Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

This is so late. That's what you get when the Olympics are on so I'll keep it short and sweet. 1lb off. I'll take that. Reckon it should be more next week as will be out on the bike with my son this week.

We are off to the Olympics tomorrow! Really looking forward to it - weightlifting then the Olympic Park which believe it or not you had to buy tickets just to have a wander around with no entry into any of the venues.  Buddy is being looked after by a friend (you could only purchase 4 tickets in any event) so hopefully the other two will enjoy the whole Olympic atmosphere.

Right off to watch some more Olympics.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Hips Don't Lie

No they don't and they are aching a little. You see I have been out on my bike recently with my son.  He has really got into cycling in a big way after watching the Tour de France and our Olympic hopefuls in the cycling (shame about the men's road race but excellent Silver medal in the women's). He has a new, more grown up cycling hat and the Spiderman themed one has been banished to the shed ready for buddy to wear. I still can't get my 6 year old daughter to have any interest in cycling whatsoever. I need to rectify this very soon. I can't have her not being able to ride a bicycle at age 6 for goodness sake. There's a lovely shiny purple bike in Halfords with her name written all over it.

So, like I said, for a good portion of last week and early this week I have been out cycling for 45 minutes with my son in the evening. He said its his favourite part of the day. At first I was free wheeling behind him on the cycle paths but as time has gone on I am now at full pelt in the highest gear. We have also done a bit on the road and it is imperative that we include some hills (not hard to do as we live in a hilly area) as he "doesn't want to be like Mark Cavendish" i.e roll in just within the elimination time out of the alps. He aspires to be like Bradley Wiggins - an all rounder.

Naturally I am encouraging all of this as it keeps him active and healthy and there's nothing wrong in believing you could be the next Tour de France winner when you're 8 years old.  I also benefit by getting an additional amount of exercise which can only be a good thing for my weight loss.

My husband ordered one of those bike rack things that go on your car so we can continue our cycling in France on our jollies.

I did nearly make the local paper when I failed to look both ways when a tram and the drivers bell caught my eye the other night. My son was safely clear and I have to say I still have a bit of peddle power - good job really. How embarrassing - killed by a tram! We did have a discussion about what if and "how would I have got home had you been killed?" I told my son that the police would have taken him home and informed daddy that his wife had been killed by a tram to which we both laughed.  I also pointed out that out of the two of us I'd always want to be the chosen one "that's because you're older isn't it?" "Yes and I've had a good 38 years and you're only 8 and we did have a nice ride prior to my untimely death." We both laughed and set off back up the hill home. 

That being said I don't have the body of an 8 year old but a 38 year old and after our stage rides my hips do ache a bit. I am thankful though that I can actually ride a bike again. After I had buddy (my 3rd c-section) and maybe during (I think looking back)I have pain in the coccyx region i.e the centre of my bum when I get up from a sitting position. It has improved marginally but ultimately if I sit on the sofa I have to sit side legged which after a while hurts my hips. I find hard seats unbearable to get up from and I even have a special chair (Ikea) for sitting on in the evenings. I don't generally sit down during the day so evenings and car journeys are the most uncomfortable.  I have had MRI scans, osteopaths etc - my back is fine, it may be nerve damage it may not. The last person I went to said she thought it was my c-section scar tissue tugging at the coccyx but I'm not so sure. I have little time for osteopaths and the like now.  They don't cure you. They do provide you with comfort I suppose - just to have a person that sympathises with your pain is nice but at £40 a pop it is expensive tea and sympathy. I feel it could take years for me to sit without pain or it may never I don't know. I digress.

I was glad of my 'rest day' on Thursday as the kids (buddy remained) went to my parents who then took them away to the seaside in the their caravan. They return tomorrow. It has been very strange,nice but quiet without them. I have managed to get stuff sorted, boxed, ordered photo's, workout, meal out with the hubster (his present finally arrived on Saturday) and generally did all those things that you never have time for. I'm not being smug here - no, I am. I've always thought one child is a piece of piss to look after and thankfully I did realise this when I had my first. It was like old times. 

I have debated this week whether or not to have a blog suspension for the month of August. This is because we are away for 2 weeks, my mojo has gone a bit, we are at the Olympics (in addition to my being glued to the telly) on Tuesday and then again in August, the kids are off and it has been a bit sunny. In addition I do appear to be rant free. My sister said "well it won't take me long not to check your blog and how long does a post take for goodness sake?" So  I will continue as best I can and certainly will be doing my weigh in - good or bad. I haven't been writing my food diary or even keeping up with my exercise log since the kids have been off.

Be back tomorrow for my weigh in. Night all.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary... us. Yes it was 3 years ago today we tied the knot. Only took him the best part of  9 years and 2 children. The hubster has one failed marriage behind him and 3 other children. Well I say children - 2 are adults now so you can understand his reluctance to do it a second time.  Call me old fashioned but I hated having a different surname to the rest of the family. Once when I was booking a flight with my eldest who was 6 months old at the time, after giving our names, the operator asked what my relationship was to the child. On another occasion I was at the local doctors where the receptionist couldn't quite grasp the concept of me collecting a prescription for myself and my daughter and the names being different. Oh the shame, the shame of it!! Then when school started I was being called all sorts of things - Ms (god I hate that term pick one its Miss or Mrs), Mrs followed by my maiden name and so on. Also did you know that when you aren't married you both have to trot down the registry office together? Great fun when you've just had a C-section. So it does make life a lot easier and if you don't have kids get married before you have them. Otherwise you have to think about babysitters for the honeymoon etc etc.  There is a reason why things are done in an orderly manner!

Loved up - hubster will not allow a picture of himself on the blog - he doesn't 'do' any social networking its for 'women'
But that asides we married because we love each other and still do. He is a wonderful father and a gem of a hubster so I'll keep him for a few more years yet.  He always gets me wonderful presents. His present from me is still en route crossing the Atlantic a fact which has not escaped his notice. I've had many a variation on the theme of "did you get a nice present because I didn't". The last one was him singing along to "I need a dollar" by Aloe Blacc and replacing it with "I need a present".  Yes this is being firmly placed in the marital ammunition folder.

Our wedding cake I made back in 2009
So its leather for 3 years. Oh er matron! And look what I got. I did showboat on facebook but omitted to mention the make as thought that would be a bit tacky as I'm not really into labels and shit like that but since you ask its Lulu Guinness.........It has leather handles. Its gorgeous. I love it!

The Bag!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Sorry guys its a stay the same.  Worked out 4 x this week and also had some evening bike rides with my son on the back of the wonderful Tour De France. How exciting was that yesterday? So proud of all the British riders and what an achievement by Bradley Wiggins. He seems like such a humble bloke too - very mature for his age. I was sure he was older than 32. My son loved the tour and I would much prefer him to look up to a cyclist than to a footballer any old day. 

The Tour de France Cake I made for my friend's husbands 40th
So not only have I been watching the Tour and trying to fit in workouts but I have also been baking. I made the teachers cupcakes and then I had my BF's husbands 40th birthday cake to make on Friday. Yes the same Friday that the kids were officially off on their jollies. They broke up from school on Thursday.  So a LOT of cake.

On Sunday I took my first and second born down to the 40th party. The hubster remained with youngest as his leg is still bad from all his back trouble. We didn't want to risk the car journey - he is in pain when sitting and has taken over my sitting chair. I will blog about my sitting pain at some point - been meaning to do it for ages. Essentially I have pain from getting up from a sitting position since buddy was born 2 years ago.
Bradley Wiggins celebrating his massive achievement - picturs FB tour de France page

To top off my lack of weight loss and general mojo loss my husband lost 6lbs in 2 weeks as he has decided to lose a stone prior to our holiday. This will help his back and just so typical of a bloke he will achieve this as that's what blokes do. They say they'll lose weight and that's what happens. 

I will lose next week. I am sure I'll lose by tomorrow as the Sunday party food is still in my belly. Off for a mini mini tour on the bike later with my son this can only be a good thing for my weight loss.

Until next week......

Teacher cupcakes - lemon sponge with buttercream and lemon meringue sprinkles

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Out gaining weight but all in a good cause! With Cath who's rocking her hair piece!
+2lbs. A gain. I worked out twice last week and not for very long. The school week was full on and I had a day off Saturday. I left the house at 11.00 am and didn't return till 11.00 am the following morning. I made my way to a shopping centre which is about 20 minutes from where my cousin lives. It was great to shop without being on a state of high alert i.e with buggy and buddy boo boo. The latest add on to his name that isn't his name courtesy of my daughter.

I don't actually like shopping that much if truth be told. I do most of it on-line but once in a while I do enjoy just having a mosey and its the most enjoyable when you don't actually need to buy anything. I did buy some stuff though including some shorts which will look like hot pants if I don't get my mojo back and quick. My husband has decided to lose a stone to help his back - he's not really overweight and looks fit - so this will be an added bonus and will keep me focused.

I got to my cousins in the afternoon and we chatted and ate cream cake with cups of tea! It was a miserable day weather wise. We then got changed and drove to Cath's where we were staying the night. 

Then out with some of the Race for Life team - we raised just under £3,000 and celebrated by necking back wine and eating fabulous French food. I had a bottle of rose by all accounts - this is a major binge for me as I normally have a tiny glass once a week. So its the most I've drunk in years.  I had calamari to start and a fabulous fish pie for main.  My cousin and I were very drunk and leary - what can I say I don't get out often!

Happy days!
Me and my cousin

After this we headed to a cocktail bar where most of the people in there looked like they'd just completed their GCSE's. There were a few oldies and when I sat down one tried to chat me up. Still got it. Still got it. Now the last time I bought a round in a pub I'm pretty sure I would have got change from a tenner.  It was £12 for 2 glasses of wine - just goes to show how long its been since I've been at the bar. Normally the husband is the drink fetcher. Then I thought (as I normally do when my teeth go numb, start laughing at my own jokes and get louder) lets have a cocktail. I opted for my favourite, a mojito, free of charge courtesy of my cousin knowing the young chap behind the bar. So pretty, pretty, pretty merry at this point.

Our taxi wasn't there when we exited the cocktail bar but a night bus pulled up so we clambered on board. At this point myself and the cousin were very loud and decided it was a good idea to chant "getting off, getting off, getting off" to anyone that pushed the button. Not content with that we sang "another bites the dust, another bites the dust" whilst waving at the bemused passenger. They all enjoyed it though and it was a jolly bus ride alright. So much so the driver tooted us when we departed. I'm not sure I could have got away with this carry on in my home town - would probably been stabbed or something but this was the leafy well to do surburbs my friends.

So what of this week.  I have teacher cakes to make on Wednesday, schools out for summer on Thursday and Friday I have a very special 40th birthday cake to make. I will post pictures later.

Until next time...

Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Well, well, well it looks like I have returned to October 2011 when I started this blog. By that I mean maintaining my weight by exercising and not watching what I'm eating.  I am the same weight as last week. I'm pretty good at this maintaining malarkey aren't I?

I had a shit week last week. Husband did get better by Thursday and gingerly went into work on the Friday. I did stay away from eating anything Frazzle related but on Saturday and Sunday celebrated his return to the family fold by eating quite a few hero chocolates. He keeps doing that, coming back from the paper shop, not only with the papers but with a box of Hero's. I think its this weather. If he could he'd try and get away with that SAD syndrome - you know that seasonal disorder bollocks. I tell him to man up and he's not aloud to be depressed due to the weather. In fact in this household you're allowed about 2 days to be 'depressed' and then you are promptly told to snap out of it. It works for us.

So exercise wise I, yet again, completed 3 gruelling workouts. My legs have definitely reduced. I appear to be visibly (well to me) less wider and my jeans hang a bit better. I ordered a pair of linen (every fat women's friend) navy shorts from Next in size 16 - they do up and don't look half bad. I still have just over a month for them to look a quarter bad. Last year I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have got over my thigh let alone my big butt.

Saturday I did the boot camp work out on Your Shape - my face was so red it was about to self destruct.  And just when I thought I was going to write a blog post along  the lines of "I can do light and fluffy don't you know" then a campaign starts at the school.

I will write a piece about this later and it won't be light and fluffy and I soooo wanted to dip my toe out of my natural rant status.  Essentially the school board of governors agreed to a 'bulge' classroom in January 2013 and they want to be a 2 form entry. For those of you who haven't a clue what that means - at the moment you have one class of 30 children enter the school. They want to change that to 60 children every year doubling the size of the school.

Today I woke with the worst headache imaginable. Remember the New Year's Day type headaches pre-children? Yes that. I don't think it was all the school crap and husband's injury - I think it was the handfuls of chocolates I had at the weekend, the too big homemade pizza I made and the large portion of spag bol I ate. That will teach me won't it.

Oh another tip - if I haven't lost your dieting respect - is plan to workout 5 times a week. I always plan to do this. It never happens. But it does mean you manage to work out 3 times a week at the very least and that's still a good thing.

Until next week...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Modern Day Mother

The other day I got a tweeting with a fellow mum blogger about teenagers and children in general. I half joked and posed the question "what is the point of a teenager?" That's a tricky one. I don't quite know. To get from A to B with varying degrees of grief imposed on innocent parties that surround them? Yes this is the conclusion that I have come to.

Everyone has been a teenager and I am pretty sure we, at some stage, gave innocent members of society a hard time. Depending on what kind of teenager you were i.e rebel without a cause or rebel with a cause - the degree of hard time you dished out to others would vary.  They way you behave as a teenager is accepted because "you're a teenager". You can get away with it. Further down the line you will just be considered a wanker.

I accept life is different for the modern day teenager. Internet being at the top of the list. Everyone has to be academic. Encouraging all our teenagers to stay on at school and get a degree in anything  hides the youth unemployment figures for that bit longer.

So what of the modern day mother? What's her part in all of this? The modern day mother is also consumed with the internet. She blogs, tweets, updates her 'status' and is surgically attached to her mobile phone whilst casting an eye up to check on the kids. Its cool to treat motherhood as a big chore.  Tales of what lie you've told your kids, what you haven't done with them and what you have done for yourself are celebrated. We are are more self-absorbed then ever before. Its fashionable to have issues. Hell its celebrated. What you're happy? You're not depressed? You don't hate motherhood? Well you're a bit strange then. I am so tired of twitter at the moment its full of this shit.  These blogs are rife and some just resemble The Truman Show.

I can't help thinking that maybe the pampered children coming up through the ranks and today's teenagers are a by product of the modern day mother. In the 1970's we didn't have everything and maybe we want to give our children stuff we didn't have. So they have got used to getting what they want. Minimum effort for maximum return.They are driven to every 30 minute club going. I refuse to do lots of clubs. This isn't spending time with your kids - sitting and watching someone teach them something before getting back in the car.  A lot of the time its about the mother's aspirations rather than the child's. Everything is laid out before them. They don't need to think too much. So is it any wonder they struggle to do anything for themselves?  I think Internet is to blame but I think my generation of mothers also have a lot to answer for.

Today Mumsnet were celebrating their blogging one year anniversary of which you can find my blog. It was all about how bloggers are changing the world. Enter the feminists and one in particular who was celebrating the fact that she had made Hamley's re-think how they positioned their toys. Yes, she changed the world by getting them to integrate the boys and girls toys as we don't need them to be gender specific. I'm going to swear. For fucks sake. Has she seen the world lately? This is progress? Really? Now all the parents have to wander around like headless chickens to find the toy for their not gender neutral boy or girl. That's not the point - yeah you've made a statement alright. That all is wrong with the world. There are people who have nothing to eat on a daily basis but thank goodness the toys in Hamley's are all mixed up.  If you're going to blog for the 'good' do it for some fucking good will you. We are not gender neutral we are different. Accept it. Get over it. Bog off feminists you are a pain in the arse and that's why everything is screwed up.

I could go on but I am too tired. I haven't had a great day. Only got 2 hours sleep last night as I was worried about my husband's back. He's a bit better today but he will be off for the week. We may even have to re-think his entire job and we may have to cancel our holiday in August. We have to pay the balance by Saturday. To top it all I managed to slam my head in the car door today! How can that be possible? I don't know but it bloody hurt. I'm not co-ordinated when I'm sleepy. I did not exercise and I did not take the kids swimming.

Tomorrow will be a better and my spell check now works.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday Weigh In

Phew it nearly was Tuesday weigh in with the day I've had. Well last night (Sunday) I was the same but I never got a chance to weigh myself today and I'm not doing it now as it'll probably be higher. So I will take yesterday's reading which was 0 lb.

I worked out 3 x last week. I love the Your Shape game I don't know if I've already said that but I'll say it again - its fantastic. The boot camp is brutal and I can pick and choose workouts. On Saturday I did the warm up, two of the boot camp routines and two of the ab routines - about 40 minutes in total. I would have liked to have worked out more I'm sure there was a time when I was working out 4/5 x a week but recently that's the best I can make time for.  I really have noticed a difference in my legs but its my tummy that needs to go.

So why no weight loss? Well as anyone that has followed this blog knows, asides from when I was getting about 3 hours sleep a night, I have discovered that the biggest reason for me not losing weight in the week is stressy worry - its the only way I can describe it. I don't outwardly appear to be stressed or indeed feel it but I do worry.

My husband put his back out again last week. He does a very physical job and had been ripping out concrete on Monday. I have told him to get the younger chap who works with him to do it but he likes to lead by example.  You may remember the very reason I started this blog back in October was when I put on 5lbs when he put it out good and proper and an ambulance was called. Since that time we've had about 3 more episodes whereby he has had to take a week off work. This isn't ideal as he's self-employed.  Anyhow, I took my daughter to a party yesterday and the husband lay flat on the sofa all day long.

So Thursday evening I had some Twiglets (a bit better than my normal Frazzle tipple - which I haven't touched since February) and over the weekend I had a cookie and a few Celebrations. Nothing major, major but enough to prevent me losing weight this week.

This morning he tried to go into work but the pain is now down the front of his thigh - nerve damage. I was surprised when he requested a doctors appointment. Normally he just dismisses talk of the doctor.  I told him to insist on an MRI scan and eye ball the doctor until he agreed. The doctor did try and pull the physio number on him but my husband did as he was told and held out until they said they would arrange an MRI scan. It could be an 8 week wait but at least he's in the system.

He had a disc removed in his twenties and we think its been pushed out and touching the nerves. On top of this my son decided to walk home from school on his own today.  His after school club had been cancelled but I didn't see the text. So I collected my daughter and we were taking our shoes off when there's a knock on the door - my son's face is peering through the window!

He saw that the club was cancelled and thought he'd catch me up - luckily our house is only a 3/4 minute walk away and whilst there is a very busy road to cross he is well able to wait for the green man. Still, it was more the thought of him being snatched  - he did say he ran and whilst he was pleased with himself he was also a bit teary.

So on a positive note I haven't sat here eating whilst the hubster is in pain upstairs. That's progress for you.  Hopefully his pain may be less tomorrow although non of the pain killers have worked thus far.

Wish me a productive and worry free week! Until next time...

p.s my spell check doesn't work on blogger - any ideas as to why not?