Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Out gaining weight but all in a good cause! With Cath who's rocking her hair piece!
+2lbs. A gain. I worked out twice last week and not for very long. The school week was full on and I had a day off Saturday. I left the house at 11.00 am and didn't return till 11.00 am the following morning. I made my way to a shopping centre which is about 20 minutes from where my cousin lives. It was great to shop without being on a state of high alert i.e with buggy and buddy boo boo. The latest add on to his name that isn't his name courtesy of my daughter.

I don't actually like shopping that much if truth be told. I do most of it on-line but once in a while I do enjoy just having a mosey and its the most enjoyable when you don't actually need to buy anything. I did buy some stuff though including some shorts which will look like hot pants if I don't get my mojo back and quick. My husband has decided to lose a stone to help his back - he's not really overweight and looks fit - so this will be an added bonus and will keep me focused.

I got to my cousins in the afternoon and we chatted and ate cream cake with cups of tea! It was a miserable day weather wise. We then got changed and drove to Cath's where we were staying the night. 

Then out with some of the Race for Life team - we raised just under £3,000 and celebrated by necking back wine and eating fabulous French food. I had a bottle of rose by all accounts - this is a major binge for me as I normally have a tiny glass once a week. So its the most I've drunk in years.  I had calamari to start and a fabulous fish pie for main.  My cousin and I were very drunk and leary - what can I say I don't get out often!

Happy days!
Me and my cousin

After this we headed to a cocktail bar where most of the people in there looked like they'd just completed their GCSE's. There were a few oldies and when I sat down one tried to chat me up. Still got it. Still got it. Now the last time I bought a round in a pub I'm pretty sure I would have got change from a tenner.  It was £12 for 2 glasses of wine - just goes to show how long its been since I've been at the bar. Normally the husband is the drink fetcher. Then I thought (as I normally do when my teeth go numb, start laughing at my own jokes and get louder) lets have a cocktail. I opted for my favourite, a mojito, free of charge courtesy of my cousin knowing the young chap behind the bar. So pretty, pretty, pretty merry at this point.

Our taxi wasn't there when we exited the cocktail bar but a night bus pulled up so we clambered on board. At this point myself and the cousin were very loud and decided it was a good idea to chant "getting off, getting off, getting off" to anyone that pushed the button. Not content with that we sang "another bites the dust, another bites the dust" whilst waving at the bemused passenger. They all enjoyed it though and it was a jolly bus ride alright. So much so the driver tooted us when we departed. I'm not sure I could have got away with this carry on in my home town - would probably been stabbed or something but this was the leafy well to do surburbs my friends.

So what of this week.  I have teacher cakes to make on Wednesday, schools out for summer on Thursday and Friday I have a very special 40th birthday cake to make. I will post pictures later.

Until next time...


  1. Lovely post, you look so happy in the photos. Did you have a really sore head in the morning?

    1. Hi Carole - I was - I had such a great night and couldn't stop laughing. Funnily enough I wasn't too bad and I managed to get a good night's sleep. xx

  2. I bought the 'birthday girl' and my sister and I a drink last week and it was £17. AND I said keep the change to the rubbish barmaid. Alcohol loosens my purse strings. Also I'm not a fan of shopping. Don't get me wrong, I like having enough to know I can buy something if I like it on my travels, but the more I acquire, the more expensive the things I see get. Ipads, kindles, dongles, dslrs. I am pricing myself out of happiness.

  3. crikey! what's a dongle??!! Well you do know shopping, twitter, blogging, facebook etc are just tools in which the establishment encourage - keeps as from questionning the real deal and stops the revolution! x