Friday, 7 December 2012

My Mojo has been restored

Well for this week in any event following on from my jean scare earlier in the week.  Its amazing that even after one workout this week I felt better afterwards. So my friends, I have worked out four times this week.  I am aiming, like my friend Cath (healthy bit of competition going on here I feel), to work out 5 x a week. I need to do another workout on Sunday which will be the Wii dance as it means I can get the kids involved too.

There has been mitigating circumstances that could have made me shy away from this exercise 1) snowy weather even though you're exercising inside it does make you want to just sit down and have a cuppa 2) buddy has been up 3 times this week with a rotten cough so I am very tired having got used to a full 8 hours for the best part of this year. 

The workouts I have completed this week are Biggest Loser, Wii dance 4 with wrist weights, Your Shape and another Biggest Loser.  The Wii dance is good fun and is my easier of the workouts.  The others are insane! The Your Shape boot camp makes you want to just start wailing "I can't do it!" but you do and then feel brilliant afterwards.  You do sumo swats, sprint starts, mountain climbers and much more pain. My goal on this one is to eventually enjoy it all. The Biggest Loser is very similar - burpees (which I find the hardest things to do), planks, tire jumps, star jumps etc etc.  They say (yes those people) that 30 minutes or a shorter intense workout is far better and more effective for you than, say, 60 minutes of exercise at a lesser intensity. I think I'm inclined to agree with them. Did you also know that most people consume an extra 250 + calories at the weekend so says the Obesity journal. I reckon that's a conservative estimate for most people.

My eating diary has been written all this week also.  I have the Panto tomorrow with fish and chips afterwards (a tradition) and tonight I have a PTA meal out.  This isn't going to affect my weight loss this week as I've already lost weight - I can feel it. 

So I will leave you with a little clip of one of the warm ups I do on the Your Shape - its call 'wallbreaker' and its great if you're feeling stressed with all this Christmas build up. This isn't me by the way - maybe I'll post one of me soon. Have a great weekend!


  1. Healthy competition eh? yeah we can do that! If we are both exercising 5 x a week we'll notice a massive difference come xmas. For me its a perfect time to start all this. I'll be working off each mince pie and more. Keep it girl, you can do it! xx

    1. Ta muchly have completed 5 x this week - takes a bow xx