Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Weigh In

2lb on.  See Saturday's chit chat for explanation or excuses same difference really.  Have logged all food today and done my Wii dance workout.  I have 12 weeks to holiday and I'm bored of not having any significant weight loss for a good while now. I am a master at maintaining my weight - I can do that very easily if I exercise but the idea was to lose weight.  My diet works when I follow it properly. Its not a hard diet to follow either as it doesn't restrict anything apart from the obvious cakes, crisps and chocolate. I just haven't been following it properly.  I also, stupidly thought, that last week would be easy. I had nothing planned, no cakes to bake - doddle. Then cue everyone being sick and me spinning plates and thinking fuck it.  Just so you know a 'fuck it' attitude is not appropriate when dieting.

Its not the end of the world but it will be if I'm on the beach in August thinking for goodness sake woman you had all year to get your shit together.  This is my final, final wake up call. Will I rise to the occasion? Will I come out with excuses? What do you think?  Want to stick around and find out or are you all bored shit less by now?

I went 'running' on Sunday but had to stop as the front of my legs were killing me. My cousin reckons its shin splints as she got this when she first started.  We are going to walk the Race for Life in any event as my friend will be in no position to run. During this time of her chemo cycle she won't have many (if any) white blood cells. I'm really looking forward to it - all meeting up and wearing daft outfits.  We are all planning on having a meal out in July and I'm going to stay with my cousin.  My cousin is one year younger than me and we got on really well.  Its such a shame she lives over an hour's drive away.

So until next week....send me positive vibes people!


  1. Big positive vibes coming your way. You know you can do it love, just get your shit together! (did you like my tough talk approach? lmao).

    Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich really appreciate it - and I like the new new. Perhaps you could try this approach when you're out and about just for the entertainment value! xx