Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Hips Don't Lie

No they don't and they are aching a little. You see I have been out on my bike recently with my son.  He has really got into cycling in a big way after watching the Tour de France and our Olympic hopefuls in the cycling (shame about the men's road race but excellent Silver medal in the women's). He has a new, more grown up cycling hat and the Spiderman themed one has been banished to the shed ready for buddy to wear. I still can't get my 6 year old daughter to have any interest in cycling whatsoever. I need to rectify this very soon. I can't have her not being able to ride a bicycle at age 6 for goodness sake. There's a lovely shiny purple bike in Halfords with her name written all over it.

So, like I said, for a good portion of last week and early this week I have been out cycling for 45 minutes with my son in the evening. He said its his favourite part of the day. At first I was free wheeling behind him on the cycle paths but as time has gone on I am now at full pelt in the highest gear. We have also done a bit on the road and it is imperative that we include some hills (not hard to do as we live in a hilly area) as he "doesn't want to be like Mark Cavendish" i.e roll in just within the elimination time out of the alps. He aspires to be like Bradley Wiggins - an all rounder.

Naturally I am encouraging all of this as it keeps him active and healthy and there's nothing wrong in believing you could be the next Tour de France winner when you're 8 years old.  I also benefit by getting an additional amount of exercise which can only be a good thing for my weight loss.

My husband ordered one of those bike rack things that go on your car so we can continue our cycling in France on our jollies.

I did nearly make the local paper when I failed to look both ways when a tram and the drivers bell caught my eye the other night. My son was safely clear and I have to say I still have a bit of peddle power - good job really. How embarrassing - killed by a tram! We did have a discussion about what if and "how would I have got home had you been killed?" I told my son that the police would have taken him home and informed daddy that his wife had been killed by a tram to which we both laughed.  I also pointed out that out of the two of us I'd always want to be the chosen one "that's because you're older isn't it?" "Yes and I've had a good 38 years and you're only 8 and we did have a nice ride prior to my untimely death." We both laughed and set off back up the hill home. 

That being said I don't have the body of an 8 year old but a 38 year old and after our stage rides my hips do ache a bit. I am thankful though that I can actually ride a bike again. After I had buddy (my 3rd c-section) and maybe during (I think looking back)I have pain in the coccyx region i.e the centre of my bum when I get up from a sitting position. It has improved marginally but ultimately if I sit on the sofa I have to sit side legged which after a while hurts my hips. I find hard seats unbearable to get up from and I even have a special chair (Ikea) for sitting on in the evenings. I don't generally sit down during the day so evenings and car journeys are the most uncomfortable.  I have had MRI scans, osteopaths etc - my back is fine, it may be nerve damage it may not. The last person I went to said she thought it was my c-section scar tissue tugging at the coccyx but I'm not so sure. I have little time for osteopaths and the like now.  They don't cure you. They do provide you with comfort I suppose - just to have a person that sympathises with your pain is nice but at £40 a pop it is expensive tea and sympathy. I feel it could take years for me to sit without pain or it may never I don't know. I digress.

I was glad of my 'rest day' on Thursday as the kids (buddy remained) went to my parents who then took them away to the seaside in the their caravan. They return tomorrow. It has been very strange,nice but quiet without them. I have managed to get stuff sorted, boxed, ordered photo's, workout, meal out with the hubster (his present finally arrived on Saturday) and generally did all those things that you never have time for. I'm not being smug here - no, I am. I've always thought one child is a piece of piss to look after and thankfully I did realise this when I had my first. It was like old times. 

I have debated this week whether or not to have a blog suspension for the month of August. This is because we are away for 2 weeks, my mojo has gone a bit, we are at the Olympics (in addition to my being glued to the telly) on Tuesday and then again in August, the kids are off and it has been a bit sunny. In addition I do appear to be rant free. My sister said "well it won't take me long not to check your blog and how long does a post take for goodness sake?" So  I will continue as best I can and certainly will be doing my weigh in - good or bad. I haven't been writing my food diary or even keeping up with my exercise log since the kids have been off.

Be back tomorrow for my weigh in. Night all.


  1. Don't stop, we're all slowing down over the summer. Just write when you can and when you've got something to say. Good luck for the weigh-in today.

    1. Yes I suppose all bloggers are doing the same would be a bit strange not to write anything for a month xx