Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday Weigh In

I'm back and it ain't pretty. Brace yourselves, brace myself. 4lbs on!! Back to 13 stone. Remember last week I said, in a rather smug tone, that I hadn't put anything on? Well I celebrated that fact by continuing in the holiday spirit of merrily chomping my way through anything I saw fit, not to mention not exercising apart from a little bike ride on Saturday.

So I am well and truly back to blogging, back to the 1970's diet and like most of the mum's the world over the diet has resumed after 6 weeks off with the kids and a summer holiday thrown in for good measure.  My house is in order - only taken me a week to wash and put away enough washing that would make widow twanky weap.  The kids are back, order will return.  I will work out 4 x this week and will cut out all the crap I have been eating since my return. The next focus will be xmas and that little concert (see post I wrote today - yes you heard right - two in one day!) to see The Killers in November, not to mention this will be my last year and 2 months starting from now as a thirty something.

I'm back, bigger granted, but back!


  1. Good luck - you deserved a break and you know when to come back. (I'm also 13stone after months of dieting and losing the same 5lbs over and over again. I think I need to to do the 1970s diet too).

    1. thanks, yes not too devestated about it! Back on the exercise and normal eating this week and it'll be off in no time and for you also! x

  2. Hey, you'll sort that lille hiccup out. After a year's plateau I have manged to lose 3 pounds so I am pumped. Have a great week!