Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Olympics will make you fat!

Well it will if you're anything like me. I've been glued to the telly since the start of the games. I am loving it, merrily watching the main action on BBC1 and then flicking over to the specific sports on the other BBC channels. Some said we wouldn't be bothered - generally by people who don't even live in this country - how little faith they have in the British public. We cannot get enough of it.

My eldest son is also addicted, my daughter has been happy drawing and buddy..well buddy just pleases himself with toys etc.  Don't get me wrong I've still managed to look after the hubster who is still bed bound, take the kids out (today was 2 mile bike/scooter ride on flat terrain) and keep the house ticking over. This is in between watching the Olympic action. I am currently watching the 400 metre semi-final as I type whilst sitting in my work out gear. But I have not exercised at all! The irony has not been lost on me let me tell you. I don't count going out with the kids as proper exercise.  Its moderate and isn't enough to get your heart rate going.

So its official I have a big fat gold medal in doing the least amount of exercise I have done for a very long time.  All this telly and checking facebook/twitter has made me feel a bit yuck and I find it difficult to sleep. Proof if ever that good old fashioned fresh air and exercise is good for your well being.  Talking of which I read an article about a treatment called Water Shiatsu where you get pulled around in the water which can help with coccyx pain. As you know I don't really have much time for herbal shit and poncey remedies but it just so happens they do it at Spas so I will just have to give it a go!

So I feel fatter now than I have in a long while. I stopped picking in the evenings on Friday (!) following on from my husbands immobility. Eveythings been a bit out of sorts so I won't be weighing in tomorrow. I'm probably the same and I just have more important things to take care of.  I could have cancelled the holiday by 8pm on Saturday which I was very close to doing. Had I done that we would have got back 50% of the total holiday balance. My husband took the view that we would still be £400.00 down from the outstanding balance paid 5 weeks ago so we decided not to cancel. Work that logic out if you can. I suppose if we had cancelled then there's no chance of going away but at the moment there is still hope even though he can't actually stand on his leg at all. Tonight was marginally better and he did make it downstairs. If I do get to go on this holiday I will feel very, very grateful. 

So back to the Olympics. Whilst it has put a stop to my exercising it has done what it says on the tin "Inspire a generation." My son is so keen to get to Herne Hill Velodrome where Bradley Wiggins started out. It would take about 35 mins to get there and they do do holiday clubs so I will take him  but I won't be able to do that on a regular basis as I have 2 other children. Having said that behind all these olympic atheletes are parents that drove and enabled their little ones to fulfil their full potential. I don't want to be a parent that can't be arsed and for my son to think what could have been. He's been reading his Tour De France book, Cycle weekly magazine and just wants to get out on his bike everyday.  I will definately accommodate him as best I can. I can go out with him of an evening, there is a very good massive flat circuit 15 minutes away and I will see if we can get a cycling after school club going.  Many children in this area just do not have the opportunity to go out on their bikes. Leafy surburbs it ain't.

So fingers crossed that my husband gains some sort of mobility in his leg, he can continue to work, I don't have to get back on the gravy train, we will get to go on holiday and everyone lives happily ever after!

Until next time.


  1. Don't beat yourself up about the lack of exercise, you'll make up for it when the time is right. Can't wait to see the boy in his first time trial!! And we're thinking of you and got everything crossed that the hubster recovers from this soon. I'm rather knackered as had a rough night too. Let's hope tonight is better for everyone. X

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