Monday, 31 December 2012

My Last Rant...

...of 2012 is this - people who feel the need to say Happy New Year from 1pm onwards on New Year's Eve. What is that all about?  Can they not stay up till 12 am? Are they too busy partying to update their status? Busy snogging their partners with wild care free abandonment? Not likely given that most people I know barely get intimate with their other halves let alone snog the faces off them.  The amount of Happy New Year's I've seen on facebook (its 7.05pm here in the UK) has been prolific.  I'm sure these people will be staying up - maybe they'll say it again Sam. I just think they're in the same category as the "let's get the xmas decs up on 1 December" brigade. They simply can't wait. Won't wait. They're like a bunch of excited little puppies. They bring everything forward and rarely just enjoy the here and now its on to the next thing quick! Soon they'll be talk of summer holidays and the like. Live in the present.

They could actually just say it tomorrow if any of the above applies? One of my friends expressed her horror that I didn't get up on Xmas day until 8.30 am - the time the kids woke up.  I should have woken them. Should I fuck. I'm 39 not 9! Look if my kids weren't up at the crack of dawn there's no way I was going to wake them from a deep slumber now was I?

I also received a carefully worded Happy New Year text with all the niceties but knowing it was sent on mass to every contact in their phone kind of looses its impact don't you think?  It just has maximum impersonal effect and the words..well they're just words with very little meaning.

Anyhow, back to New Year's Eve. I will be staying up and I will wish people I know a Happy New Year. I won't get too drunk as I like to have a clear head on New Year's Day to get the decs down and get the house straight. I have had many a day lost on New Year's Day and truth be told its much nicer not being massively hung over even more so with 3 children in tow. 

Resolutions? Well I'm not a big fan of them - although when I was much younger I always used to make a list of this that and the other. I'm more realistic these days - they're more of a 'things to do list'. Having said this if you can't be optimistic at the start of a New Year and take the opportunity to have a mental clear out then when can you? So, my things to do list are as follows:-

Get hair cut (January)
Get bikini line done (January)
Get new glasses (February)
Get on my bike (January)
Exercise 5 x a week (on going - even if means getting up 6am - this is a new addition. It came to me the other day sometimes I can't fit it in in the day and I don't do exercise in the evening - genius or what?)
Lots of daytime cuddles with buddy - this could be the last year he snuggles up with me for ages and ages  (ongoing)
Lose 3 stone (ongoing realistic target of 7lbs by first week of Feb)
Go to Las Vegas in November for my 40th
Read all the books I got for Xmas and read more in general
Continue with my ancestry
Be me

So nothing ground breaking but all achievable and all realistic. With that I bid 12 am....


In other news.. my new cushions love them!


  1. Be sympathetic of those who started with the Happy New Years this morning - they suffer from premature congratulations.
    On a brighter note - I love you new cushions too. Onwards and upwards and lots of love for a wonderful 1970s 2013. xxx

    1. Hey you! Missed you in the xmas period hopefully normal blogging for all in the New Year - okay I'm going to be very premature now and say and to you my dear - hope a wonderful 2013 is coming your way xx

  2. I'm gonna join you for the relistic 7lb target by 1 Feb, I like the idea of that.

    I have ordered my new exercise DVD so I can start to exercise at 6am, I did it last year from Jan - April about 5 times a week, so back to it!

    Happy new year (I'm Ok to say it now, right?)

    Mich x

    1. Roger that Mich you can indeed say it now! Great minds think a like with the 6 am starts - we can keep each other posted with how we're doing xx

  3. I do love you and your rants! I must admit I did wish everyone Happy New Year early evening last night but I hasten to add it was because I knew I would not make midnight and would be enjoying a social media free day today!

    Your cushions are very nice and here's to a good year of weight loss and ranting x

    1. Consider yourself told off missus! Takes a bow with regard to the cushions. I did read your post re resolutions and found myself nodding in agreement! xx