Monday, 13 August 2012

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Is what the Frenchies will be saying when I waltz onto the beach next week. Wouldn't that be fantastic?! The very fact I'm on a beach would be a remarkable achievement. Well let me up date you all, as I shall be going off into the blog wilderness this week and not be returning until September. Normal ranting service will be resumed I promise. My mojo has returned and I have thought of many things to blog about but events have just taken over.

So, the husband had his MRI on Friday the results showed that disc 2 had bulged and released that gel type stuff which is touching the nerve down the spinal column which is giving him all the pain in the pelvic and thigh region.  They prescribed so many drugs - I mean he could set up a mini pharmacy if he wanted.  The one I'm a bit concerned with is called Gabapentin which is used to treat epilepsy and nerve pain. The list of side of effects ranked 1 in 10, 1 in 1,000  etc would be funny if they weren't bloody true! Risk of getting angry, dark suicidal thoughts (I think that was in the 1,000 group), dizziness (1 in 10), drowsy, out of it etc etc.  My husband is only taking this one as he hates popping lots of pills and his pain is under control now. He did make the comment that out of the two of us I'd be more likely to start getting angry if I were taking this drug - he is far more measured and calmer than me. Good job really.

When the doctor gave my husband the results he said they would put him down for physio and an appointment with the osteopath surgeon. You can get an injection in your back which carries risks or there is the option of an operation which he may have to have if there is a repeat performance. The mad young physio girl made him walk up stairs (with a crutch which he still has) and sit in a chair prior to his release. He went back home in an ambulance too and arrived back Friday 9.45pm. Shattered. He couldn't fault the care and attention he had but was tired from the lack of sleep from Tuesday onwards.

So today is Monday and its quite remarkable that he is up walking and exercising.  He is a tad concerned about how this will play out in future but for the moment we are preparing to go on holiday.  The sitting in the car will be the major concern, that and having to visit a French hospital with 3 kids in tow, trying to respond to a reasonable enough question of something along the lines  "what an earth possessed you to come on holiday?" I need to keep myself healthy too as we're already a "man down, man down!" then we really will be in a pickle if anything happens. So I'm preparing everything as if we are going and just see what happens Saturday. My husband is Scottish and says his natural Scottishness of not wanting to lose money is driving him on at the moment. He wouldn't be able to work in any event so if we can get down to France what better way to recuperate than a bit of sunshine.

I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics (we gave our wrestling tickets away to a friend that helps me out quite a bit - she took her son and they had a lovely time). Was a bit of a mish mash of music not sure Annie Lennox should have been on there and definitely not the choice of song. As for Liam.... I'm sure Noel was screaming and still is at the telly on that one. As my sister pointed out he sounded like he was doing a karaoke rendition of himself.

So what of the 1970's diet pray tell?  I have been unable to fit in my normal workouts although I have been out on the bike with my son - aching hips and all. Tonight it was windy and really started raining hard. My son didn't mind "these are the conditions of the Tour de France mum" he said excitedly. Great! I haven't weighed myself but feel I have put on and am probably in the high 12's. I am hoping to get out on the bike all this week and continue on holiday.  When its hot I do like to eat less so lets hope I lose weight on holiday. Given that I'll be doing all the lifting and shifting I think there is a good chance of this.

I will return and resume my diary, workout, ranting and the like in September. I hope you stick with my blog. I do so love all my regular people (you know who you are, in case you don't,  Carole, Rachel etc) and all the people that follow me. If you do get bored anytime there are loads of blog posts in my archive - many a rant to keep you occupied. 

I can't believe this blog will be a year old in October.  Until next time...until September I bid you farewell. I shall post a bikini pic. Yikes!

Be back soon.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Cancelled Olympics

Is how I'll remember these Summer holidays I think.  Yesterday it was the farm, today it was the dentist and Saturday it will be our Olympic Wrestling tickets.  Following on from that it will be our  holiday on Saturday to France. 

The Olympics have been bitter sweet in that I've enjoyed watching them to a degree and celebrating our greatest haul ever but sad that my husband wasn't able to enjoy it as well.

So why all the doom and gloom? Well yesterday the pain in my husband's thigh was getting no better (see previous post) he was still unable to stand up without collapsing back down in agony.  I had already phoned the doctor on Monday and he said he would come out the next day - yesterday.  So I cancelled the farm and my friend brought her kids around to play.  The doctor was puzzled as to why the leg wasn't black and blue if the main muscle had torn or why there wasn't any signs of swelling. Given that the 'heavy duty' painkillers weren't doing anything he arranged the orthopaedic team to see my husband that day via A&E. Great. But how to get there?  An ambulance was arranged and came within the hour and took him to our local hospital - notorious for its not so good reputation but I have always found them to cope exceedingly well under the amount of pressure they are under. 

My mum and dad came up to stay and look after the kids. I followed after him an hour later.  He had already had an x-ray so I was impressed. Cue much waiting and my husband in agony - tears rolling down his face with the pain. My husband is old school - he doesn't do crying or going to the doctors. I knew it was bad. The nurse wanted to start him off on paracetamol - erm NO morphine if you please. The orthopaedic guy (in fancy suit and tie looking fresh faced) came prodding and poking. The husband could barely describe what had happened but managed somehow. There's nothing quite as bad as seeing the person you love in agony - well maybe being the person in agony but you know what I mean. Once the morphine kicked in the pain was under control.  I left at 10.00 pm and he was put on a ward at 2.30 am. I cried when I got home and a little prior to leaving. The stress had just been brewing for a week or so.

Watching in a cubicle in A&E is like watching a stressful television programme that has no ending. It is surprisngly addictive viewing.  People coming and going, moved into cubicles, out of cubicles, moving up the system, remaining stagnant in the system, drunks singing and then pissing themselves, abusive people being ejected, worried relatives, waiting, waiting and waiting. Just waiting. I have to say the nurse in charge (and the one that took over) had everything under control - a controlled chaos. They really do care and try and do the best they can.

So today the doctor came around and they are still puzzled. They did say he may have ripped a bone away from the bone?! Ekk. They won't know until they have done an MRI scan of all suspected areas - back, pelvis, hip joint and thigh. They are also putting the wheels in motion for physio. But he wasn't seen today and I'm hoping he gets the MRI done tomorrow.  He is getting well cared for - the nurses are lovely, he's in a quiet ward and his pain is under control.

I did get out on a bike ride with my son today but I did eat a packet of Frazzles. What can I say?! My last attack was in February. I did enjoy them I must say although feel a bit sick now.

Anyhow, time for more Olympic watching - my cancelled Olympics. To be honest I don't care about all the cancelled stuff. It is only stuff after all. What matters is family, friends and the ones you love most and I'll have that over stuff any day.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Olympics will make you fat!

Well it will if you're anything like me. I've been glued to the telly since the start of the games. I am loving it, merrily watching the main action on BBC1 and then flicking over to the specific sports on the other BBC channels. Some said we wouldn't be bothered - generally by people who don't even live in this country - how little faith they have in the British public. We cannot get enough of it.

My eldest son is also addicted, my daughter has been happy drawing and buddy..well buddy just pleases himself with toys etc.  Don't get me wrong I've still managed to look after the hubster who is still bed bound, take the kids out (today was 2 mile bike/scooter ride on flat terrain) and keep the house ticking over. This is in between watching the Olympic action. I am currently watching the 400 metre semi-final as I type whilst sitting in my work out gear. But I have not exercised at all! The irony has not been lost on me let me tell you. I don't count going out with the kids as proper exercise.  Its moderate and isn't enough to get your heart rate going.

So its official I have a big fat gold medal in doing the least amount of exercise I have done for a very long time.  All this telly and checking facebook/twitter has made me feel a bit yuck and I find it difficult to sleep. Proof if ever that good old fashioned fresh air and exercise is good for your well being.  Talking of which I read an article about a treatment called Water Shiatsu where you get pulled around in the water which can help with coccyx pain. As you know I don't really have much time for herbal shit and poncey remedies but it just so happens they do it at Spas so I will just have to give it a go!

So I feel fatter now than I have in a long while. I stopped picking in the evenings on Friday (!) following on from my husbands immobility. Eveythings been a bit out of sorts so I won't be weighing in tomorrow. I'm probably the same and I just have more important things to take care of.  I could have cancelled the holiday by 8pm on Saturday which I was very close to doing. Had I done that we would have got back 50% of the total holiday balance. My husband took the view that we would still be £400.00 down from the outstanding balance paid 5 weeks ago so we decided not to cancel. Work that logic out if you can. I suppose if we had cancelled then there's no chance of going away but at the moment there is still hope even though he can't actually stand on his leg at all. Tonight was marginally better and he did make it downstairs. If I do get to go on this holiday I will feel very, very grateful. 

So back to the Olympics. Whilst it has put a stop to my exercising it has done what it says on the tin "Inspire a generation." My son is so keen to get to Herne Hill Velodrome where Bradley Wiggins started out. It would take about 35 mins to get there and they do do holiday clubs so I will take him  but I won't be able to do that on a regular basis as I have 2 other children. Having said that behind all these olympic atheletes are parents that drove and enabled their little ones to fulfil their full potential. I don't want to be a parent that can't be arsed and for my son to think what could have been. He's been reading his Tour De France book, Cycle weekly magazine and just wants to get out on his bike everyday.  I will definately accommodate him as best I can. I can go out with him of an evening, there is a very good massive flat circuit 15 minutes away and I will see if we can get a cycling after school club going.  Many children in this area just do not have the opportunity to go out on their bikes. Leafy surburbs it ain't.

So fingers crossed that my husband gains some sort of mobility in his leg, he can continue to work, I don't have to get back on the gravy train, we will get to go on holiday and everyone lives happily ever after!

Until next time.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Excel-lent day out! London 2012

See what I did there. I should work for some a national rag don't you think? We had a marvellous day out yesterday - first at the Excel to witness the Women's Weightlifting then over to the Olympic Park. 

Firstly I should say it wasn't easy getting tickets for any event - let me tell you. We first applied at the start of the year and failed to get anything. We tried in the second round of tickets - failed. We were then allowed to apply again because we had failed on two occasions.  On that fateful day I clicked every event getting so carried away at one point it was checking availability for 4 tickets (that's the max you can have) with a grand total of £1,200.  I did phone the hubster and said "is this excessive - you did say it was once in a lifetime?" You can guess his response. In any event all priced tickets were sold out.  I did lose the will to live at several points during the day and thought this is ridiculous sod the Olympics! They can poke their tickets.  Then my husband tried later on in the evening and secured Women's Weightlifting with medals ceremony. My face was a picture - it wasn't exactly what I had in mind but beggars can't be choosers.  So the next day you could try again and I secured the Wrestling (again you are just so grateful to get anything at this point) and Olympic Park tickets. They were £30 for the 4 of us just to wander around the park not to enter any of the venues.  Throw a dog a bone why don't you. 

But now the time has come and I'm so glad we persevered as we really would have regretted it and the kids wouldn't have experienced something very special. I have to say I didn't quite expect them to enjoy the journey so much. We got a bus, train, tube and then the Dockland Light Railway. It took one hour door to door. Everything was sign posted well, there was no over crowding (well nothing like I used to experience commuting to Canary Wharf on a daily basis) and there seemed to be more  'games makers' aka the volunteers then spectators. They were so helpful and American in their dealings - something us Brits don't feel comfortable doing i.e "are you having fun?" "what did you see today?" If you weren't going to have fun then these guys would make you. My son pointed out that "those people keep talking to us don't they?"

The security checks were pretty painless. You had to leave all drink bottles (or 100ml of liquid was allowed in) and belts off (another reminder of why we don't do flying) but that was it and away we went. We even managed to take in the kids snacks. Within the Excel there are plenty of food outlets and oh my goodness Coca Cola vending machines a plenty - no seats though in those sections. 

So we came to see the weightlifting  - these girls were tiny in height I think below 5ft and were lifting well over their own body weight.  The girl from  Kazakhstan won and beat the world record. The music was loud and funky which my daughter didn't enjoy too much and the medal ceremony was straight after. The whole crowd were cheering for her - it was a wonderful atmosphere not partisan at all. Well given that there were no competitors from GB it wasn't hard but I think the crowds have been very sporting in every event.

My husband managed through the pain of what we think is a torn thigh muscle - it went pop on Monday and he had to close a job up and spend most of the day in bed. At 3 am he was awake with the pain and it was looking like I would have to take the kids on my own. He took lots of drugs and we left at 1pm (having dropped buddy off to a friend).  The pain is worse when sitting - he is currently in bed and has been all day long. He has now got a date for his MRI (14 August) but he will more than likely be off work all this month. Not great when you're self-employed and its still touch and go whether or not we'll be able to go on holiday to France. I know he'd like me to take the kids but taking 3 children on holiday on your own with a 400 mile drive ain't no holiday!

I can't think who would want to join me on holiday with my children? My children aren't a handful but it still isn't a typical holiday for someone.  Most with children would want to go on holiday a) with their children b) without their children and c) not with someone elses! The people sans children would probably view a holiday with 3 children as hellish. So if anyone has any ideas let me know.

As ever I digress.  After the ceremony we exited via a nice beachy set up - across a make shift bridge with a view of the new cable cars, canary wharf and general London loveliness. It had a wonderful holiday atmosphere with beach shingle and big Olympic screens with stall holders and a funky ice-cream van which did not escape the kids notice (2 x chocolate cones with flake if you please). We strolled back to the DLR and set off for the Olympic park. We could visit between 4pm-9pm and got there about 6.15pm. Its HUGE. We went left towards the aquatic centre but probably should have gone right as that's where all the stadiums are. To give you an idea it tells you you have a 20/30 minute walk to the velodrome.  The planting out was very nice and you could walk along the river - the promenades are so huge you never feel hemmed in. Again it was a holiday atmosphere and we entered the official London 2012 shop - we raised our hands in the air and said take all our money.  We purchased 2 of those funny looking mascots (10 inches high) one in gold with Olympic bangles, one in the union colours, the lion, a T-shirt with the cycling logo and a mug = £87.00.  Prior to that the kids didn't want fish n chips but McDonald's - their meal cost £4 odd and ours £22 - but what the heck you can't put a price on a day out like we had.

Nice planting out - you can walk along the riverbank here

Tired and weary legged we headed home to another smooth journey and back by 10pm with buddy collected.
Team GB apartments
The Velodrome
To top it all, Bradley Wiggins my sporting hero, won the gold medal today. A fantastic achievement following his Tour De France success. He seems very humbled by the whole experience and my son is itching to get back on his bike. I really need to do this tomorrow with him as all this Olympic watching is no good for any weight loss.

My son's t-shirt which arrived today