Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Monday Weigh In..

..on a Tuesday. Zero. I worked out (moderately) 3 x last week.  I ate more on Saturday and during the week I also consumed two of my xmas muffins that I like to make.  This week has been okay on the food front (well it should really given that its only Tuesday!) but getting in exercise this week is not going to be easy. I'm hoping to do some tomorrow and most definitely Thursday.

Go to the doctors (groan) - I've had a rash on my neck for about 3 months now. I think its eczema  who knows but its an hour out of my day that I won't get back. I want to get in a workout tomorrow but I also need to get bits and pieces, wrap presents and make muffins (presents for the teachers) and make pastry in readiness for our mince pie making at the weekend.  All the little faffy xmas bits are creeping up.  I also have nagging cracker issues - for a week now I keep thinking "I need to get Christmas crackers, I need to get Christmas crackers." This is Xmas for you - the little things that can actually tip you over the end and make you go insane. We are having a quiet Christmas at home just the core family so its not like I should be under any pressure but the crackers have got to me this year!

This is a bit blurry good job really as just had the facial - now how snug is this gown?! A medium if you please - no we need large gowns for a spa

I may, just may, have to sign off until after Xmas as I doubt I'm going to have much time to blog. On the chit chat front I had a lovely day Saturday with Cath at our Pamper Spa day. It was good even if the robes only came in 'medium' and mine was a tad snug. Silly that isn't it - if you're going to order one size why not a large? By all accounts the men have the same robes! I had three treatments 1) hot stones massage - I'm going off massages though they seem to press hard these days and my left shoulder feels bruised 2) anti-ageing facial - that was wonderful and now I look like I'm 25. Not! and 3) a strange pedicure whereby they had set up the nail, feet and hair in one room. I had the sound of a hairdryer for 30 minutes of my pedicure blaring away. I did, eventually get 50% back, after explaining that no I didn't want a glass of champagne or 10% off my next treatment - not likely to go back anytime soon.  They had this stupid argument that as I paid for my treatment I couldn't have a refund! I pointed out that if I wanted to get my feet done with a load of noise in the background I could have stayed at home.  Also who's brain child was it to shove the pedicures in this noisy room. I suggested they might want to get their feet done in their and I'd switch on a hairdryer. I got my refund.

I have managed to wrap some more presents tonight so only got the kids left to do.  See you soon....


  1. Natasha, hope you are just busy with the holidays etc. Haven't seen you around for a while. Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Carole yes I am normal service will resume fairly shortly - thanks for stopping by! xx