Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

-1lb off. Now I'm not back to my exercise best - only did 2 workouts this week.  But my eating was so much better and my jeans don't feel as tight.  Its been so busy with lots going on with the school and the kids. I always find the first term back so frantic then it just gets even worse what with Christmas productions etc. So sorry I haven't posted that much - I should be able to do much more this week on the blogging and exercise front as I'm staying in.  Why? Potty training. Its got to be done. He's nearly 2 and a half and starts pre-school next month (sob). On the plus side it means I will have more time for exercise.

Talking of which Just Dance 4 is out now! It looks great but I can't decide on the X-box Kinnect version or the Wii version.  Decisions. Decisions.

On a sadder note, another couple we know have split up - that's 3 now. I don't know all the ins and outs but I'm sure I will soon.  Does that mean the odds of me and the hubster staying together are better? Hope so. I can't take another break up and least of all us. 

Oh also had a mini pregnancy scare this week. I was 2 days late. Now anyone that knows me well, knows that I freak out, if I'm a day over as I'm never over. Although I might need to give that a re-think as over the years I have had a few "I'm pregnant!" freaking out moments. So I must be late more than I think I am.  Actually, its my husbands fault (naturally) as he said I felt pregnant. My skin felt different and then my friend said "well you skin has been glowing but I put that down to the new face cream." Arggh. I really was devastated.

Various thoughts ran through my head - 4th c-section, lack of support network for 4 kids, husbands back = money worries, age of both of us, book bags 4 book bags!, no sleep for 2 years AGAIN, putting on huge amounts of weight AGAIN, being 40 and having no chance of being slim, missing Las Vegas, Saturday naps - when I'm pregnant I have a 2 hour nap on a Saturday, being a shit mother of 4 - I'd be snappy wouldn't I? The list went on and on and on.

I know lots try and get pregnant every month but not much is written about that awful feeling when you think you are and you don't want to be. Each to their own but I'm not into abortions.  I've never had to have one (touch wood) and I don't think I could do that even with the long list of negatives (see above). I'm a great one for saying "you'll never regret having a baby but may regret not having one."

Anyhow, phew. Not. Thank god.

Until next time...

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  1. I went back to read your very first post - I can't wait until the 25th. Will there be a party!