Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Zip Issues

Yes asides from my normal mental issues I now have zip issues to contend with.  You see I have several dresses in my wardrobe that would look lovely if only the zip would do up.  I have fabric on one side and the zip edge on the other. At the widest point of my back the two are never going to meet. Unless, of course, I lose at least a stone.  Then I would have no issues (I am assuming a stone will do the trick but who knows) and I could stop with the self pity and excuses. I would be in the enviable position, probably normal position for a lot of people, whereby I could put a dress on and zip the whole thing up. Never again would I have to breath in or lay flat on the bed getting some poor bastard to do it up for me. 

Today I was invited to a meal out on Saturday night. I had already pencilled it in but was unsure whether or not I was going because:-

 a) Its not a close friend
 b) I've been out a lot recently, well for me it is alot
 c) weight issues and
 d) I have a meal out in July.  Although you can eat healthily on a night out I tend not to and then I get all leary and drink wine and start laughing at my own jokes and repeating the same thing but just louder. 

A group of nice women are going and it'll probably be a laugh but it will do little for my weight loss which really needs to take off and take off in a hurry.  But more than anything I can't face the "what fits?" scenario and pulling out the repeat fat outfit offenders. So that's the reason why I'm not going. Nothing to wear. Its easier to stay in.

Here is a dress I purchased on line the other week. I've only just tried it on as I couldn't face it beforehand. Its a size 16 and would look lovely if only the bloody thing at the back would do up!  I don't have issues with my legs so much, even my big round bum or my top half - its all the hard tummy in the middle which is the problem. This is giving me no waist or room for anything to fit.  

The dress that was but isn't - zipping up

I would like to wear this dress in a month's time - is this achievable? How many inches would be required if the back at the widest part isn't doing up?  By the way its from Dorothy Perkins and I bought it when they had 30% off everything so it cost £29.00.  My husband thinks it looks very TOWIE even though we don't watch the show i.e wagesque.  Well at this rate he won't be seeing it.

So, will I crack open the frazzles? No.  I'm taking the kids swimming later and even though the euros are on tonight I am going to do my Wii Zumba at 8pm as I ran out of time today. You know how I hate working out in the evening but needs must. 

I need to deal with my zip issues!


  1. I bloody love this dress. I dont think theres anything wrong with you I think the bloody shops are making their sizes smaller, I think its a government cover up to make us all think we are fat and all go on diets thus solving their obesity crisis.
    Dont put yourself under any pressure gorgeous girl. xxxxxxx

    1. Its lovely isn't it - I think so anyhow! I think you could wear it during any season. You're really sweet re the sizes and I love a good consipracy so I do although it doesn't quite explain why a dress I wore back in 2005 also doesn't do up! xx

  2. Gorgeous dress, its always good to have inspiration clothes for those days when all you want is choc!

    1. I know why can't the hubster see that! Yes it seems to be doing the trick - wii zumba with wrist weights completed today x

  3. I have a dress which ive never worn and never likely to unless i lose 2 inches from my it tho and still live in hope (its only been there about 2 years so you never know!)

  4. there's a programme called bulging brides where they do workouts for 6 weeks with diet and exercise and they lose about a stone and lots of inches x