Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday Weigh In

So sorry its late and very short. I haven't forgotten you dear blog and my lovely followers and readers. I had a very busy week last week what with Jubilee this and that goings on at school. I will up date you all properly tomorrow when I have more time and am not a bit tipsy on Pimms. I just didn't want to miss my regular Monday weigh in slot.

Without further ado - 2lb down.  Pleased with that.  Probably have undone it all today mind with all the Jubilee fabulous food and drink on offer. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.....Mwah love you all!


  1. way to go, Natasha. Have a great week.

  2. Great news. Good for you!. What is the total loss sonce October last? (If you don't mind sharing). Must be almost 2 stone.

    1. Hi there and you too - always supportive. I started at 14 stone 5 on the blog front (was 16 stone 5 after buddy) so have to get to 12 stone 5 for the 2 stone mark gives me something to focus on asides fromr that bikini! x

  3. thank you Carole you're always so supportive x