Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday Weigh In

-1lbs. Am pleased with this as I was out for an Indian Curry during the week and sunk a couple of glasses of red wine.  I did partially disclose the existence of my blog to some mums although not the name. Darn it. I was debating whether to put on facebook but still think I'll hang fire. My son has started one on Lego Star Wars and I have to say its far superior to mine!

I appreciate it takes more than 30 minutes to get fit - I just wanted a specific weights DVD
I worked out 4 x this week and was much better on the food front. This dvd arrived today and I'm hoping to try it out tonight or tomorrow. I read on my Your Shape fitness (and have known this for some time) that you lose muscle as you get older. Not that I have a great deal of the stuff but you lose about 5% by the time you reach 40 or something like that. If you do weights you build up muscle, speed up your metabolism and you burn fat whilst resting. Well we shall see - its another little workout to add to my collection. 

I had some good news that my son is next on the list for an extra day at pre-school. I love having him at home but I do want to get out on my bike and if I can do this twice a week when the weather gets nicer I'm sure this will help.

Until next time....

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