Thursday, 21 June 2012

Let me take you back.. 1997.  Funny how some blog posts just find you.  I had several in my blog locker -The Food Doctor - an imaginary fella I've invented in a desperate attempt for my son to try foods other than plain bread and not much else.  This is in the same category as 'Naughty Land' i.e "do you want to go to Naughty Land?..where all the naughty boys and girls go.. no toys, games etc".  Don't worry the kids are now aware there is no such thing. It makes them chuckle but it did work for a little while.

Cherie Blair gave me a "why are intelligent women so thick? blog post on the back of her women need to be 'satisfied' by going out to work comment.  Oh do piss off Cherie. I am so satisfied I cannot tell you. Staying at home is the ultimate freedom in my eyes and I had a few others up my sleeve.

Then this one just found me and funnily enough it dates back to 1997 the very month and year that Cherie's husband became our Prime Minister - oh what a disappointment you were. 

I was sorting out my wicker hamper baskets today (I have about 3 and my Fortnum & Mason one takes pride of place) to give to the school for the summer hamper.  I can't bring myself to do it though - I'll see if I can get one in a charity shop. Before you say that's not very charitable let me tell you I do lots and will be baking most of the day Friday.

So I found my backpacking around Europe diary from May 1997. If I may I will give you a little extract. It made me laugh in parts and I hope it does for you too. Even back then I was a ranter and I didn't even know it. There appears to be a lot of 'bastards' in Europe too.

Sun 4th May

9.50pm overnight couchette to Berlin. What a palava - shared with moody Germans had top bunks. The bells were ringing on the railway track just like in the films. Me and Cath pissed ourselves laughing.

Berlin was a pisser to start with waited outside Tourist info moody fucking German bastards - walked back to Zoo station to get map - walked back to book ticket to Warsaw and paid for a shower. Eventually got on 100 bus. Bus driver v-friendly thought it might not be so bad after all. Changed bus to 128 driver showed us youth hostel. Shared room with lone travelling American lives in Switzerland called Barbara. Did the sights not much to see under construction. Had a kebab. Got up missed train to Warsaw ran down road like pair of prats got on train to Krakow - spoke to friendly Polish man who recommended Jazz club in city. Passport got stamped yippee! Got to Krakow at 5.10 am bit daunting even though small. Bus driver drove off without us, bastard. Bought phone card attempted ringing hostel  - got on next bus friendly bus driver - arrived yippee! Shared with 2 from Leeds a bit odd. Had Heineken, steak and chips for £4 between us.

Thursday 8th May

Got train to Krakow Platza had to take tram no 6 journey took 1 hour 30 mins. Big step to the train. Some drunken young poles on train but we didn't get any hassle. Got to Oswichem and bus driver took us to Austwitz. It was pouring down with rain which was quite fitting as it brought a lump to your throat you can't describe it.  I tried not to really visualise it.  Got taxi back - driver spoke English but we still didn't understand a word he said! Got train back guy we saw at orbis shop and friend came on tram with us. They didn't bother getting a ticket and the inspectors came on - they were chucked off. We did say thou. Had pizza in self service place was ok didn't have much money. I haven't seen one good looking Pole man!

10 May

Got overnight train to Budapest - shared carriage with divvy Americans x 3 - didn't get much sleep as passport control waked us up 3 times. Customs took a New Zealand couple off train in the middle of Slovakia as they had taken cigarettes out....

Crikey no nationality was safe on my travels were they? Anyway I thought I'd share and I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our travels. Let me know if you would like some more - maybe it could be a new monthly feature?

Back to dieting matters. I hate using the phrase "being good" as it does makes you sound about 6 so let us just say everything is good this end. I've worked out 3 x this week already and my food intake has been healthy (see food diary).  I have even snacked on carrot sticks and bought brown rice today. 

Until next time...


  1. Good to see you are with the programme. I'm so in the zone, I'm beyond the zone. I don't even want to eat anything. Not exercizing though. Looking forward to Monday. (My dieting week ends on Tuesday, btw).

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    1. we have since tweeted - I'm sure you'll lose on Tuesday - one blip isn't going to matter x

  3. Hi there - just to let you know I have revamped the way I list blogs on my sidebar and now have a list of featured personal blogs. Your blog is on it. I do enjoy following your blog. Have a good day.

    1. Hi Carole wow am so flattered - am running over to it now!! x

  4. Hilarious .. food doctor * starts to wonder would that work on my 13 year old *