Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Weigh In..

....I haven't done it - too busy, too scared. Half term is over - enjoyable, busy, mad, bit stressful.  So I'm not blogging tonight but will be back in the week.

Whilst waiting for my husband to come indoors (our car has a massive oil leak i.e no oil) - I was looking at The Killers concert I went to back in November. Have a look at these two (one very short video clip) clips. I love them - hope you do too. Question - do you think his marriage is in trouble? I hope not. Enjoy.

Until next time..


THE KILLERS The Way It Was London The O2 17 11 2012

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

4 Stone in 4 Months

So the other day I met with a school mum friend who has lost an almighty 4 stone in 4 months. She has done this by following the Lighter Life diet. Now I know another friend who has also followed this diet and lost, I think, 5 stone but regained all and and a bit extra. She's a bit lighter now but no where near the dramatic weight loss she achieved in a very short period of time.  Some celebrities have also followed this plan - its one those diets that you immediately think "yeah that's the one where they lose loads of weight- for it all to go back on and more" In essence another get slim quick scheme with a hefty price tag. 

I must say I have always sneered at these types of diet.  To me they are just screaming the obvious like  when my other friend said, in all seriousness, "they take a blood test to see what you are intolerant to and it came back - cakes, biscuits, crisps, sugar etc" You don't say. What all the things that make everyone fat irrespective of whether or not they've had a blood test? Mmmm rocket science that one.  Us women eh. If there was a  magic pill we'd take it - Lighter Life it seems is the next best thing - oh that and surgery.

But having said all this, I didn't sneer at this lady.  She has 3 children 11, 8 and 5 - the youngest has cerebral palsy so no easy set up by any stretch of the imagination. It has been proven that lack of sleep has a major impact on weight loss - her youngest child's sleeping pattern is irregular to say the least and on a good night my friend will get 6 hours uninterrupted sleep.  I am staggered by the energy of this woman be it large or small.  She was an active member of the PTA, has campaigned tireless against something she feels very passionate about, is part of a community group and the list does go on.  An all round good egg.  Who would be grudge and sneer at someone that, not surprisingly, has neglected to take care of herself? Certainly not me.  If this type of diet gives her some contentment, some happiness in the way she looks, some confidence who am I to say what a load of old bollocks this diet is? So with an open mind I asked her some questions. Read in detail about her diet and our interview here.

I have to say I like her in both pics - happy mother of  3/sassy mother of 3 - what do you think?

Another 'fat' pic supplied as I said she looked nice in the green dress!  
I would have to say she wasn't obese in the first place. Although technically, by NHS standards, she was. Or maybe she was by anyones standard - what do you think? Have we all just moved the goal posts on what is fat and what isn't? She is happy to hear all comments. In any event she weighed 14 stone 8lbs in the green dress and 10 stone 8lbs in the sassy outfit.

She looked on the larger side but, personally, I wouldn't have thought crikey luv you've let yourself go.  Although I do judge a lot of things (see almost all blog posts - and everyone does it - don't care what you say) I don't automatically look at someone obese or an alcoholic and think greedy/drunkard! You don't know what peoples circumstances are. You don't know what has made them unhappy to resort to certain vices. 

She says many of her friends and family have said she looks 'gaut'. I think that's quite harsh when you look at the definition of 'gaut':-

1. extremely thin and bony; haggard and drawn, as from great hunger, weariness, or torture; emaciated.
2. bleak, desolate, or grim, as places or things: a gaunt, windswept landscape.

Not exactly a compliment then. I have a standard line I use when someone has lost a lot of weight "you've lost half your face, where's it gone?!" I think that's far more complimentary than saying someone looks gaunt. Also if you've had 6/9 months of seeing someone lose weight over a longer period of time then the change isn't so obvious. Maybe if the weight loss is sudden people find it harder to adjust to a big change in someones appearance - hence the 'gaut' comments.

I do think my friend looks better. Yes, her face is thinner and yes possibly she looks a tad older. She says her husband can't get enough of her which interestingly has annoyed her somewhat. Clearly, he didn't prefer her as she was. Some would argue and why should he? Do you have a duty to try and maintain an element of your former self?  Her children have also remarked she looks nicer and don't seem to mind that she is eating separate foods from them.  I did ask what she missed about being fat and she, surprisingly said, being naked. Now that she is thinner she doesn't like how she looks naked. Its like the skin is empty. 

Having taken all this on board I, personally, would rather be overweight then lose 4 stone in 4 months. I don't say that flippantly or because I'm envious as bizarrely I'm not.  I wouldn't want to see a counsellor about my thoughts on eating etc. I fear it would just make it more of an issue than it needs to be.  One of the reasons I vowed never to re-join any slimming club was that I did not want my children to see me being obsessed with what I weigh, counting points, counting syns, having 'good' days, 'bad' days. I want them to have a normal attitude towards food - whatever that may be. 

I also don't believe eating 1,000 calories a day is realistic (although every concern has a good answer on the Lighter Life plan) or that you won't start gaining as soon as you start eating more even if it is introduced slowly. The messing around with your metabolism - I'm sure it can't be good. However,  I don't believe anyone in the western world will ever experience starvation mode. The body can cope amazingly well with very little.

I don't like having to eat separately from friends and family - this lady came out with us on a Xmas night out and sat and drunk some water and coffee. I don't like the cost of the 'let us give you 1,000 calories and we'll take £50 a week off you'. I would rather just eat 1,000 calories and not give someone £50.00.

I am determined to lose weight in my own tortise way - it may not be radical but I think I am getting there. I am trying to shake off all the negativity I have endured about weight throughout my life - people who transfer their own weight issues onto you  or their own negativity. It is hard sometimes not to become a self fulfilling prophesy. At times, we all feel desperate with our weight and maybe that is why this diet is appealing to many.

Finally, my friend sent me some statistics from the lighterlife website. Now I don't know how you would interpret this but if you lose 20% of your body weight (well lets face if you're paying £50 per week you'd want to be) that their own statistics show you only have 25% chance of having kept it all off 3 years later.  Now if you gave me those odds for, say, giving birth naturally I think its fair to say I'd have a c-section (which I did - 3 actually!).

I really hope that my friend is one of those 25% as she does deserve it. It is impressive and slightly tempting to think you could lose 4 stone in as many months but its not for me.  This tortoise is going to carry on until the race end is in sight!

What do you think? We'd love to hear your comments. 

Interview with a 4 stone lighter Vampire

Well she's not a vampire but she does like Buffy and Twilight - things I've never watched. Here is my interview with a school mum friend of mine that has lost a whopping 4 stone in 4 months!  My thoughts on this are in this post.

How old are you?

When did you first diet?
After the birth of my first child in 2002.
How many diets have you done?
Too many to count.
Which ones?
Atkins (low carbing), Weightwatchers, Celebrity Slim, Slimfast, souping, detoxes, juicing veganism.
How long were they success/not successful?
Every diet has been successful in terms of weight loss achieved but I’ve been unable to maintain any sensible weight for any length of time. I have come to realise that losing weight is the easy bit but keeping it off is the real challenge. I was always skinny as a child and into my teens/early twenties. I could eat what I wanted and never really gained any weight. I did WW in about 1999 for the first time to shift a stone but I was hardly overweight. It was having my first child that made me gain weight initially. My metabolism just went haywire and I gained and gained. So then I lost weight again but can’t recall what diet I followed.

I had my second child in 2005 and gained even more weight than before. I shifted it after she was born again by going to WW for the second time. And then mostly by cutting out snacks and sticking to healthy foods. It didn’t last long. With my third child in 2008 I gained even MORE weight again. This time infuriated I hired a personal trainer whilst I was pregnant and it took 6 months to get it off again. But then I started to gain weight again and this time I had no pregnancy to blame it on. In 2011 I lost the weight again doing Celebrity Slim and souping in time for a wedding. After the wedding I started eating ‘normally’ again and gained weight again. This time getting to the biggest I have ever been and nearly hitting the 100kg mark. I was gutted. Sick of yoyo dieting I had to do something to stop this pattern.
You said this is the 4th time you've lost weight - is this the 4th time you've lost 4 stone then? Or weight similar?
Yes approximately. The first big diet in 2005 I dropped approx. 20kg on WW but never went back after I gained again. In 2008 I dropped about 26kg with a PT. In 2011 I dropped about 20kg on Celebrity slim/slim fast and this time biggest I started at my biggest I have dropped nearly 30kg on Lighterlife.
Have you exercised with this diet
Not as much as I would have liked but yes 1 per week for 60mins cardio.
What diet are you on?
 Lighterlife .
What did it cost?
It’s approx. £50 a week in fees and food packs. You do not eat conventional food so in a way this weight loss programme is cheap. Harder in a family though but our food bills have dropped a bit because I’m not eating.
Why this diet?
I wanted the counselling and CBT that makes up the Lighterlife ethos.
Why this time?
Because I was bigger than ever.
What prompted it? 
Terrified of getting Diabetes and heart failure. I was nearly in the morbidly obese NHS scale.
4 stone in 4 months - what would you say to someone who thought this was far too much and not healthy? 
The simple answer is that in the long run it’s healthier to be smaller than larger so any minimal risk of losing weight fast ultimately outweighs the much bigger and more significant health risk of being overweight. You are monitored by your GP regularly on a VLCD (very low calorie diet)and this is a must.
Do you believe in the notion that fast weight gain messes with metabolism, starvation mode etc and as soon as you eat anything over the cals you had will go back on? No.
If no, why not?

Scientifically your body goes into a state of Ketosis it’s a natural protective mechanism it suppresses your appetite . You are not starving either so your body does not go into starvation mode. You end up burning your excess fat for energy. I have never felt better or had more energy than on this weight loss programme compared to any other diet. You will not gain weight immediately after coming off the food packs as the process is carefully managed. There is a long process of reintroduction of conventional foods giving your body time to adjust and also finding out if anything disagrees with you or if you have any allergies or intolerance's.
Do you feel annoyed with people who ask questions like that?
Not annoyed but I have learnt the stock answers to say to people who question it. I’m doing this for me and no one else. I feel better and I’m happier and more healthy.
Do you feel pressure to keep the weight off as people will say "told you so"?
Definitely on my mind. But the worst person who is putting pressure on me is ME! I have failed before and so I have a nagging doubt but I have had counselling and I feel confident in myself. That’s the difference between this weight loss and previous attempts I have a new mental attitude towards my weight, myself and my eating habits.
I’ve kept this chart since 1999. I haven’t included the weights but you can see that I have never been able to maintain any sort of weight for any length of time. The ‘peaks’ are my pregnancies with the last peak being the worst weight gain I have yet experienced and no pregnancy to blame. But the weight loss has been steady and fast. Ideally I would like to continue to plot this graph and you will see a relatively straight line in future!
What's the support been like for you on this diet i.e friends family members
Really supportive especially my husband
What have comments been like?
Positive and negative. You always get the ‘saboteur’ who tries to feed you back up and convince you you don’t need to lose any weight. Or the feeder who tries to ply you with food and people who tell you you look gaunt etc people feel threatened by others weight loss and increase in confidence.
How does that make you feel?
I’m happy and I'm doing this for me.
What is different now than the time you lost and put on before?
The counselling has really helped this time. Attending weekly sessions is the bit that makes all the difference. I feel more confident my self esteem has increased I have a better relationship with food now. I have a better understanding of myself. I’m not so obsessed with goals and targets. The goalpost kept moving by itself anyway. It’s all about the journey. That’s why it’s not a diet it’s a weight management programme. Probably for life.
How do you feel?
Happy confident, determined scared, excited.
How did you feel at the start, during and after this diet?
Same as above really determined very determined. I didn’t wobble. And also the diet isn’t over. It’s ongoing for me. It’s my journey.
What do you miss about being larger if anything?
I miss my boobs. They have disappeared. Other than that not much.
Is there anything you would like to add? I’ve tried to be honest. I hope it helps

What do you think? We would love to hear - all comments welcome!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Weigh In

Hello, this is very late - 10.35pm to be exact and nothing worth waiting for not then neither! Zero. I know why - only managed 3 x workouts this week one of which was my weights DVD which wasn't hard enough. I think also because I read if you build muscle you can burn fat whilst resting I think its some sort of miracle workout! Clearly not. I probably need to do the 30 mins weights after a cardio session rather than counting it as a workout. I ordered the 5kg weights today.

I keep promising to write down my food but its not materialising - grrrr. This is what being on the PTA does for me although, really, can I blame them? Yes! I missed out on a workout as I was baking cakes for the disco. I am seriously considering resigning at the end of the school year or even in April. I'm 40 this year and need to focus on my weight loss - get selfish - I don't get a lot of free time. I want to spend it on me.

Its half term. I'm getting much better at negotiating the school holidays on the food front.  I have nearly finished a post about a friend who has lost 4 stone in 4 months. I will post it tomorrow. This may give you some inspiration as I don't think my blog is doing that at the mo - although I have, I think, lost my Xmas weight.

Until next time....

Thursday, 14 February 2013

If Hallmark said jump off a cliff...

...would we all? Those were the romantic words my husband uttered last night in bed. He does make me laugh. Earlier in the week he tentatively said "yeah what were your thoughts on Valentines this year?" I said I wasn't fussed, although I wouldn't mind a card, I had got him one plus some chocolates. He finds the whole thing bizarre - the point of Valentines day is to let someone you know (or not) that you fancy them.  Its not the cost of flowers (which are silly) that he struggles with - its the notion that you are giving the person you married, have had intimate relations with and 3 children a Valentines card!  You can't really argue with his logic. Besides he is a romantic - far more than I'd ever be. He always articulates beautifully his feeling for me (I'm hopeless!) and conjures up words in cards with ease, surprises me throughout the year with little gestures/gifts and general thoughtfulness.

A garden ornament that my husband makes - RIPPstones
In the same conversation last night he confirmed he had been to the card shop - I was surprised as I thought he would purchase the card today as he's busy with work.  He replied "not as surprised as I was - I thought what am I doing? I've got 6 kids (3 from previous marriage), am married and I'm here buying a Valentines card?!" Followed by "If Hallmark said jump off a cliff would we all do it!" I think we may go the whole hog next year and say no to cards! Its all a big bragging competition in any event - last year one of the mum's in the playground was exclaiming loudly that her husband had bought a giant bouquet blah blah. I did then think mmm when is mine turning up?! When I told my husband this he said "oh sorry, I didn't realise I was competing against other husbands!" Well next year we're going to go for it and say No! to Valentines and No! to Hallmark!

In other news, I used my 3kg weights yesterday with the workout and they weren't hard enough - I need to go up to 5kg which means more weight money! I have only done 2 workouts this week but will fit one in tomorrow and Saturday for sure. I've been busy arranging a Pamper Night for the school and baking (see below). I have two blog posts I want to write before the week is out too. See you soon....

Valentine Disco cakes for tomorrow and the hubster got one too!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Weigh In

I feel good nah nah nah nah - that's me singing in the style of James Brown. -2lb. Takes a bow. I thank you. Now, funnily enough I only worked out 3 x last week and I just about managed to shoe horn that in. Today I set my stall out and did a 50 minute Wii dance 4 sweat workout. I set it to this boot camp cheerleader thing (with wrist weights) and I really did sweat. I'm looking forward to receiving my 3kg weights this week also. I did go to the wire on the housework front - just about managed to cram it all in (including pre-school pick up in snow) before picking up the kids at 4pm. Extra points if you please.

You may have noticed or you may not have (bastards) that I have re-jigged my blog. Its looking a bit Austin Powers - what do you think? Too leary? I did have bright yellow on the comments but thought get a grip luv its not a comic. I'm, yet again, considering ditching my pop art pic. I have a variation of this - my husband painted this from our wedding day in 2009. Maybe I'll keep these images until I've lost my weight and I shall re-emerge in the flesh. Also check out my live twitter feed at the bottom - not sure if that's a good thing but hey and a list of blogs I like to read. I did consider doing a list of blogs I don't like/psycho blogs/blogs to avoid but thought better of it!

Not sure about my chicken neck look going on - looks like me?

So on the agenda this week is my lip biopsy at hospital tomorrow. I have a flat brown sun freckle on my lip. I'm hoping they don't carve out a massive chunk in my lip. The brown mark will be missed then wouldn't it?  My husband reckons, given that the skin guy is conscience that it is for cosmetic reasons, he's not going to carve up my lip. If it all goes wrong my husband will be blamed naturally. 

I have the end of term disco to bake cakes for, my pamper night organisation is going great guns - got not one, but two psychics for the event today. Did I tell you they donate their time for free so all ticket sales go to the school.

Don't forget its pancake day tomorrow - which means lent will soon be upon us. What are you giving up?  And don't forget it Valentines day on Thursday - we've agreed to just get cards (although I did buy some chocolates) - no flowers. My husband often surprises me with 'romantic' gestures throughout the year - money is tight and flowers are bloody expensive! 

I have a great post in the making this week about someone I know who's lost 4 stone in 4 months!

Until next time....

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mrs Pepperpot has ordered some Dumbbells

This title has got it all hasn't it? I like to throw in a 1970 reference every now and again and tonight Mrs Pepperpot is the chosen one. Do you remember her? She was an old dear - I don't know her background. I don't know if she had a chequered history. If she was a sad, bitter and twisted old cow that no one visited.  Or was just a sweet old dear who liked sucking on a humbug. If truth be told the stories weren't life changing or memorable but her hair style was. She had a bun look going on. The modern day equivalent would have to be 'the Croydon face lift'. Now I wouldn't say I have quite a Croydon face lift going on but during the day I am starting to resemble Mrs Pepperpot.

A 1979 edition of Mrs Pepperpot - picture ebay

Trouble is if I would say to someone "god I look like Mrs Pepperpot" I'm sure they'd have no idea what I was going on about - which is that uncommon.

I have long curly hair. I like it. I can't be doing with straightening it like everyone else seems to do. I do not own a pair of those 'HD's'. I have had my hair straightened a couple of times at the hairdressers for a change. I looked about 15 (maybe I should start doing it again) as well as 2 stone heavier. I think you have to have a slim face for straight hair and my bear head doesn't sit nicely with straight hair. Also I only have a couple of grey hairs which I'm now starting to realise is pretty, pretty good for a 39 year old.  I should wear it down more often before the whole lot is covered in grey hair. I just shove it up on the top of my head during the day as its just easier but attractive it ain't missus.

A modern day version - maybe they should call it Mrs Croydonfacelift?
Enter the dumbbells - well I've ordered 3kg ones as my highest are 1.5kg which wasn't enough with my workout I did the other day.  Hopefully I'll get them before the weekend. I've also set my Biggest Loser workout to 'intense' which I will try out tomorrow (my 3rd workout). I'm already feeling much fitter and my stomach has gone down a tad. I totted up my workouts since the beginning of January - I've done 15 workouts. I haven't maintained my food diary very well so need to get on it!

Until next time...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Top Ten Blog Posts

To the right of my blog you will see the "NOMINATE ME!" badge for the Mad Blog Awards. If you would like to vote that makes me feel very flattered and if you can't be arsed I'm totally with you on that too.  Its quite amusing really because if you nominate yourself which, of course I have you get to be in the 'final' nominations. I ticked the boxes for best blog, best writer, best lover, best mum, best friend, best superwoman - there's no modesty in this malarkey I can tell you. I did so safe in the knowledge that unless you are part of the blogging hierarchy you haven't got a cat in hells chance. Still I did it and asked my sisters (who won't bother with the faffing and to be honest why would you) and two friends. That was it. That's the sole extent of my blog networking expertise. Tah dah.

Anyhow all this sits a bit uneasy with me as, like you know, I'm not really into 'pimping' my blog for awards. I did a little bit of that on twitter last year and I felt a bit unclean, dirty, seedy that sort of thing. Last year it was insane - every other tweet was "VOTE FOR ME". I even got direct messages asking for votes and I can guarantee the favour was not returned. Bastards. One winner actually blogged about 5 times that year but was a prolific tweeter - a very funny tweeter but blogger? Another got the right hump and shut down their twitter and blog because they didn't get through to the finals only to return a little while later with the old tail between the legs. 

I know many bloggers feel the same way and are very relaxed about the whole affair. They will have their badge displayed and leave it at that. I'm going to vote for the blogs I like and not the arse lickers - the ones that are now conjuring up all manner of posts in the desperate hope for a trip to Butlins. I think I have sealed my fate don't you think?!

I have digressed as ever. It did get me thinking, in any event, about my favourite blog posts on my blog. I'm going to have my very own "The 1970's Diet award"s - created by me, nominated by me, judged by me and winner.....ME! So without further ado...

I have made little sub categories - impressed?

Diet Matters (well it is the blog after all)

1.Top Ten Tips

2.The Buffet Girl

3.Dukan is for Donuts

4.Frazzle Attack

Ranting (it is, well....the blog really!)

5.The Entrapment Mother F******

6.The Ignorer

7.The Modern Day Mother

Political (similar to ranty)

8.One Way Ticket

9.El Tash

Funny (I sometimes do light, fluffy and funny - only sometimes)

10.The Aldi Virgin

And the winner is........................The 1970's Diet!

Right I'm off for my week long stay at Butlins, Bognor Regis. Until next time.....

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Person in The Post Office Is..

.......a_______________. Fill in the blank. Now I'm guessing and I could be very, very wrong but its not friendly, helpful or cheery.  Well not in my local at any rate.  There are two post offices within a mile of where I live. Depending on my mood and whether I'm up for a fight or not I have to decide the lesser of the two evils.

Take the other day for instance, there is one lady in the post office that makes it her business to piss you off. Her Post Office manner has a lot to be desired. I don't know if she is consciously going out of her way to be a jobsworth or has a power thing going on but she's doing it. That's enough for me to bang her to rights. I always say that if you are perceived by others in a certain way then you are that way. Given that friends and family also have similar experiences suggests she's got this down to a fine art form. 

So I don't accept her imaginary defence of "I don't mean to be" in fact I'm sure she prides herself  on making the transaction as difficult and complicated as possible. Is it because, in real terms, its not that difficult to post a letter, package or parcel that they've decided to create obstacles just for the fun of it?  Has that little confined area affected their mental state? I don't know. You decide.

A Happy Land Post Office Set - if only! - pic ebay where else

So firstly you have the interrogation when you are sending anything overseas or anywhere on the mainland for that matter. What is it? Papers? Documents or letters? Secret state documents?  What does it matter! I just want to post the bloody thing not divulge the reasons why I'm sending a letter to France. I've already said its not valuable. I just know if I said "I'm not saying" she'd refuse to take it. Its a very similar experience to that of going through passport/baggage control. "Did you pack it yourself?" "Have you left it unattended at anytime?" "Any sharp objects?" I'm going to let her off the interrogation only because I reckon they have to ask this shit now. By the way if it is a bomb with a terrorist note I'm not going to tell you. Just Saying.

I shop on line. I send stuff back. That is what I do. Now the other day I was sending stuff back to Debenhams. They have enclosed a sticky label with bar code so I pop that on the parcel. But then I think hang on a minute I reckon she'll give me grief for this. So I print off their returns label as back up which has the 2nd little paid sign. In any event, I thought I'd try her out with what Debenhams has supplied. I press the package up at the window and say its free returns. Her reply "no its not." I say this is the sticker they have given. It has a bar code.  "Its not free." No explanation. Nothing. Plan B. I have the printout and tell her "I have this." She shrugs. Ha ha got you.

I ask, knowing full well the answer, does she have cellotape. I know she does. There is no way you haven't got cellotape back there. "Sorry, we don't have cellotape." She might as well just say why don't you just fuck off with your return.  My toddler at this moment is playing up and the advantage I had at being first in the queue now means nothing. I have to grapple with him around the newsagents, try and mastermind damage limitation on the queue front AND buy cellotape whilst shouting "that's helpful isn't it." I want to leap frog over the counter, rummage through all their nik naks and produce the offending cellotape and proclaim to the post office weary (aka customers) "HERE IT IS, THEY DO HAVE SOME, THEY DO!" Everyone would cheer and.....I re-queued and another lady served me - one with a slightly only slightly better disposition.

My husband has similar experiences with collecting a parcel - in fact I had his passport and the card but she refused to hand it over. Who else would break into our house take the 'sorry you were out card', nick the passport then trot down to the post office to collect a parcel they have no idea of the contents. 

Now if you are an ebay seller you might as well just walk the stuff to your buyers. You know that very handy thing where you can weigh and pay for the postage, making it easy to just drop the stuff at the hatch, well not at this post office. They want you to get in the queue so they can check you haven't tried to turn them over. 

Maybe all Post Offices are like this the world over. I remember having to post a monopoly board in Budapest (long story) it took about an hour to do. I have yet to send something from a French Post Office (sorry Frenchies but you're not known for great customer service) and don't intend to.

I wonder if it is just my local Post Office and there are many a Happy Land Post Office out there - let me know I'd love to hear your experiences. Until such time I will keep battling away with my packages!

Monday Weigh In

-1lbs. Am pleased with this as I was out for an Indian Curry during the week and sunk a couple of glasses of red wine.  I did partially disclose the existence of my blog to some mums although not the name. Darn it. I was debating whether to put on facebook but still think I'll hang fire. My son has started one on Lego Star Wars and I have to say its far superior to mine!

I appreciate it takes more than 30 minutes to get fit - I just wanted a specific weights DVD
I worked out 4 x this week and was much better on the food front. This dvd arrived today and I'm hoping to try it out tonight or tomorrow. I read on my Your Shape fitness (and have known this for some time) that you lose muscle as you get older. Not that I have a great deal of the stuff but you lose about 5% by the time you reach 40 or something like that. If you do weights you build up muscle, speed up your metabolism and you burn fat whilst resting. Well we shall see - its another little workout to add to my collection. 

I had some good news that my son is next on the list for an extra day at pre-school. I love having him at home but I do want to get out on my bike and if I can do this twice a week when the weather gets nicer I'm sure this will help.

Until next time....