Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday Weigh In

Hello campers. -1lb. That's okay. I only worked out twice as had little cold from Wednesday onwards. My two new sports bras arrived last week and I tried them on yesterday. I was bursting out and thought crikey luv you've really let yourself go. Turns out I had ordered the wrong size - phew. The bras will be winging their way back to Debenhams and a new set are currently winging their way as I type.

I'm just watching this dispatches programme on the big money marketing operation that is Weight Watchers. I'm pleased to see someone actually criticising Weight Watchers.  In this programme the journalist studied their results and over 75% of slimmers put the weight back on during a 5 year period. She interviewed two ladies and worked out, financially, that for every 1lb of weight she had lost it had cost her £100!

In other news, today I worked out to The Biggest Loser whilst the little fella was at pre-school.  Tomorrow more of the same. I am out Thursday night for an Indian meal with the school mums. 

Until next time...


  1. well done on your weight loss this week, have a fab weekend xx