the pox then and love the if something frustrates you so much it can't be good for you - gonna add that to the family motto xx