Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Top Trump Card

Well mine wasn't played this week - I don't think I have one.  Is there a card I can play that will get me special favours? Not really. I think the last time I had a Top Trump Card was when I was pregnant. I could have a two hour nap on a Saturday (well I did get tired towards the end) without any objections from the hubster.  I could also eat copious amounts of food (see this blog) without anyone raising too much of an arched eyebrow.  Actually come to think of it there were quite a few Top Trump Card moments whilst pregnant and afterwards having had my 3rd c-section I was able to wave it about quite a lot.  I don't tend to be of Top Trump Card persuasion but sometimes its just called for.

This week my friend and I (Cath at Oh Marvellous! fame) booked our spa day for December. This is to celebrate, if you can call it that, the end of  her gruelling chemo and radiotherapy that she had to endure this year following the discovery of a lump in her breast back in February. 

Seeing as its Halloween tonight - this is a pic of 1970's horror top trump cards - pic ebay
Now I haven't been to many spa days as a fully fledged grown woman. I went to The Sanctuary in London prior to Cath getting married and had a overnight stay at Alexander House near Crawley. The hotel accommodation was lovely as was the food, however, I had the worse back massage ever! Even when I said it hurt she still went for it - £82 worth of pain. I didn't get to use all the facilities as it was a little break for me and the hubster so maybe its worth a re-visit. Then on my hen day back in 2009 we went to The Chakra Spa in East Grinstead. It doesn't have the bells and whistles like the big players but I kind of like that. Its very intimate, the food is nice and the treatments are just as good if not better than the likes of The Sanctuary in Covent Garden.

These aren't trump cards but I did use to love playing this very set of Happy Families when I was younger

I don't mind going to a spa - I like the treatments which, now buddy is going to pre-school, I will be able to have more of in the day at my local salon - but I don't like the walking around in your dressing gown. It just feels a bit weird. When I get up I don't tend to hang around in my sweats (my equivalent of pyjamas as I don't own a pair) I like to get showered, hair done, make up and away I go. Clearly its easier on the treatment front but eating my lunch in a white robe (why are they always white think a more flattering colour could be adopted?) also feels a bit odd.

I remember the spa day we had at The Sanctuary  - we had this really lazy calm atmosphere walking around in our robes all day long - then, when it was time to go home, it was like a mass free for all. Everyone scurrying around in the locker room desperately trying to get to the mirrors, scrabbling to get their clothes on. It was like a frantic school trip at the swimming baths. The irony was not lost let me tell you. Then when you are released out into the wild reality hits you like a freight train and that calming day you just had evaporates within seconds.

Having said all that I am looking forward to our spa day. I've booked three treatments and Cath played her Top Trump Card when we 'liked' the spa on Facebook. They were offering up 2 free day passes and wanted reasons why you should win them. Instinctively I said to celebrate end of treatment and Cath whacked her trump card on the virtual table and said she was tired after all her treatments and here's my blog to prove it.

Needless to say we (the royal we) won the passes! Funnily enough there were no comments as to why people should win after she had written that. I think they had accepted defeat that cancer top trumped "me time" and "spending a day with my mum" hands down.

Cath later said "I don't really like using the cancer card you know" she has experienced unhelpful sales assistants, in particular, when she was purchasing a head scarf. When she said what it was for the transformation of the assistant was remarkable. She found it a bit sad that the sales assistant was mean up until the point she told her what the scarf was for as, quite rightly, shouldn't we all expect a good service. Equally I suppose you shouldn't just win something or get to go on a game show because you've had suffering in your life although it does help!

So was it unfair to play the Top Trump Card? After all the new mum would have welcomed the day off. Later on, whilst discussing the win Cath said "actually I don't care, I am tired, I do deserve it and I'm glad we won"

Top Trump!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

-lb off. Okay with that back in the 12's heading on down to the 11's. I've gone up and down the last couple of months but since my blog birthday I feel reinvigorated.

The Wii dance 4 featured heavily last week. Its great fun and the kids love it too. There is an option to dance to a specific programme/time which I will do once the kids go back to school as by then I'll have all the moves down to a fine art. I'm sure its more aerobic than the last one.

I also had a heavy weekend with regards to food so obviously all that dancing paid off. We had the school Halloween disco on Friday. I was at the school from 1.30pm (we had a Xmas fair meeting) and lugging up all the drinks/cakes etc to the hall probably burnt a few Halloween cupcakes off. It is traditional to always get fish and chips on the last day of term from the chippie. If you're new to my blog you might be thinking "hang on a minute this is like no diet I know!" and you'd be right! I don't normally eat cup cakes when I'm focused on my 1970's diet but I have always said that there are some things that I know I will always do so I incorporate it into my diet. That's why my weight loss of now 20lbs for a year wouldn't win me any prizes. But you and I both know that the ones that lose 21 lbs in two months put that on again, lose it, put some more and so it goes on and on.

This is a diet for life. Its not faddy weight watchers/slimming world whereby as soon as you leave the place, you put on 7lbs and all the points and red/green days are thrown out the window. Its a wonderful liberating feeling when you leave one of those places - not having to get weighed in ever again. Well not until you have put all the weight back on and then re-join. That's what they like -repeat business. You can't diet any other way don't you know. I've been there done that and I want to do this now. I will never ever go back to a slimming club I can promise you that. To be honest, I'd rather be fat.  I digress. So yes, I will partake in things like this as I will on our Quiz Night on 16th November, PTA night out on 8th December and a nice meal out on 15th December.

I figure that I don't go out that often, so when I do, I will have what I like. In any event, when you have this mindset you tend not to act like a kid in a sweetie shop. The last time I went out for a sit down meal was in May where I had the calamari, fish pie and no desert. I drank lots of wine and had a great time. This is life.

My sister also came up with the brother-in-law on Saturday and I made home made pizza (except mine was smaller than everyone elses) and I did have some crisps and wine. I made sure I worked out that day and the next. We also went for a fantastic walk with the family on Sunday and made sure I kept the portion sizes down.

Today we all did the Wii dance and will continue to do so for this week. My son has taken it upon himself to be our fitness trainer (there is nothing of him - he has the physic of a professional cyclist!) so this half term is not going to be a spanner in the works.

Until next time...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A year on...weight gone...carrying on...

Happy Birthday Blog - you're a year old today! Yes it was a year ago I started this little blog that has become part of my life. My very first blog post was on 25th October 2011 and here it is entitled so we begin.  And begin we did. Prior to starting my blog, after having my third child, I weighed a whopping 16 stone 7 lbs. That's 231 pounds to all you Amercian viewers (of which I have more than the UK - get me!). 

I got down to 14 stone (196 lbs) without writing about it but by following my own 1970's diet.  Trying to eat 3 x meals a day, not snacking (only on fruit), limiting treats like a take-away, ready meal to a Saturday night with a small glass of red wine. I also always walked and tried to keep as active as I could with a breast feeding baby and 2 other children to take care of.

Then in October 2011 my husband had a back injury and was bed bound for a week. During the week, the evenings were lonely, I was averaging 3 hours sleep a night and enjoyed the pleasures of Frazzles and other such savoury snacks.  I gained 5lb that week. I already felt fat and ugly. My clothes didn't fit and the lack of sleep didn't help matters.  The hubster (as he has been referred to ever since) and I watched a film called Juile and Julia one night. It was about a woman that wanted to try every recipe that a famous American cook 'Juila' had written.  Her blog became huge when various newspapers got wind of her novel idea.  I discovered blogs were ten a penny - there are millions of the buggers! A whole lot of mummy bloggers, daddy bloggers, dieting bloggers all hoping to hit the big time or certainly to make some money from their blog. I had no idea about the world I was entering but I liked the idea of a diet with a difference. Not all are like this a lot just like to write and enjoy it as a hobby. My goal then was to lose weight and to write what I wanted. That has remained. I love the freedom of my blog. I don't do sponsored posts or review anything (I have been asked) which means I can tell you how it is in the eyes of Natasha or Tash/Tasha as I'm known to my friends and family. I can rant to my hearts content!

So without further ado, on Monday I weighed in at 13 stone (182lbs) - this isn't the lowest I've been I think I've waved hello at 12 stone 9 briefly before making a sharp exit!  So I have lost 1 stone 5 lbs in a year. That is 19 lbs as at Monday and was, for a while, 24 lbs lost.  Now some may sniff at that and say crikey that's shit only 19 lbs in a whole year (let us not forget the 30lbs prior to starting the blog - 2 stone 2lbs)! Well, I am happy with that and one of the many, many things I've learnt during my diet is that my weight loss is the only thing that matters to me. Not anyone elses or how fast they have lost weight and put on again. Its my diet. I am not super woman I try and fit in everything the best I can. I don't have a great support network whereby I can drop the kids with someone and go to the gym. I have to make time for my exercise during the day. I had 3 hours sleep from January 2011 - April 2012 (that's only 6 months ago) as buddy woke up, without fail, every night for a cuddle or something or other. The BIGGEST saboteur to a diet (and whilst 'friends' are high up on the list) is lack of sleep.  It has been proven that you eat more, too tired to exercise etc etc.  I'm sure there are people that have been so determined, have so much will power that, on that amount of sleep, they still lost a massive amount of weight. I am not one of them. I am normal. I am just like every other mum trying to manage weight and the normal day to day routines that goes with having children, holidays, half terms etc etc.

I wrote about my Top Ten Tips for dieting and I stand by them. I also wrote about how I consider Slimming World and Weight Watchers to be faddy diets in this post. I have seen people during the course of this year lose lots of weight to put it all back on again. This happens a lot. Yes, my 19lbs may not be a lot but it is off and its stayed off. I haven't had to pay someone £5 a week to stand on scales and buy diet products and books.

I have changed in many ways. I don't drink as much diet drinks (I do occasionally when I'm out) as it makes you crave sugar - studies have proven this. I don't eat diet yogurts - they pump them with crap and chemicals so they taste better. I eat full fat products if I 'm going to have something like a cake I'll eat the real thing. I don't have melted cheese on everything (see my first ever post) although I do eat it occasionally. I eat with my family but smaller portions so I'm not eating something different. I don't separate carbs and protein. No food is 'bad'. I don't say oh I've been bad today or I've been good today. I don't do exercise I don't enjoy and I haven't joined a gym.  I use my Wii dance, X box Biggest Loser workout, Your Shape Boot Camp and go cycling with my son. I enjoy this.  I don't weigh myself 10 x a day (this took a long time to stop). I don't binge eat anymore. I've never gone on a faddy diet and haven't felt tempted in anyway to lose a massive chunk of weight in one go. I don't feel desperate. If I know I'm having a meal out I won't stuff myself all day long. I'm not obsessed with food and dieting anymore. I  have learnt that it can take months to recover from putting on weight after Christmas even if it is only a few pounds and getting back into the swing of things. The same can be said about the school summer holidays - its only now I'm getting back into my exercise and a proper routine. I've also learnt, for me, the period from October - December is my optimum time for losing weight. This is because I hate the feeling of feeling bloated at Christmas time so it really makes me focus. 

This is a giant cupcake my friend makes - you can check out her facebook page "cakes by fairies' and she's also on Twitter @cakesbyfairies  They are fab!

I am excited about the next few months as I feel I have a second wind.  I have bought a diary to write down what I eat to keep me focused. I accept this isn't going to happen for the rest of my life but it is a tool I use to get me back on track and I still enjoy exercising.  My little man who gives me so much pleasure and has been a joy to have at home is off to pre-school soon - just for 2 mornings a week but it means I will have an even better opportunity to focus on myself.  My body will also realise that I haven't got pregnant again. My thirties have been brilliant (not over yet!) - I have produced 3 beautiful children and my body has served me well but it has also been put through the mill. I want to repay it by getting into good physical shape ready for my forties.

And with that I bid you Happy Birthday Blog! I didn't quite make 30,000 blog views but nearly - 29,000 today. With the risk of sounding very chessy and American -  I love you and I love my regular readers and followers who comment and give me encouragement, motivation and advice all the time. Mwah to you all!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

+2lb. I don't do pressure dieting as you can see or dieting to order and I was very aware of my one year anniversary on the blog front was fast approaching. So what did I do? Celebrate with wine on Friday and Saturday topped of with an Indian take-away! I'm typing this whilst Jennifer Lopez is strutting herself on MTV - this woman has not aged and looks fab-u-lous in her forties.  I have JLO envy going on at the moment. Talk is cheap when it comes to dieting or should I say talk is pounds on. Why can't I just have the body of JLO thank you very much.

I've got to get back to basics. When I started this I had one glass of wine on a Friday. This will return. My sister and her husband are due to visit on Saturday so will defer the wine till Saturday. Oh, in addition I met my friend for lunch Friday and had a burger!  Its all been a bit manic recently with potty training (a great success - he picked it up with ease and I'm going to brag about that if you please!), PTA stuff, school stuff, kids stuff etc.

The party season is fast approaching, not that I go out a great deal but I'm sure I'll be going to a couple of nights out.  I have been buying lots of bits and pieces for the kids recently - winter attire mainly together with party bits for my daughter.  It suddenly occurred to me that I don't buy anything for myself with regards to clothes, boots, shoes etc. I have no interest. This is because I don't want the hassle of ordering stuff that doesn't fit.  I don't even look at clothes anymore. I need to start thinking about looking more stylish and glamorous now that buddy starts pre-school after half term. Its only 2 mornings a week but it means I can exercise fully without interruption.  A friend of mine is going to dig out her bike and we're going to set off on hilly bike rides. I did this before my wedding together with spinning and Pilates.  Plus I'm not going to have another pregnancy to get in the way of my weight loss programme so its all very exciting. Its a new chapter and I'm feeling positive.

Until next time... oh and don't forget to tune in on the 25th and I'll give you the total figure on the blog and pre blog front!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday Chit Chat

Last night we kicked back to watch a film - I got to choose and did so with the now infamous words "Steven Spielberg doesn't make a bad film does he" lets watch War Horse.

Oh my, what a pile of crap! I like a Spielberg movie and thought (wrongly) that he rarely makes a bad movie. I mean for goodness sake he made Jaws and I love that film - ET, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan the list goes on and on.  The movie mogul is also a bit of an Anglophile so I thought lets watch this as it can't be bad.

Terrible. Awful. It was like a Lassie film gone spectacularly wrong. The scenery was very much blue screen and depicted an England that the Americans like to see rather than the reality of what is even in 1918.  I mean the farmers rented house was the size of a small stately home. If you don't know the story its about a horse that goes off to war and gets re-united with its owner. Like that would ever happen. I always think a film has failed if you're not bothered about the characters and we weren't at any point during this film. Even the relationship with the young lad and his horse was all a bit naff and I didn't really mind that the horse "Joey" had to go off to war.  I didn't really care if the horse died with all the pulling and hard labour.  Even the scene, where he's running through no mans land, getting caught up in barbed wire didn't get me going.  In fact I'd go so far as to say it was insulting to the millions of men (young boys even) that lost there lives in World War I and here we were watching a story about a horse. Now don't get me wrong million's of horses were killed which was highly unfair. By all accounts by the end of the war there were practically no horses left in Europe -they had to be imported from America. I have to say I'm more of a human lover than an animal one so maybe the title should have been a big hint.

Whilst putting various posts on facebook - one friend said she cried in the film and it was a true story. At which point my husband choked on his wine laughing. Its a novel and was a theatre production which got transferred to the big screen.  I had a lot of fun with this along the lines of Joey the horse writing his story on a hoof proof typewriter and that he was doing a book signing today at the local bookstore. But seriously, it has to be right up there with one of the worst films I've ever seen. Please do not watch it!

Today we were meant to take our eldest to the mountain bike club but we all got up late. My son had been selected to represent the school in the cross country on Thursday. It was a huge event. They had to run around this massive park and he came 175th out of 250 in his group. A runner he isn't but at least he made the team this year. A girl in the school team came 24th! So the son didn't get up until 9.15 am which gave us very little time. Still, we had a bike ride this afternoon and they all helped me make a Christmas cake. My first attempt - the ingredients were easy just a lot of faffing with paper around the tin which the hubster did for me.

I've worked out 4 times this week including my bike ride today and hopefully another one tomorrow, however, I feel quite chunky monkey so not overly hopeful for Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

To Sell or Not to Sell

That is the question. Forgive me for such a naff heading but I couldn't think of another one. I am, of course, talking about the world's biggest market place - Ebay.  Now I don't mind buying a few things on ebay - I prefer the 'buy it now' option rather than bidding against other people. I can't be doing with 'watching items' as invariably I always forget what I'm meant to be 'watching' and getting into a bidding war does nothing for me. I'm quite old fashionned in the sense if I see something I want to buy it and have it now please. I'm a basic ebayer type. I'm sure there's many an ebayer expert who have all manner of technical devices available to them to make sure they are not out bid at the last minute. I am not one of them.

I rarely sell on ebay as I always think time is money and faffing around with presenting items, taking photos, uploading them, writing descriptions, wrapping them, weighing them and queueing in the post office is a whole lot of time wasting and for what? A bit of shrapnel (South London talk for coins) or possibly £20 or £30.  In short too much effort for too little gain.  Having said all this, I have gone against all my natural instinct not to sell on ebay and have sold some stuff namely baby clothes.  Now when you look at baby clothes on ebay (normally they're in bundles) they aren't worth a wank. Another choice phrase - I always ponder when someone uses that term what would be worth a wank? Could that be a phrase in its own right i.e "I had a great day out shopping today and bought lots of stuff it really was worth a wank! Back to selling clothes.

1970's set of weighing scales - picture...ebay!

So I have had bags of baby boy clothes, babygrows etc in the loft for ages - about 6 massive bags. They have served me well for both boys and still look very good. All from Next, Mothercare and Marks I have you know. I have on many occasions thought I should sell them - I do give stuff away to friends and to clothes banks but no one I know is having anymore children. 

I had 9 bundles and guessed the postage (in my mind I still have the wishful thinking that a first class stamp is 30p its not my friends its 60p) on all of them based on what others had their postage up for. Big mistake. Huge. Rule number one NEVER EVER GUESS YOUR POSTAGE!  Get the scales and weigh them.

My catalogue of mistakes just escalated from there. I never stood a chance on the ebay selling front. I listed them on a Sunday to finish on a Friday just around tea time. Yes that's right the time when mum's are cooking the dinner and not watching items finishing on ebay. My friend said "oh no, don't do that you list them on a Sunday (or on a free listing day - doh!) to finish at the weekend as people shop more then." Bloody amateur. Amateur I tell you. 

I think my most successful item was my daughter's jacket that went for £10.00 and a growbag for £6 everything else went for nominal amounts. I was out of pocket on the postage overall too. On one bundle of clothes, the woman paid 99p for the lot but I got the postage so wrong, that I paid her to take them. Just to confirm my status as the crapiest seller on ebay, one buyer turned up on my door on Saturday morning clutching her £1 coin for a bundle of lovely Next bits and pieces. I even had the penny change ready for her. She waved her hand letting me off the penny, took the bundle and skipped merrily down the road with her bounty. Now I don't really mind that. At least someone is getting some use out of the festering baby clothes in the loft but paying people to take them is never going to make me a small fortune. Rest easy Richard Branson. Rest easy. I made about £25.00 in the end but should have made £35.

You would think that after this sorry tale I would now be well and truly put off this selling malarkey but strangely I have a taste for it. I am now trying my luck again making sure to put all my wrongs right this time. Let's hope my faffing with this selling pays off otherwise the answer to my question will be a big, massive, huge......


Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

Another -1lb off. Now I'm actually a bit disappointed with this mere 1lb as I worked out 5 x last week.  Yes, I was well and truly back on it on the exercise front. Even with all that has been going on with the school (one consultation meeting, parents evening and then a meet and greet new parents evening). My husband says he's forgotten what my face looks like - its normally sat behind this laptop screen at the moment. Once again apologies for lack of blog posts. Funnily enough the traffic on here has just been going up and up and most of it is from the states.  For those Blogbusters out there, my views are now higher than my views on my blog posts i.e if I got 100 views a day I pretty much got more or less the same views on blog posts give or take 10/15. Now I seem to have nearly 200 views a day but not on the blog posts. What does it all mean? I should know this shit by now as the blog is nearly a year old. Alas I do not know what I do.

So on the exercise front I managed to do 4 x Wii dance workouts (one gentle one with the kids on Saturday but it all counts right?) and a family walk in the woods on Sunday.  So pretty pleased with that.  Food wise was pretty good most of the week with a slight free fall into potential obesity when I sunk the best part of a bottle of rose and ate two vanilla slices! I did leave a couple of hours between the two mind. I'm sure they put them in plastic that is designed to make sure the cake lands on the floor the minute you try and negotiate to eat it. I do this without fail every time I eat one of this things. Its my cake of choice. Not the custard variety - I don't do custard. I would be cakeless if I lived in France they ruin their cake with custard. They look all gleaming and beautiful so they do. They lull you into a false sense of security - then you sink your teeth into them and wham! Bloody custard. That and biscuits. They do a variation on a theme. What theme? I'll tell you - butter biscuits. They like a butter biscuit. They are lacking on the imagination front with regards to les biscuits.  How did that happen? I've gone from exercise to cake to biscuits. This is what happens when I just write freely on my blog without thinking.

One thing I do like about the French though is their natural inclination to protest. I like the fact they go on strike every two minutes and why not. Why not stand up for your rights, stick two figures up at the powers that be. I love the fact they killed their monarchy.

And on that happy note! Until next time....

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Coffee, Its just Coffee!

Something has got my goat. What really? No surely not? Yup tis true I am hacked off about something and that something is coffee.

I love this clip of Larry David ordering a coffee - "give me one of those bullshit, mocca, cappa, bullshit things" just sums up the absurdity of coffee shops. I hadn't been in one for a while up until very recently when my friend, who is a Starbucks Officialnardo, took me to the place that sells that unique drink....wait for, milk and hot water.

It was very much like my Kentucky (as told in my Frazzle Attack post) and McDonalds experiences. As I don't go in these places that often I find the whole experience to be very daunting and confusing. There are so many frigging meal deals screaming out at you - then there are the hard core meal dealers breathing down your neck and you don't have time to read the menus properly and the person behind the till is thinking how don't you know your way around a McDonald's menu you freak and argghhhhh! I purposely didn't put any punctuation in that just to give you a taste of my trauma whilst visiting these places. To my dismay Starbucks is exactly the same unless you have an Officialnardo like my friend to guide you through the process.

So you enter and again you have no time to read the menu as the staff assume you know what you want as you're always in there. I'm not. Its just coffee, hot water and milk. If I want a coffee I put the kettle on and drink it out of a nice cup. A whole business empire has been built on this basic drink with a few bells and whistles. I mean I could understand it if they were selling some fantastic new discovery drink but coffee?!

Back to Starbucks. Its like a little conveyor belt and you're meant to know the set up. I don't. So whilst they do do crisps, muffins and giant cookies they don't do sandwiches. What is with that? No prawn mayo on wholemeal? There are bacon sarnies though - posh ones on fancy bread. My friend asked for the free frothy milk for the kids - see never would have known that. The kids can even get in on the coffee house experience. I ordered a normal cappuccino - they don't call them small, medium, large they call them "tall" and "grand".  They don't bring it over and you don't even get it there and then. You have to go to the little high or shall I say "tall" table and collect it and you're meant to know which one is yours. Then you have to finish off the coffee yourself i.e chocolate powder on top or you can have some spices instead. Phew - it was fine and yes I know its more about having a chat over a cuppa. I do like our local coffee shop as its not confusing - you order a coffee. They bring it over. You sit on a nice leather seat. Simple.

Now my coffee rant doesn't stop there. Teachers and coffee and no doubt workers and coffee are going to get it in what I can only describe as 'on the go coffee.' They are so desperate for a coffee they have to move with a cup surgically attached to their hand. Drink your coffee before you get to work or when you are at work. Are you that desperate for a coffee that you have to walk with the frigging thing?! Get up earlier to fit in your coffee. I've even seen parents run down our school hill with a mug in their hand - seriously no one is that desperate for coffee.

And teachers are the worse offenders. They come out on playground duty with their poncey coffee thermal cups. Look at me, I'm on playground duty but I didn't have time for my morning coffee so I'm bringing it out with me. I have no concerns about children running around and the potential 2nd degree burns if they bump into me. I need my coffee.

No. You need to get a grip. Put the kettle on. Sit down and drink the bloody thing before you go about your way. Its just coffee!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

-1lb off. Now I'm not back to my exercise best - only did 2 workouts this week.  But my eating was so much better and my jeans don't feel as tight.  Its been so busy with lots going on with the school and the kids. I always find the first term back so frantic then it just gets even worse what with Christmas productions etc. So sorry I haven't posted that much - I should be able to do much more this week on the blogging and exercise front as I'm staying in.  Why? Potty training. Its got to be done. He's nearly 2 and a half and starts pre-school next month (sob). On the plus side it means I will have more time for exercise.

Talking of which Just Dance 4 is out now! It looks great but I can't decide on the X-box Kinnect version or the Wii version.  Decisions. Decisions.

On a sadder note, another couple we know have split up - that's 3 now. I don't know all the ins and outs but I'm sure I will soon.  Does that mean the odds of me and the hubster staying together are better? Hope so. I can't take another break up and least of all us. 

Oh also had a mini pregnancy scare this week. I was 2 days late. Now anyone that knows me well, knows that I freak out, if I'm a day over as I'm never over. Although I might need to give that a re-think as over the years I have had a few "I'm pregnant!" freaking out moments. So I must be late more than I think I am.  Actually, its my husbands fault (naturally) as he said I felt pregnant. My skin felt different and then my friend said "well you skin has been glowing but I put that down to the new face cream." Arggh. I really was devastated.

Various thoughts ran through my head - 4th c-section, lack of support network for 4 kids, husbands back = money worries, age of both of us, book bags 4 book bags!, no sleep for 2 years AGAIN, putting on huge amounts of weight AGAIN, being 40 and having no chance of being slim, missing Las Vegas, Saturday naps - when I'm pregnant I have a 2 hour nap on a Saturday, being a shit mother of 4 - I'd be snappy wouldn't I? The list went on and on and on.

I know lots try and get pregnant every month but not much is written about that awful feeling when you think you are and you don't want to be. Each to their own but I'm not into abortions.  I've never had to have one (touch wood) and I don't think I could do that even with the long list of negatives (see above). I'm a great one for saying "you'll never regret having a baby but may regret not having one."

Anyhow, phew. Not. Thank god.

Until next time...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Boy That Cried Wolf

Remember that book? The boy that cried wolf and everyone ran out but he was just pretending so when he came across a real wolf no one bothered to come to his rescue. Well let me tell you about our very own boy that cried wolf or should I say man?

My mum and dad came up on Sunday. We hadn't seen them since August when they went off on their jollies to France for 3 weeks. They go every year as my dad won't fly. I don't know why - he's 64 and I figure if you do go you've had a good innings so to speak. Why not risk it and see countries you can't see ordinarily if you don't fly.  In any event, he reckons its not because he thinks they're going to crash - its because his claustrophobic. Potatoes. Patatoes. He's scared of flying.

That's not want I wanted to write about in any event. Whilst they were in France my dad suffered a twisted intestine a week or so into their holiday. I got a text from my mum to say he was in hospital so promptly googled it and thought mmm you can actually die from this. By all accounts if you don't get it seen to quickly (basically you experience intense stomach cramps probably like labour pains) you could die as the oxygen supply gets cut off.  My aunt then telephoned and said "ere its quite serious isn't it? At first I thought silly bugger what's he gone and done and then I realised that's what horses die of !"

I also remarked to my husband that my dad was lucky he even got to the doctors because he is a bit of a moaner you see. I mean there's always something wrong with him. He is the definition of 'man flu.' I could be talking about my husbands trip to A&E in the ambulance or my son's asthma attack and he will happily pipe up "I've had a stinking cold all week now" or "there's something wrong with my ears." In fact, within a few minutes of meeting, my dad will tell you what aliment has been troubling him.  I've never known the man to be a picture of health or at least say "I'm fit as a fiddle today." I told him so on Sunday.

In his defence, my mum is the opposite so how the two of them managed to get my dad to hospital is beyond me. You could literally be dying and my mum would put the kettle on or carrying on reading her book.  I remember once when I was 14 I went to Oxford Street with my friend. In those days IRA bomb threats were a way of life. For years we didn't have litter bins on train stations and public places so that bombs couldn't be put inside them.  Anyhow we're doing a spot of shopping in Topshop and everyone is told to evacuate - there's a bomb scare. Scary stuff when you're 14. My friend telephoned her mum (from a pay phone - remember those?!) and naturally her mum was freaking out good and proper. I telephoned my mum and her exact words were "oh, you'll be late for dinner then, I'll put it on top of the microwave."

I'll give you another example. When my sister was 17 she was travelling to Bradford to see her boyfriend (holiday romance didn't last) in her little car on the outside line of the motorway - otherwise known as the fast lane - when her wheel fell off!!  Sparks are flying, the car is scraping along, she is shitting herself but somehow manages to get it onto the hard shoulder.  There were no mobile phones then either. She was rescued off the motorway and taken to Heathrow. She telephoned my mum who had just cracked open the wine settling down to a good book.  I can imagine the phone call "oh well you best get a bus to Gatwick." And get the bus from Heathrow to Gatwick she did without her 3 wheeled car.

So when my dad was having these intense stomach pains from one o'clock in the morning it was always going to be highly unlikey my mum would call an ambulance as she put it down to food poisioning. My dad was very vocal about this "ere (god I've made us all sound like dick van dyke!) mum didn't phone an ambulance when I was in so much pain - how bad is that?!" So he did have a point although I did remind him he is a grown man and could have said get me an ambulance.

And in my mum's defence, my dad is always complaining about something, so if you're going to cry wolf and then a wolf does appear just hope you're not standing next to my mum!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Weigh In

-1lb. Nothing spectacular but its going in the right direction. My jeans still feel tight and I know I look bigger.  I only managed one workout last week - it had been a full on week (see my Saturday Chit Chat post for the low down show down). I never did get to go out on the bike at the weekend even though my son loves his new "upgrades" (lights, bottle carrier) as he calls it. That stems from Skylanders - any parent with a boy will know what Skylanders are. If you don't your life will still be fulfilled, however, they are pretty cool. 

Today has been full on too. I had to be at the school at 2pm today to assist with my son's cooking - well it was chopping - pasta salad. It was a nice way to spend the hour even though he doesn't like pasta salad. 

Tomorrow, my husband has a spinal injection in his back so I will need to drop him at the hospital and I need to do the weekly shop. I then have to be at the school later on to listen to what the council have to say about this 2 form entry crock of shit with 3 children then back to the hospital to collect the hubster with 3 children in tow. I fear a workout is unlikely - what do you reckon?

Now Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday should be a different matter. I will have to make time.

Today is the 1st October in case you hadn't noticed. I started this blog on 25th October last year. Which means I have a 24 day head start on when I really started to lose weight. And we're off, AGAIN!! And just to keep my focused and I'm sure Rachel will remind me I will post a Christmas picture of me compared to Christmas last year. 

Until next time...