Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Interview with a 4 stone lighter Vampire

Well she's not a vampire but she does like Buffy and Twilight - things I've never watched. Here is my interview with a school mum friend of mine that has lost a whopping 4 stone in 4 months!  My thoughts on this are in this post.

How old are you?

When did you first diet?
After the birth of my first child in 2002.
How many diets have you done?
Too many to count.
Which ones?
Atkins (low carbing), Weightwatchers, Celebrity Slim, Slimfast, souping, detoxes, juicing veganism.
How long were they success/not successful?
Every diet has been successful in terms of weight loss achieved but I’ve been unable to maintain any sensible weight for any length of time. I have come to realise that losing weight is the easy bit but keeping it off is the real challenge. I was always skinny as a child and into my teens/early twenties. I could eat what I wanted and never really gained any weight. I did WW in about 1999 for the first time to shift a stone but I was hardly overweight. It was having my first child that made me gain weight initially. My metabolism just went haywire and I gained and gained. So then I lost weight again but can’t recall what diet I followed.

I had my second child in 2005 and gained even more weight than before. I shifted it after she was born again by going to WW for the second time. And then mostly by cutting out snacks and sticking to healthy foods. It didn’t last long. With my third child in 2008 I gained even MORE weight again. This time infuriated I hired a personal trainer whilst I was pregnant and it took 6 months to get it off again. But then I started to gain weight again and this time I had no pregnancy to blame it on. In 2011 I lost the weight again doing Celebrity Slim and souping in time for a wedding. After the wedding I started eating ‘normally’ again and gained weight again. This time getting to the biggest I have ever been and nearly hitting the 100kg mark. I was gutted. Sick of yoyo dieting I had to do something to stop this pattern.
You said this is the 4th time you've lost weight - is this the 4th time you've lost 4 stone then? Or weight similar?
Yes approximately. The first big diet in 2005 I dropped approx. 20kg on WW but never went back after I gained again. In 2008 I dropped about 26kg with a PT. In 2011 I dropped about 20kg on Celebrity slim/slim fast and this time biggest I started at my biggest I have dropped nearly 30kg on Lighterlife.
Have you exercised with this diet
Not as much as I would have liked but yes 1 per week for 60mins cardio.
What diet are you on?
 Lighterlife .
What did it cost?
It’s approx. £50 a week in fees and food packs. You do not eat conventional food so in a way this weight loss programme is cheap. Harder in a family though but our food bills have dropped a bit because I’m not eating.
Why this diet?
I wanted the counselling and CBT that makes up the Lighterlife ethos.
Why this time?
Because I was bigger than ever.
What prompted it? 
Terrified of getting Diabetes and heart failure. I was nearly in the morbidly obese NHS scale.
4 stone in 4 months - what would you say to someone who thought this was far too much and not healthy? 
The simple answer is that in the long run it’s healthier to be smaller than larger so any minimal risk of losing weight fast ultimately outweighs the much bigger and more significant health risk of being overweight. You are monitored by your GP regularly on a VLCD (very low calorie diet)and this is a must.
Do you believe in the notion that fast weight gain messes with metabolism, starvation mode etc and as soon as you eat anything over the cals you had will go back on? No.
If no, why not?

Scientifically your body goes into a state of Ketosis it’s a natural protective mechanism it suppresses your appetite . You are not starving either so your body does not go into starvation mode. You end up burning your excess fat for energy. I have never felt better or had more energy than on this weight loss programme compared to any other diet. You will not gain weight immediately after coming off the food packs as the process is carefully managed. There is a long process of reintroduction of conventional foods giving your body time to adjust and also finding out if anything disagrees with you or if you have any allergies or intolerance's.
Do you feel annoyed with people who ask questions like that?
Not annoyed but I have learnt the stock answers to say to people who question it. I’m doing this for me and no one else. I feel better and I’m happier and more healthy.
Do you feel pressure to keep the weight off as people will say "told you so"?
Definitely on my mind. But the worst person who is putting pressure on me is ME! I have failed before and so I have a nagging doubt but I have had counselling and I feel confident in myself. That’s the difference between this weight loss and previous attempts I have a new mental attitude towards my weight, myself and my eating habits.
I’ve kept this chart since 1999. I haven’t included the weights but you can see that I have never been able to maintain any sort of weight for any length of time. The ‘peaks’ are my pregnancies with the last peak being the worst weight gain I have yet experienced and no pregnancy to blame. But the weight loss has been steady and fast. Ideally I would like to continue to plot this graph and you will see a relatively straight line in future!
What's the support been like for you on this diet i.e friends family members
Really supportive especially my husband
What have comments been like?
Positive and negative. You always get the ‘saboteur’ who tries to feed you back up and convince you you don’t need to lose any weight. Or the feeder who tries to ply you with food and people who tell you you look gaunt etc people feel threatened by others weight loss and increase in confidence.
How does that make you feel?
I’m happy and I'm doing this for me.
What is different now than the time you lost and put on before?
The counselling has really helped this time. Attending weekly sessions is the bit that makes all the difference. I feel more confident my self esteem has increased I have a better relationship with food now. I have a better understanding of myself. I’m not so obsessed with goals and targets. The goalpost kept moving by itself anyway. It’s all about the journey. That’s why it’s not a diet it’s a weight management programme. Probably for life.
How do you feel?
Happy confident, determined scared, excited.
How did you feel at the start, during and after this diet?
Same as above really determined very determined. I didn’t wobble. And also the diet isn’t over. It’s ongoing for me. It’s my journey.
What do you miss about being larger if anything?
I miss my boobs. They have disappeared. Other than that not much.
Is there anything you would like to add? I’ve tried to be honest. I hope it helps

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