Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

-lb off. Okay with that back in the 12's heading on down to the 11's. I've gone up and down the last couple of months but since my blog birthday I feel reinvigorated.

The Wii dance 4 featured heavily last week. Its great fun and the kids love it too. There is an option to dance to a specific programme/time which I will do once the kids go back to school as by then I'll have all the moves down to a fine art. I'm sure its more aerobic than the last one.

I also had a heavy weekend with regards to food so obviously all that dancing paid off. We had the school Halloween disco on Friday. I was at the school from 1.30pm (we had a Xmas fair meeting) and lugging up all the drinks/cakes etc to the hall probably burnt a few Halloween cupcakes off. It is traditional to always get fish and chips on the last day of term from the chippie. If you're new to my blog you might be thinking "hang on a minute this is like no diet I know!" and you'd be right! I don't normally eat cup cakes when I'm focused on my 1970's diet but I have always said that there are some things that I know I will always do so I incorporate it into my diet. That's why my weight loss of now 20lbs for a year wouldn't win me any prizes. But you and I both know that the ones that lose 21 lbs in two months put that on again, lose it, put some more and so it goes on and on.

This is a diet for life. Its not faddy weight watchers/slimming world whereby as soon as you leave the place, you put on 7lbs and all the points and red/green days are thrown out the window. Its a wonderful liberating feeling when you leave one of those places - not having to get weighed in ever again. Well not until you have put all the weight back on and then re-join. That's what they like -repeat business. You can't diet any other way don't you know. I've been there done that and I want to do this now. I will never ever go back to a slimming club I can promise you that. To be honest, I'd rather be fat.  I digress. So yes, I will partake in things like this as I will on our Quiz Night on 16th November, PTA night out on 8th December and a nice meal out on 15th December.

I figure that I don't go out that often, so when I do, I will have what I like. In any event, when you have this mindset you tend not to act like a kid in a sweetie shop. The last time I went out for a sit down meal was in May where I had the calamari, fish pie and no desert. I drank lots of wine and had a great time. This is life.

My sister also came up with the brother-in-law on Saturday and I made home made pizza (except mine was smaller than everyone elses) and I did have some crisps and wine. I made sure I worked out that day and the next. We also went for a fantastic walk with the family on Sunday and made sure I kept the portion sizes down.

Today we all did the Wii dance and will continue to do so for this week. My son has taken it upon himself to be our fitness trainer (there is nothing of him - he has the physic of a professional cyclist!) so this half term is not going to be a spanner in the works.

Until next time...


  1. Another good week Natasha - I couldn't agree with you more about dieting! Ever since I stopped trying to diet 3 years ago I have gradually dropped weight - up to 43 pounds now - and without ever feeling deprived - even kept on drinking my chardonnays! Good luck for this week. Dance up a storm!

    1. Hi Carole - crikey you were quick I was just going over all my spelling and typos!! Yes I agree Carole and you are proof of it too! I will keep on dancing! xx

  2. have you read French Women Don't Get Fat (although I've heard they reek of cigarette smoke and are miserable)? You are beginning to sound like Mireille Guilliano. She is my non-diet Guru btw. Well she was until you came along.

    1. No I haven't although remember you saying that - they chew chocolate and spit it out don't they.Yes don't fancy that and they (sorry French lovely ladies) do smoke like troppers and are miserable! (I told you that one!). Oh I like the sound of htat dieting guru best I get you some results then! x