Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

A zero. I had lost 2lbs up to Thursday last week. I didn't weigh myself but I could just feel it in my jeans etc and I had worked out 3 x before Thursday. Speaking of which I've really hurt the top of my right foot. I think it was when I peddled my bike using tip toes. Why would I do such a thing - who knows! It might have something to do with the fact that my top gears weren't working and I wanted to get more speed. I've since taken my bike to Halfords who fixed it all for nothing.  The pedal crank thingymejiggy wasn't working properly and the guy said "you would have found it very difficult to pedal." Ain't that the truth - my good workout has rendered me pretty helpless on the working out front as by Saturday I could barely walk. 
Pictures my own for once!
Covent Garden soaking up the Christmas cheer
Bear head alert!

Which leads me into why I haven't lost weight. Well Friday I had the Quiz Night at the school (a great success) but it includes a fish and chip supper so I had that which I always intended to do but having worked out that day.  On Saturday I had the best day. Myself and the hubster went up to London to see The Killers and made a day of it by visiting Covent Garden (by the way take the lift - climbing up 190+ stairs did not help). We walked loads (or hobbled should I say!) and had a rather large Chinese buffet at the O2 venue. It was very nice but wasn't going to do my weight loss any good.

My bike ride that caused the damage - beautiful
though isn't it?

The concert was just awesome. Brandon Flowers was belting out the songs with no sign of cancelling the concert like they had to do mid-week due to his voice going. I celebrated (even though its not till Friday) my 39th birthday in style.  The photos of this Saturday highlighted the need to continue my weight loss journey as my 'bear head' needs reducing somewhat! I mean I have a big 'moon face' that Enid Blyton would have been proud of.

Not a great pic of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Cater who were at the gig.  She looks fab and petite and ate some chips!

My husband bought me this bag from Covent Garden its handmade leather and has a cow print skin - it hasn't gone down too well in the playground!

The Killers are awesome!  Brandon Flowers voice is incredible it really is

Tomorrow I am on a school trip which isn't ideal with my foot but will dose up with painkillers and hope for the best.

p.s shall I change my pop art pic to an old hag now?

Until next time....


  1. Absolutely not. Have a great year Natasha. Hope your foot improves soon.

    1. okay will keep it there but it was taken in 2006 I think! Want it to be a true reflection you know like when you see someone in the flesh and think crikey you are nothing like your profile pic! x

  2. I love the killers! Glad you had a great time! X

    1. They were amazing! Brandon Flowers...... omg! x

  3. October 25th was only 3 weeks ago and I've already lost track of how you're doing this year. Just keep it up - as long as we see another 19 or so pounds lost by next October all fish and chips are forgiven. Glad you had such a fab day in London.

  4. me too not great though yes will do my best had no exercise this week what with the foot x