Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Skylander Competition

"WOLFITIST" (wolf-it-ist)

"Wolfitist lived peacefully until a scientist sneaked into his house and made him take his potion. He now fights with the Skylanders to try and kill the scientist"
He is a 'Tech' element and he has the following features:
1. Shoots laser gun
2. Fires cannon from his head
3. Shoots arrows from his head
4. Smashes his hammer

No I haven't gone mad and this is not what I get up to during the course of the day honest guv.
I have been blogging for over a year now and this is our first ever competition! So it must be good right? Well, my son (age 8) thinks so. This is part of a competition with Tots100 to be part of Team Skylanders (see here for details) and there was no way we wouldn't be entering this competition. This household is Skylanders mad (my daughter's entry will follow tomorrow). If either of them win this competition I will be crowned super duper mum of the year in this ere household - even if we only have a few more weeks left.
My two love this game (buddy is too young to play) - it has really captured their imagination and to be honest they draw the characters more than they play the game at times - which is only allowed at weekends. Te person that came up with this interactive game for children is a genius.  Essentially you buy the little characters who all have different powers, you put them on a portal that glows (2 at a time if you like) and away you go.
So wish us luck that 'Wolfitist' will make the grade!