Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Sorry guys its a stay the same.  Worked out 4 x this week and also had some evening bike rides with my son on the back of the wonderful Tour De France. How exciting was that yesterday? So proud of all the British riders and what an achievement by Bradley Wiggins. He seems like such a humble bloke too - very mature for his age. I was sure he was older than 32. My son loved the tour and I would much prefer him to look up to a cyclist than to a footballer any old day. 

The Tour de France Cake I made for my friend's husbands 40th
So not only have I been watching the Tour and trying to fit in workouts but I have also been baking. I made the teachers cupcakes and then I had my BF's husbands 40th birthday cake to make on Friday. Yes the same Friday that the kids were officially off on their jollies. They broke up from school on Thursday.  So a LOT of cake.

On Sunday I took my first and second born down to the 40th party. The hubster remained with youngest as his leg is still bad from all his back trouble. We didn't want to risk the car journey - he is in pain when sitting and has taken over my sitting chair. I will blog about my sitting pain at some point - been meaning to do it for ages. Essentially I have pain from getting up from a sitting position since buddy was born 2 years ago.
Bradley Wiggins celebrating his massive achievement - picturs FB tour de France page

To top off my lack of weight loss and general mojo loss my husband lost 6lbs in 2 weeks as he has decided to lose a stone prior to our holiday. This will help his back and just so typical of a bloke he will achieve this as that's what blokes do. They say they'll lose weight and that's what happens. 

I will lose next week. I am sure I'll lose by tomorrow as the Sunday party food is still in my belly. Off for a mini mini tour on the bike later with my son this can only be a good thing for my weight loss.

Until next week......

Teacher cupcakes - lemon sponge with buttercream and lemon meringue sprinkles

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