Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

Another -1lb off. Now I'm actually a bit disappointed with this mere 1lb as I worked out 5 x last week.  Yes, I was well and truly back on it on the exercise front. Even with all that has been going on with the school (one consultation meeting, parents evening and then a meet and greet new parents evening). My husband says he's forgotten what my face looks like - its normally sat behind this laptop screen at the moment. Once again apologies for lack of blog posts. Funnily enough the traffic on here has just been going up and up and most of it is from the states.  For those Blogbusters out there, my views are now higher than my views on my blog posts i.e if I got 100 views a day I pretty much got more or less the same views on blog posts give or take 10/15. Now I seem to have nearly 200 views a day but not on the blog posts. What does it all mean? I should know this shit by now as the blog is nearly a year old. Alas I do not know what I do.

So on the exercise front I managed to do 4 x Wii dance workouts (one gentle one with the kids on Saturday but it all counts right?) and a family walk in the woods on Sunday.  So pretty pleased with that.  Food wise was pretty good most of the week with a slight free fall into potential obesity when I sunk the best part of a bottle of rose and ate two vanilla slices! I did leave a couple of hours between the two mind. I'm sure they put them in plastic that is designed to make sure the cake lands on the floor the minute you try and negotiate to eat it. I do this without fail every time I eat one of this things. Its my cake of choice. Not the custard variety - I don't do custard. I would be cakeless if I lived in France they ruin their cake with custard. They look all gleaming and beautiful so they do. They lull you into a false sense of security - then you sink your teeth into them and wham! Bloody custard. That and biscuits. They do a variation on a theme. What theme? I'll tell you - butter biscuits. They like a butter biscuit. They are lacking on the imagination front with regards to les biscuits.  How did that happen? I've gone from exercise to cake to biscuits. This is what happens when I just write freely on my blog without thinking.

One thing I do like about the French though is their natural inclination to protest. I like the fact they go on strike every two minutes and why not. Why not stand up for your rights, stick two figures up at the powers that be. I love the fact they killed their monarchy.

And on that happy note! Until next time....


  1. !0 days to go until the yearly reckoning! Give it one last push - I believe in this diet and want a happy ending (not that it will stop - 1970s should be for life.) Good luck! xx