Monday, 5 November 2012

Monday Weigh In

No change but I am in very good spirits.  It was half term week and we didn't get out and about as much as I would have liked. I did the usual cleaning Monday, food shopping Tuesday, Wednesday we were stuck in all day until the evening trick or treating (see previous post). My friend's son came around she only lives a 10 minute walk away but was waiting for her husband to come back with the car! Walking is such a novelty these days isn't it. So instead of getting to mine just before 10 am he arrived at 11.40 am! She was working so then came back about 2.15pm but it made the day very disjointed. She is always late in fairness and I was going to joke about when the big hand is on 12 etc but thought better of it. On Thursday I say my friend Cath and her kids and we managed to get out to the park so that was good and Friday the eldest two went to my parents for fireworks.

During the week we did play the Wii dance 4 - the kids love it, however, I did over do it a bit as I use wrist weights whilst dancing, to sweat more, which meant I pulled the side of my waist.  Its been aching a bit so may have to rethink the wrist weights until I know the routines better or at least warm up before I go full throttle.

I'm also quite excited as buddy started pre-school today (only on a Monday and Wednesday) he was absolutely fine. He didn't cry or wet himself - bonus!  He looked mighty chuffed when we picked him up (the other two were off on an inset day) which, all being well, means he'll do the same Wednesday.  A free morning for me! I can't decide on a marathon Wii dance, The Biggest Loser workout (which I haven't done in ages), Your Shape or get out on my bike. If its nice, I'm definitely going out on the bike - my friend my come with me if she drags her bike out of the garage and gives it a bit of a dust down.  Either way I am going to be sweating!

When my daughter went to pre-school 4 times a week I joined a gym on a 'yummy mummy' membership. Basically I could do the classes, swim etc for £20.00 a month during off peak hours. It was perfect I used to drop her off then go to a class (hate the gym) and be back in good time to get her.  A very good deal and it did get me in very good shape for my wedding.  I did pilates, spinning and boby pump.   However, since doing my blog and getting into the mindset of never ever re-joining a slimming club I have a similar attitude towards gyms.  I want to do it myself. I have my bike, I have my Wii/X Box for the winter months and there is a local swimming pool nearby.

I am well and truly stuck in the 1970's! Until next time...