Monday, 13 August 2012

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Is what the Frenchies will be saying when I waltz onto the beach next week. Wouldn't that be fantastic?! The very fact I'm on a beach would be a remarkable achievement. Well let me up date you all, as I shall be going off into the blog wilderness this week and not be returning until September. Normal ranting service will be resumed I promise. My mojo has returned and I have thought of many things to blog about but events have just taken over.

So, the husband had his MRI on Friday the results showed that disc 2 had bulged and released that gel type stuff which is touching the nerve down the spinal column which is giving him all the pain in the pelvic and thigh region.  They prescribed so many drugs - I mean he could set up a mini pharmacy if he wanted.  The one I'm a bit concerned with is called Gabapentin which is used to treat epilepsy and nerve pain. The list of side of effects ranked 1 in 10, 1 in 1,000  etc would be funny if they weren't bloody true! Risk of getting angry, dark suicidal thoughts (I think that was in the 1,000 group), dizziness (1 in 10), drowsy, out of it etc etc.  My husband is only taking this one as he hates popping lots of pills and his pain is under control now. He did make the comment that out of the two of us I'd be more likely to start getting angry if I were taking this drug - he is far more measured and calmer than me. Good job really.

When the doctor gave my husband the results he said they would put him down for physio and an appointment with the osteopath surgeon. You can get an injection in your back which carries risks or there is the option of an operation which he may have to have if there is a repeat performance. The mad young physio girl made him walk up stairs (with a crutch which he still has) and sit in a chair prior to his release. He went back home in an ambulance too and arrived back Friday 9.45pm. Shattered. He couldn't fault the care and attention he had but was tired from the lack of sleep from Tuesday onwards.

So today is Monday and its quite remarkable that he is up walking and exercising.  He is a tad concerned about how this will play out in future but for the moment we are preparing to go on holiday.  The sitting in the car will be the major concern, that and having to visit a French hospital with 3 kids in tow, trying to respond to a reasonable enough question of something along the lines  "what an earth possessed you to come on holiday?" I need to keep myself healthy too as we're already a "man down, man down!" then we really will be in a pickle if anything happens. So I'm preparing everything as if we are going and just see what happens Saturday. My husband is Scottish and says his natural Scottishness of not wanting to lose money is driving him on at the moment. He wouldn't be able to work in any event so if we can get down to France what better way to recuperate than a bit of sunshine.

I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics (we gave our wrestling tickets away to a friend that helps me out quite a bit - she took her son and they had a lovely time). Was a bit of a mish mash of music not sure Annie Lennox should have been on there and definitely not the choice of song. As for Liam.... I'm sure Noel was screaming and still is at the telly on that one. As my sister pointed out he sounded like he was doing a karaoke rendition of himself.

So what of the 1970's diet pray tell?  I have been unable to fit in my normal workouts although I have been out on the bike with my son - aching hips and all. Tonight it was windy and really started raining hard. My son didn't mind "these are the conditions of the Tour de France mum" he said excitedly. Great! I haven't weighed myself but feel I have put on and am probably in the high 12's. I am hoping to get out on the bike all this week and continue on holiday.  When its hot I do like to eat less so lets hope I lose weight on holiday. Given that I'll be doing all the lifting and shifting I think there is a good chance of this.

I will return and resume my diary, workout, ranting and the like in September. I hope you stick with my blog. I do so love all my regular people (you know who you are, in case you don't,  Carole, Rachel etc) and all the people that follow me. If you do get bored anytime there are loads of blog posts in my archive - many a rant to keep you occupied. 

I can't believe this blog will be a year old in October.  Until next time...until September I bid you farewell. I shall post a bikini pic. Yikes!

Be back soon.



  1. Have a super time in France. Hope the weather is kind to you. Great that they are getting on top of your other half's back.... hang on, didn't mean it to come out quite like that!

    Am suffering post Olympic blues today although the news overnight that we got another gold because the Belarussian shotputter was caught out drugging was a real boost.


    1. Its meant to be 28 next week and thanks re my husband. I read that about the shotputter - well done New Zealand. I loved their kit and the gold medal had to go to Russia what were they thinking in that get up - 80's or what?! x

  2. Enjoy! That promise of a photo of you in a bikini is keeping me going.

    1. oh good god - I've already tried it on and its hideous! Oh well I look worse in a one piece xx

  3. Have a brilliant holiday. Hope M is fit and able to enjoy himself and the side effects are kept to a minimum. Go wow those French with your fab body x

    1. Thank you my dear -steady there on the fab bod! But thanks x