Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Weigh In

I feel good nah nah nah nah - that's me singing in the style of James Brown. -2lb. Takes a bow. I thank you. Now, funnily enough I only worked out 3 x last week and I just about managed to shoe horn that in. Today I set my stall out and did a 50 minute Wii dance 4 sweat workout. I set it to this boot camp cheerleader thing (with wrist weights) and I really did sweat. I'm looking forward to receiving my 3kg weights this week also. I did go to the wire on the housework front - just about managed to cram it all in (including pre-school pick up in snow) before picking up the kids at 4pm. Extra points if you please.

You may have noticed or you may not have (bastards) that I have re-jigged my blog. Its looking a bit Austin Powers - what do you think? Too leary? I did have bright yellow on the comments but thought get a grip luv its not a comic. I'm, yet again, considering ditching my pop art pic. I have a variation of this - my husband painted this from our wedding day in 2009. Maybe I'll keep these images until I've lost my weight and I shall re-emerge in the flesh. Also check out my live twitter feed at the bottom - not sure if that's a good thing but hey and a list of blogs I like to read. I did consider doing a list of blogs I don't like/psycho blogs/blogs to avoid but thought better of it!

Not sure about my chicken neck look going on - looks like me?

So on the agenda this week is my lip biopsy at hospital tomorrow. I have a flat brown sun freckle on my lip. I'm hoping they don't carve out a massive chunk in my lip. The brown mark will be missed then wouldn't it?  My husband reckons, given that the skin guy is conscience that it is for cosmetic reasons, he's not going to carve up my lip. If it all goes wrong my husband will be blamed naturally. 

I have the end of term disco to bake cakes for, my pamper night organisation is going great guns - got not one, but two psychics for the event today. Did I tell you they donate their time for free so all ticket sales go to the school.

Don't forget its pancake day tomorrow - which means lent will soon be upon us. What are you giving up?  And don't forget it Valentines day on Thursday - we've agreed to just get cards (although I did buy some chocolates) - no flowers. My husband often surprises me with 'romantic' gestures throughout the year - money is tight and flowers are bloody expensive! 

I have a great post in the making this week about someone I know who's lost 4 stone in 4 months!

Until next time....


  1. I have a smallish brown freckle on my bottom lip too! Oh great, something else to worry about. Well done though x

    1. The bloke at the hospital I think they call them doctors! said he's 90% certain nothing to worry about - it just looks like I've been sucking a pen - keep thinking should just leave it there x

  2. Hey Natasha - thanks for the mention in your blog list. I think your husband has talent - I like the colour palettte and it feels a bit stylised too. I'm not sure about repeating it like your pop art image but you could make it your profile pic in Blogger! welll done on the weight front too. Cheers

  3. Hi thanks he is a bit arty farty - he often does pictures etc. Yup may use it as my profile x