Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Phew it nearly was Tuesday weigh in with the day I've had. Well last night (Sunday) I was the same but I never got a chance to weigh myself today and I'm not doing it now as it'll probably be higher. So I will take yesterday's reading which was 0 lb.

I worked out 3 x last week. I love the Your Shape game I don't know if I've already said that but I'll say it again - its fantastic. The boot camp is brutal and I can pick and choose workouts. On Saturday I did the warm up, two of the boot camp routines and two of the ab routines - about 40 minutes in total. I would have liked to have worked out more I'm sure there was a time when I was working out 4/5 x a week but recently that's the best I can make time for.  I really have noticed a difference in my legs but its my tummy that needs to go.

So why no weight loss? Well as anyone that has followed this blog knows, asides from when I was getting about 3 hours sleep a night, I have discovered that the biggest reason for me not losing weight in the week is stressy worry - its the only way I can describe it. I don't outwardly appear to be stressed or indeed feel it but I do worry.

My husband put his back out again last week. He does a very physical job and had been ripping out concrete on Monday. I have told him to get the younger chap who works with him to do it but he likes to lead by example.  You may remember the very reason I started this blog back in October was when I put on 5lbs when he put it out good and proper and an ambulance was called. Since that time we've had about 3 more episodes whereby he has had to take a week off work. This isn't ideal as he's self-employed.  Anyhow, I took my daughter to a party yesterday and the husband lay flat on the sofa all day long.

So Thursday evening I had some Twiglets (a bit better than my normal Frazzle tipple - which I haven't touched since February) and over the weekend I had a cookie and a few Celebrations. Nothing major, major but enough to prevent me losing weight this week.

This morning he tried to go into work but the pain is now down the front of his thigh - nerve damage. I was surprised when he requested a doctors appointment. Normally he just dismisses talk of the doctor.  I told him to insist on an MRI scan and eye ball the doctor until he agreed. The doctor did try and pull the physio number on him but my husband did as he was told and held out until they said they would arrange an MRI scan. It could be an 8 week wait but at least he's in the system.

He had a disc removed in his twenties and we think its been pushed out and touching the nerves. On top of this my son decided to walk home from school on his own today.  His after school club had been cancelled but I didn't see the text. So I collected my daughter and we were taking our shoes off when there's a knock on the door - my son's face is peering through the window!

He saw that the club was cancelled and thought he'd catch me up - luckily our house is only a 3/4 minute walk away and whilst there is a very busy road to cross he is well able to wait for the green man. Still, it was more the thought of him being snatched  - he did say he ran and whilst he was pleased with himself he was also a bit teary.

So on a positive note I haven't sat here eating whilst the hubster is in pain upstairs. That's progress for you.  Hopefully his pain may be less tomorrow although non of the pain killers have worked thus far.

Wish me a productive and worry free week! Until next time...

p.s my spell check doesn't work on blogger - any ideas as to why not?


  1. Natasha, hope your husband's back improves soon. Not sure why spell checker doesn't work - I do my posts in a word document and then paste it in to Blogger so it isn't a problem for me.

    Have a better day.

    1. Me too! The pain eased a bit last night but when he got up just now he came back. Good job its raining all this week as he wouldn't have been able to work out in it any way. I had to put the bins out and everything! I will try the writing it in a word doc - thanks for the tip x

  2. I may have lost 100g if I'm lucky this week. I'll let you know tomorrow. Ho hum, another week stretches before us. Good luck!

    1. good luck for today's weight in. As Carole once said not putting on weight can be an achievement some weeks. Just carry as you were it will come off x