Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

Okay its Tuesday but I was so busy yesterday and also had a PTA meeting in the evening so I didn't get back home until 10.30pm.

Well 1lb off! Stress is obviously good for dieting.  I worked out a few times last week and will start updating my logs properly. I did the Wii dance 3 x (one with a friend it was very funny) and I was out on the bike with my son Sunday.  Yesterday I dusted off The Biggest Loser workout and glad I did. I worked out for 37 minutes exactly and it was tough. I couldn't do as many burpees as I used to do (I hadn't worked out to this since July!) or sprint starts but it felt good to work out to it again.  Today I am going to do my Wii dance and tomorrow I plan a bike ride (weather permitting in the morning) when Buddy is at school.

My note book is out - writing down what I eat and get this, last night I couldn't sleep as I was so hungry. This is a good sign I haven't felt properly hungry for a while now and its about time I did.

On Saturday me and the hubster are off to London for the day and to see The Killers!! I cannot wait - I'm trying not to think about it otherwise I'll get too excited and then I'll get a migraine - I don't get out much what can I say!

Until next time...