Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Silent Cheer

Can you believe this one? Can you? Because I can't. Our school has adopted a 'silent cheering' policy. My daughter has actually demonstrated what this involves. "Basically (she says this a lot) you have to do it silently" and then she clenched her fists pushed them up and down in a kind of yay you've won something motion without making a sound - "that's silent cheering." 

My children won't be needing one of these - pic ebay of course!

My school is a Daily Mail article waiting to happen.  I just want some journalist to go in, write an article and whop a "the world's gone mad!" logo over the top of it.  Thankfully I am not the only person that thinks this is bloody ridiculous - all the parents do.  So what of this absurdity. Well by all accounts it is not appropriate to clap and cheer individuals as they come up and collect their little certificates in assembly. They might disturb adult meetings. Erm, its a primary school there should be noise. If you want quiet go and work in a library. No, that's all changed (as has everything else) you now have to wait at the end of the assembly to show your appreciation of your peers.  Now correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't a child be able to express themselves in a primary school? If they can't do it in primary school when the heck can they?  Or should they all be repressed.  The sad thing is we won't really see the effect of all this bullshit until 5 or 6 years down the line when they're all SATS and burnt out. 

What happened to creativity and learning through play? Already our children are crying if they can't move up to the next level and the fear of failure is high. They test them every term and we are told "oh they don't know its happening." Yes they do and they get stressed about it. Teachers are becoming desensitised to the age of the children and are obsessed with testing them. What happened to teachers?  How are they making me feel the same way I do about politicians?

Our school also has a trim trail which we were able to use after school - this has now been banned in all weathers as someone could sue them if a child was injured.  Its the school of draconian rules, rules, rules, rules and more rules. Rules for the sake or rules.

So if you agree with me then why don't you give me a 'silent cheer!'

Until next time.....

Monday, 25 March 2013


....and Monday weigh in. Well you better sit down for this one - 3lbs off. Whoop whoop. Back to basics has worked and I feel much better. Last week I was pretty hungry all the time! In fact, on Monday and Tuesday my head hurt so much I think my body was in a state of shock.  I worked out on Sunday (only the Wii dance mind but I find this is the best thing to do if I haven't exercised for a while) for the first time in two weeks and today I did the brutal boot camp workout. I am hungry as I type so its all good.

Crafty Bloggers Beware! Ha ha knit one, drop one!

I plan on doing my weights workout tomorrow.  The weather here is cold and on Saturday it snowed so the hubster and I didn't get to have our day out in London. We stayed in by the fire with the kids, movies, knitting, tapestry - have no fear oh crafty bloggers my daughter is into this stuff - and an Indian take-away. Perfect. The only thing more tedious than this weather is people who go on about it all the time.  Buy a hat. Shut up.  We live in a bland country weather wise - this should come as no surprise.  It snows, it rains and the summers are hit and miss. Get over it.

Frubes - Dr Who ones no less - why would you? WHY?!!! pic ebay of course

In other minor rants - Frubes. If you don't have children then I shall explain. They are little plastic tubes containing about a tablespoon of yogurt. A friend of mine once gave my children Frubes when they were quite young - yogurt all over the shop. I remember thinking at the time why? That's all - why though? Why would anyone think this is a good idea. Is eating yogurt really that hard in the conventional sense? These germ infested things are just gross.  They have a tear off opening, much like the ones you can't open with ketchup, so yogurt squirts out everywhere. The child then has to suck on a dirty bit of plastic that has been touched by god knows how many hands all because the lazy arsed parent can't just buy a fucking yogurt pot and spoon.  Frubes. Everything that is wrong with my world.

Until next time...

Friday, 22 March 2013

Get Me and My Guest Post

Yup I have hit the dizzy heights of writing on someone's blog. Get me. I wrote this for the tough Welsh hard nut that is Rachel over at 'threeyearsandhome' blog. Its very slick, fluffy, pretty and features cups of coffee. I have enjoyed my celebrity status for the day and have gained a few followers on twitter.  Not my blog you bastards! Anyhow, read my blog post to order here.

Rachel aka Far From Home Mama likes one of these!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Yes that's me at the moment. Sorry I haven't blogged for quite some time as been busy with school stuff, family life, husbands business venture and anything else I can throw in.

The business venture didn't fair too well at the show he was at. The average age of the buyer was 70 and they hadn't come to shop. Whilst the hubster was away I slept with a bowling pin, just in case of intruders, as any normal sane person would of course.  As long as your weapon of choice is something you would ordinarily have in that room then its accepted in court as self-defence rather than murder. I read this once so take it as gospel. For example, if you kill a burglar with a kitchen knife in the kitchen then that's fine but if you kill him with it upstairs not fine as it doesn't ordinarily live there. The knife that is not the burglar. My bowling pin does live upstairs albeit in my son's room so weapon of choice is okay in a court of law. I digress.

The pamper night was a success - raised £800 profit for the school and a local photographer came down too. He was welcomed with the words "you're a man" still at least no babies showed this year like last time. I mean for goodness sake its meant to be relaxing evening not a bring your kids along too. He was a youngish lad and we gave him some Iranian chicken and rice with the crispy bit on top. I shall await our little write up in the paper.

The day after we were allowed to see the plans for the new school and guess what? Its crap. Basically they're plonking a building (albeit a nice building) in the cheapest area of the school and connecting it to the old school. This will house the juniors to the infants - so separate schools in effect. We have 3 mobile huts. The next extra 30 children will be placed in one of these and the little cooking facilities they have will be ripped out.

As for the old building the children will still have the same small dinning hall, same defective roof, same parking for 4 cars now extended to 12 cars. My son said "surely they would just make one big school?" Yes you'd think son maybe he could stand for councillor as he makes more sense than most adults I encounter these days. One councillor said "well I parked here at 8 am this morning and there were no cars" now that didn't really register until I got home. What a numpty do I really need to explain that no one gets to school 55 minutes early and if they did, yes you would get a space. Twat.

So that's it for me. I've been very loyal to this school but no more. I have no interest in raising money anymore. Nice families have complained and the response is "we'd be sorry to see you go" - totally shortsighted in that that's hardly good PR is it? We know this area, we know mum's, mum's talk and do you really want people saying don't go there.  Urgh when did teachers become like politicians?  I resigned from the PTA this week and it felt bloody fantastic! I feel liberated and excited - I have a few odds and ends to sort out but that's it. I also have a school to look at on Friday - best to keep your options open. Be in control of your destiny as much as you can. That is our family motto.

My friend's son has chicken pox - another thing I don't understand. Why are we still allowing our children to get the pox?  To me its such a dated illness is it not? Some throw back to the middle ages okay 17th century but still - do we really need to suffer with chicken pox in this day and age? My husband has never had it so always freaks out when there is wind of it doing the rounds. Funnily enough though nor have our children - well not a proper case of it my eldest had about 4 spots when he was about 7 and that's been it. Buddy has been around lots who have had it and still no sign.

I don't mind if he gets it naturally but I can't be doing with these chicken pox parties. I don't care if its worse later on etc let them get it naturally.  I can't really understand the mentality of lets make our children sick - it doesn't sit comfortably with me.  And people are so selfish about it - oh lets all get it because it'll be easier on us - they don't think about pregnant women and people who may get shingles etc. As I said before we don't even need to get it there is a vaccine. In fact I'm pretty sure in America they have it as standard and NHS workers are offered it so you don't have to have the pox.

Oh and at the pamper night I saw a psychic who said I would lose 4 stone and gave me a green crystal to wear in my bra. So if I lose that by the time I go to Vegas we know its all true! Only thing is I've lost the crystal as naturally when I take the bra off I forget about my magic crystal.

On the diet front its been pretty dire to say the least - no exercise for a whole week. This weekend has been good as I've been able to refocus and my goals and what I want to achieve. Something had to give and the PTA has been given the chop. It was taking up way too much of my time and impacting on my workouts and diet.  I have put on about 7lbs though.  My diet re-started on Monday (its Tuesday) and my goodness my head is aching from the shock of going back to basics. I'm embracing the hunger people, embracing it.

Finally there were two articles that I agreed with on Sunday and have been meaning to write - in fact the words 'baby farm' could have been plucked out of my mouth. I don't ordinarily agree with the Daily Mail but this article was frigging excellent.

Until next time...which will be soon as I wrote this at the weekend and my disposition has greatly improved!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Happy Mother's Day to you all!  Tis a bit freezing out there today it has to be said. The weather has scuppered my plans of taking two of les enfants out on their bikes.  We opted for a few games instead. I have to say buckaroo ain't what it used to be - he doesn't appear to 'buck' on any level.  Swiftly moving on to Pig goes Pop. This one is quite good fun and I have to say mildly addictive - little buddy enjoyed it too. 

So as is customary on Mother's Day I have received 3 lovely cards, a mug, a love seed (?!) to plant and some heart shaped chocolates together with a bunch of flowers. Prior to this my daughter brought me breakfast in bed which included a yogurt as "she loves them" - I don't actually, bless her, they just feature in my diet.   I sent my own mother an Elizabeth Arden gift set of facial creams. It is a tricky one that isn't it - face creams.  Most woman like them but at the same time you don't want to be saying "here have some of these you need it" - I like receiving lotions and potions as I wouldn't ordinarily buy them myself.  I think it took me an entire year to use the elemis stuff my husband got me. When I did finally get around to using them I wondered why I hadn't done so previously. I like the fantasy of having time for skin maintenance as, for me, it is just that!

I'm now debating on making a pizza or just ordering one which we rarely do - I will make one I think. I am weighing in tomorrow. My jeans do feel loser but still lots of work to be done. I'm hoping to book our Las (not los as I seem to be in the habit of saying) Vegas this month.

So a busy week it will be this week.  I have my annual shopping and pamper night that I arrange for the school on Tuesday. It is anything but relaxing, however, I do feel the most relaxed I have done on this event. I figure if it goes to plan if it doesn't not the end of the world. I've sold nearly all of the 109 time slots, the stall holders are all booked and paid their deposits, the therapists all contacted, the school told how many tables are required and I have lots of lists. Lists on my lists.  I need to make contact with the two psychics although as everyone will tell you "shouldn't they contact you" and I will be sorted.  The worst thing that can happen on this type of evening as all tickets are pre-sold (believe me if you didn't pre-sell them and extract the money there and then you'd get no sales) is if a therapist doesn't turn up. 

In other news (this is secret so if you are from the school you didn't hear this from me) the cycling club that I have been trying to set up is good to go!! Yay, my son will be able to ride his bike for one hour within the school grounds at a free after school club run by a teacher that has attended the British Cycling course. Its very exciting. It will be split into two sections year 3/4 will do the first term and 5/6 the next. I'm hoping there will be flexibility in that the infants can also attend. I also emailed a local cycle shop to see if they would be interested in sponsorship.

The MadBlogs finalists were annouced and no I didn't make it - not that I thought I'd have a cat in hell's chance. You have to have some serious amount of nominations and be an expert at networking and sucking up big time! It would have been nice to see some blogs that I read (although I know the Fashion Detective so was pleased for her) but nope non of the those featured and sadly some bland boring old shit was in amongst the finalists! Ahh maybe I'm being unfair and its just that parenting blogs are just boring no matter how you write about it. Its so middle of the road, written by the middle 'worried well' chattering classes.

Finally, to finish of my mindless chit chat. I ordered two of these for my son's lego. I thought they were a good price and looked great for £11.00.

Picture www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk website. These were large ones too


Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday Weigh In

Zero. That sounds bad but I reckon I put on in the half term week so I bottled the weigh in so I figure this is a loss!

In other news, I got back in the saddle on Sunday - my bike that is. The air was a bit fresh it has to be said so my son and I cut our ride short.  I've just remembered I have one of those apps on my phone - map my ride. Mental note to self - take my phone with me next time then I can get some data on the distance I've travelled etc. 

It felt spring like today - although still not that warm - it was bright and sunny. We like bright and sunny. Today, I worked out to 10 songs on the Wii dance with wrist weights then lugged concrete pieces for my husband. My arms are aching a little now.

So, I am planning a Your Shape boot camp workout tomorrow then my weights DVD with my 5kg weights no less. I have tried them out and my goodness what a difference.  Hopefully, weather permitting a bike ride Wednesday. That should keep me going for the time being.

Until next time...

Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Guilty Pleasure

of Rocky is being indulged as I type whilst the hubster is working away on his new business venture - Garden Art - which he is producing. They look really good and we've both been so busy this week preparing for an exhibition he will attend in 2 weeks with my sister and his daughter. There has been no time to blog I'm afraid and worst still no time to exercise. Ekk! Although today I did get out on the bike with my son - but it wasn't for that long - the cold on our faces was quite something when we whizzed down the hill so we cut it short. I really missed the blogging and always do better on my diet when I'm accountable on the weigh in and writing stuff down.

E for effort. Back to Rocky - I wrote about this film in one of my very first blog posts. I like1970's films  (1976 to be exact) - the clothes, the decoration - I call them 'period pieces'! My husband groaned and said not Rocky - this can be replaced with 'Jaws' and 'Cliffhanger' - every now and then I like to indulge in a cheesy film.  I said I'll probably have a back to back session of all these type of films when he's away.

So, I could have written about lots last week. Some fat girl was on the telly moaning she couldn't get a job because she was 22 stone. She argued that if she was black or disabled people wouldn't ask them to change - erm, no because they can't actually change those things.  She said people assumed she was lazy and lacked self control. Well, not everyone who is fat is lazy but I suspect lots are and yes you do lack self control if you are over weight - myself included.

Then there was talk of the government banning people smoking in their own cars - what next? The thought police? You can't have this that and the other conversation.

This blogger wrote a very good post about what an earth do you eat now? Lots has been talked about the horse meat saga. You can't trust anything you eat. I've always been highly sceptical about 'organic' and any other claims of that ilk. There is a film called (although I haven't watched) Soylent Green where people discover they are eating humans. That would never happen or would it? Who would have thought we'd be picking up something which said 'beef' but it was actually horse. Anything is possible in this sick, screwed up world we live in.

Only tonight I watched some programme whereby a horse was being artificially inseminated. They were posh horses - you know the type that are worth loads and know it. They got the male horse to do his business in a pretend mare then impregnated the real mare. How fucked up is that?! Christ she's merrily trotting around the field, someone shoves a turkey baster up her and the next thing she is with foal. Poor luv she didn't even get a chance to get jiggy with it - she may have had huge plans.....

Until next time.....