Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Top Ten Blog Posts

To the right of my blog you will see the "NOMINATE ME!" badge for the Mad Blog Awards. If you would like to vote that makes me feel very flattered and if you can't be arsed I'm totally with you on that too.  Its quite amusing really because if you nominate yourself which, of course I have you get to be in the 'final' nominations. I ticked the boxes for best blog, best writer, best lover, best mum, best friend, best superwoman - there's no modesty in this malarkey I can tell you. I did so safe in the knowledge that unless you are part of the blogging hierarchy you haven't got a cat in hells chance. Still I did it and asked my sisters (who won't bother with the faffing and to be honest why would you) and two friends. That was it. That's the sole extent of my blog networking expertise. Tah dah.

Anyhow all this sits a bit uneasy with me as, like you know, I'm not really into 'pimping' my blog for awards. I did a little bit of that on twitter last year and I felt a bit unclean, dirty, seedy that sort of thing. Last year it was insane - every other tweet was "VOTE FOR ME". I even got direct messages asking for votes and I can guarantee the favour was not returned. Bastards. One winner actually blogged about 5 times that year but was a prolific tweeter - a very funny tweeter but blogger? Another got the right hump and shut down their twitter and blog because they didn't get through to the finals only to return a little while later with the old tail between the legs. 

I know many bloggers feel the same way and are very relaxed about the whole affair. They will have their badge displayed and leave it at that. I'm going to vote for the blogs I like and not the arse lickers - the ones that are now conjuring up all manner of posts in the desperate hope for a trip to Butlins. I think I have sealed my fate don't you think?!

I have digressed as ever. It did get me thinking, in any event, about my favourite blog posts on my blog. I'm going to have my very own "The 1970's Diet award"s - created by me, nominated by me, judged by me and winner.....ME! So without further ado...

I have made little sub categories - impressed?

Diet Matters (well it is the blog after all)

1.Top Ten Tips

2.The Buffet Girl

3.Dukan is for Donuts

4.Frazzle Attack

Ranting (it is, well....the blog really!)

5.The Entrapment Mother F******

6.The Ignorer

7.The Modern Day Mother

Political (similar to ranty)

8.One Way Ticket

9.El Tash

Funny (I sometimes do light, fluffy and funny - only sometimes)

10.The Aldi Virgin

And the winner is........................The 1970's Diet!

Right I'm off for my week long stay at Butlins, Bognor Regis. Until next time.....


  1. LOL. I had the NOMINATE badge on my blog (couldn't quite bring myself to post NOMINATE ME. Then someone told me they'd nominated me so I changed it to the NOMINATED badge. The when the lists appeared, I didn't. I mean I didn't appear on any of the lists. So now I look a right Charlie don't I? (I'm telling pple it means I've nominated rather than I've been nominated.) Have a lovely break in Butlins.

    1. Hooray you're back! I've missed you and Carole -the only two reasons I blog! I'll be voting for you missus - I cocked up last time so doing it on different email. Keep the nominated bit I'm on my way!! After Butlins of course x

    2. There should be an ex-pat section - I like your blog as it educates me on jewish matters however there is no such section! x

  2. Hi Natasha, I nominated you in a few categories! Cheers

    1. Oh you little star! I've missed you - sad face! x

    2. I've put you in the best food cat!

  3. cool, have voted and enjoyed this trip down memory lane. The last link doesn't work however lovely, you need to have a look at it. Good luck! xx

    1. You're so sweet actually reading those links and I agree think my welfare one was probably my finest hour! See yoo in the best fashion cat x

  4. Oh Butlins, do you know something I don't? No badge on my blog, I'm not going down that route this year, staying out of it as it plas havoc with my head. I'd liek to be one of the cool and relazed cucumbers, but alas..... not so!

    Good luck to you, yoru blog always makes me smile.

    Sorr wanted to apologise that I never got back to you after yoru tweets about new bloggers fortnight, my Nan died so I've been a tad preoccupied and it is now over, but if you ever want to guets post at mine you are welcome. Well after I retrun from my break for Lent.

    Mich x

    1. Hi Mich good to hear from you - so sorry to hear about your nan. No worries on the post front saves me a job! I was going to write about badges - as in stop with the badges. I can't stand blogs where you can't see through for the amount of badges on there. Totally get it re the blog awards! x