Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday Weigh In

Sorry its late I've had a funny old day so I have. Well lets get the important stuff out the way.  A stay the same. Last night I was totally at peace with this. Today I'm not so sure. I have wasted a week and in my friends words "feel lardy and yukky".  I always get heartburn when I've eaten crap too.

You see I kind of continued my party mood following on from buddy's birthday bash last Monday (that was on the back of my 2lb loss).  I didn't write my diary as I had a busy week and I was always playing catch up with the exercise. I managed to do 4 x workouts - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday I went for the dreaded 'run' and managed 2 laps around the block. Not all running but much more than last time.

Should you ever wish your beloved to see you at your worse then running is the answer.  I can't think of a time, in recent history, where I have looked more unattractive.  I came back with a face brighter than a beetroot and this continued all over my body. Hair scraped back, middle aged matron alert! Seriously, it was not a good look.  My legs were so heavy after the run and a fellow runner on twitter pointed out, quite rightly, I should be warming up.

Onto other matters. I spent over one hour trying to purchase cycling or swimming tickets for the Olympic games. I was unsuccessful in my quest. You can only buy a maximum of 4 which means buddy will have to sit out this one.  Furthermore, the cheapest were £50 going up to a staggering £350 per ticket. I got so caught up in it all, that at one point, the computer was checking availability for tickets at a grand total of over £1,000.  Well my husband had said it was once in a lifetime event. I asked how he would have felt had I been able to purchase tickets at this price - "not very happy". Did you also know that they are charging for you just to watch the marathon on The Mall?  You know that open public area called pavement - £40 if you please. 

Now this isn't even the best bit. The husband is triumphant later on because we have secured 4 x tickets to... wait for it.... women's weightlifting with medals ceremony!  Yeehar.  Really? Seriously? They were cheaper at £45 a pop at any event and it does mean we get to be part of the Olympics.  Alas I won't get to cheer Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins at the cycling. I'll have to make do with the Tour de France coverage on ITV 4 in July.

I also had a bit of a clear out of my blog - done away with the "I've been nominated badges" and the like.  I also deleted some mum websites and blog award sites I follow on twitter. I happened to comment on one re the parent vouchers on facebook. I cut and pasted part of yesterday's post. It was deleted! As long as you talk the middle road talk then you'll do fine at all these blog awards, review shit that doesn't matter and tell people what your favourite colour is.

Now when I start talking the talk and doing all these things its time to call it a day - hence the clear out. I ain't no desperado blogger. Nooooooo sorry!


  1. Nothing wrong with a stay the same - especially after a party week.

  2. Thanks - I suppose the trouble I have that if I ate rubbish one day it can just continue throughout the rest of the week very easily! x

  3. Good idea to do the blog clear out. I decided not to get involved in any of the awards stuff. It felt more like some sort of chain letter. Keep up the good work - no weight gain actually means you have kept weight off that otherwise would have snuck up on you naturally

  4. Hi Carole - it distracts me all the badges some blogs you can't get beyond all the badges then I think oh I should have one. I have a blog post brewing about it actually. But want to remain focused on the diet. Much better today although didn't fit in a workout or run - see the olympic tickets saga. Very true as husband says least you haven't put the weight back on. Will keep plugging away. The moral of the story is to have self control whilst pregnant. x

  5. Natasha, what a star taking off the word verification!

  6. Blog is looking very neat - obviously, tidy gets a big thumbs up from me. Now I must go because I have a post to write about my general apathy, a tea bag that I must review and a whole essay on why grey is the best colour ever. I'm guessing that you're hyperventilating with excitement and can't wait to read them.

    1. very good! Although I did feel a bit bad when I saw your review of the wooden duck!! I agree with Carole at times it can feel like one huge chain letter and I just about manage to write stuff. I was speaking with another blogger today via twitter who also said the same but has since been offered to do some product placements. I said ultimately what does it matter what people think and if you need the money etc. The first blog I ever followed was My Retro Kitchen - a lady who just writes about her passion for cooking - a TV company came to her!! No plugging, nothing. I like that x

    2. Oh God, don't feel bad, you're allowed to say and think what you want. I wouldn't take offence at something like that. I don't intend to go down the whole product review route anyway unless it's something I would buy myself. Sponsored posts are definitely not for me. I only want to write about things I genuinely like.