Monday, 7 January 2013

Weigh In..

....and it ain't pretty my friends ain't pretty at all.  I'm 13 stone 7 lbs. Crikey. Hopefully the Xmas bit will come off fairly quickly.  I had gone over 13 just before Xmas so believe the damage was probably 5lb.  Still I got on the scales and faced it head on.

I am up and running. I completed my food log/exercise log today. I will fit in 5 x workouts this week. I have read my The John Lennon Letters book (excellent read), have booked my hair cut - see look how easy it is to achieve your New Year's resolutions when you make them simple. 

That is all for now as last night I got NO sleep as my husband was coughing and snoring - a winning combination.

Be back soon...

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