Friday, 8 June 2012


And that's not my stomach I'm talking about its my mood.  This half term week has been pretty flat if truth be told. Asides from the highlight, being the party we went to on Monday, everything else has been a tad flat. The weather has been rubbish.  Its rained on and off for most of this week.  The one good thing is that buddy has been waking at 10 am. He hasn't been going to bed very late either 7.30-8pm.  Sweet justice I think. 

My husband has been ill again. This is about the 3rd episode this year of flu like symptoms. He's been feeling ropey since Tuesday and wasn't overly impressed yesterday when I diagnosed him with shingles. I said "me saying you've got shingles isn't going to preempt it." Still not impressed. So he trots down from the bedroom to feed, watch telly and return. He won't go to the doctors as he is a Northerner or something else? We are meant to be at a party tomorrow (another 50th) but I really am not in the mood and I can't see that the hubster will be up to it.

Google is a wonderful tool don't you think? I love to diagnose the ailments in this house. I've had a small lump on the back of my head for a while now but haven't been at all concerned - okay fleetingly thought maybe its a brain tumour but I googled it and it said there was nothing to worry about.

I haven't felt that great (maybe it is a tumour!) which means I haven't done any exercise for a week. That's a long time for me and I feel lumpy and lethargic. Mental note to self when I feel toned, energetic and fit I need to acknowledge it more. I see a lot of tweets and blogging about diets from women - I've come to the conclusion that we have an excuse for everything, rarely just get on with it and, in general, are pretty shit dieters.

The kids have been fairly okay asides from my 8 year old son who acts like a moody teenager at times. I am running out of empty threats for that one. We had a lovely day out together just me and him last Saturday for his 2nd chess tournament. He came a respectable joint 3rd out of 50 children.  He won 4 of his 5 matches and lost 1. Chess is brutal really there is only one winner and no real prizes for coming 2nd or 3rd.  Its Supremo or nothing.

There is another tournament but its on Father's day, a good hour away and I'm not sure he deserves it.  Although he did say yesterday his "I don't care" attitude may be for attention.  Its true, buddy demands a lot of my time so I need to try and spend a bit more individual time with him and my daughter.Today has been far better - least he doesn't have temper tantrums. He holds a grudge so he does.  Spreading myself thinly as well as inappropriate footwear for this weather is my speciality at the moment.

Yesterday I took the kids to the library and bought them new pens - decent ones that last which has kept them very well entertained. Back to the 1970's in this house.  The x-box has been fairly redundant.  I also did get a few ailments checked out at the doctors. From phoning up I was seen within the hour. I love the NHS so I do.  You'll be pleased to know the lump isn't anything to worry about. Told you.  I have a rash on my neck from exercise and my necklace. That is all.

Today we went to our local Sure Start centre and had an indoors picnic, decorated a cake, made crowns, spent time in the ball pit and managed to escape prior to the singing.  A few mums from school were there. There is one in particular who acts slightly older than her only 6 year old child. A weird one. I often wonder why certain types of mums actually bother teaching their precious ones  manners and the like when they clearly have none themselves. Just cut out the middle man and don't bother.

I don't have a lot of time for pathetic grown women in their late thirties early forties. By this juncture in your life you should be acting adult like. You can blame your parents up to the age of 25 - that's my mantra (generous I feel) - after that you need to grow a pair.

I spend a bit of time with one of the mums who also has 3 kids. Nothing in your face just mutual adult "what you doing?" "nothing" "great, come over for coffee".  It appears other mum's nose has been put out of joint. It was her friend first, I'm new on the scene - get off the patch.  She can barely contain her visible disappointment when she sees my presence.

Anyway, I am a friendly person (my blog my be a tad aggressive but in the flesh I'm nice honest guv!) and have saved a space on the floor for them all together with my picnic blanket. The rude mum just blanks me! I mean everyone else says hello etc and I get blanked.  She's avoiding all eye contact. Eventually she does acknowledge our presence by talking to my daughter. She got off lightly really as I was in no mood for it and was one step away from saying "HELLO, ANY PARTICULAR REASON YOU'RE IGNORING ME?" See what I have to contend with.

On a positive note I have bet on Greece winning the Euros based purely on the fact they need cheering up. If a miracle happens then I'll win £2,000 and I won't feel flat at all.

Tomorrow is another day and I intend to work out.


  1. It is hard when you have weeks like this! Nothing weeks we call them! You have lots to do but just don't or can't be arsed to do them! I have been here marking French a level orals all week with just the teenager for company, so I'd you think your week was bad ...

    1. Nikki you have topped me and now I feel much better! ou est la gare? love saying that x

  2. Have a nice cocktail, Natasha. And chill.

  3. I had a flat week too. I couldn't even be bothered to blog. If I don't write something tonight it'll be Silent Sunday to Silent Sunday with n ought in between - oh the shame of that!

  4. I know what you mean I've felt like that durin ghte hols re blogging. Hopefully will get my mojo back next week - no shame in the pics at all in fact I'm planning on putting a 1970's 'album filler' on her today! x