Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to scare the shit out of you - 1970's style!

The other night we watched yet another nostalgic television show on terrestrial telly - ITV.  As per usual there was nothing worth watching on SKY.  SKY are really getting above their station - excuse the pun. We pay a mighty fee for movies, multi view room, dodgy re-conditioned SKY boxes (by all accounts the SKY engineers are told under no circumstances are customers to get new boxes) and hardly anything decent on 'anytime' TV.
Anyhow this programme was showing you clips of all the government adverts issued by The Central Office of Information. This organisation no longer exists but their adverts are so memorable, hard hitting and scary. Do you remember Jimmy Saville meeting children who had been in accidents to hammer home the safety message?  They are unbelievable. I have often put a few on my blog like Charley and I were in the Park and the like. 

These programmes are all the rage at the moment - anything nostalgia based and in particular the 1970's are very much in vogue. A bit like the 1960's were for many years - it seems that the 1970's have replaced the '60's in the nostalgia market.

So there were many adverts ranging from the 1950's upwards. Hard hitting stuff. Its a shame they have shut down the organisation as I do believe they served a purpose. Recently there have been 10 deaths in this country with people putting their portable bbq's inside their tent through sheer ignorance of the fact the fumes can kill them. 

Without further ado here is an advert that I remember as a child. Would you show this to your child now?

On to more cheery matters and general chit chat. I managed to fit in a workout today. I am officially unable to do a workout at 8pm. I was all dressed ready to work out on Tuesday and I just thought I can't be arsed!  I had buddy's party Monday, shopping and cleaning Tuesday, was visiting my friend pre-chemo treatment on Wednesday and today whilst I did visit another friend I crammed in a workout. Which means I also need to do one tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday to make it 4 x this week.

I am making a giant cupcake for my step-daughter tomorrow so will post pictures.  I had another little prang in the car today. When visiting my friend and reversing on her drive (which my husband did) I thought to myself if I knocked into her brick wall pillars I could say "oh I know a man that can fix that". The next thing I hear an almighty crunch. I haven't hit the pillars or her car or dog so what have I hit? It is a plant with hard branches. There's no way I could have seen it and the little bleeper didn't go off either. Not my fault. Plants fault. I surveyed the damage - it had got caught under the car and ripped the mud guard covering the back wheel and scratched a bit of the paint work. Oh dear.

So how do I play this one? Sometimes I let the husband discover such markings a few months down the line and say "oh that happened ages ago", sometimes I hope it just goes away and sometimes I come clean. Today I thought I'd come clean. So I then think well how do I approach this?  So I say "I haven't hit a car or dented our car or reversed into a wall..." "I've just ripped our mud guard and here's a picture".  You see he's already thought phew to 3 of those things so the impact of my blunder is minimal.  I suggest you adopt this if you find yourself in a similar predicament.

He just sighed, carried on with what he was doing and said "is the kettle on?" That is one of the many reasons I love him - minimal reaction, resigned acceptance of all car related incidents. What more could you ask for in a man?


  1. After my recent car mishaps and Pauls huge over reactions I am once again jealous at Michaels acceptance!!! Also very impressed with the way you managed to break it to him!!! xx

  2. My husband doesn't drive, so doesn't really care what happens to the car. Makes life simpler. ;)

    We had a lot of those safety films in Canada as well. The ones dealing with kids playing on railways lines always gave me nightmares. I still can't watch them, though I love train rides and am married to a trainspotter.

  3. That's handy in some respects him not driving - we don't have the safety films so much now and they have actually closed the office that made them (cut backs and all that). I still think they serve a useful purpose. There's one I remember very clearly Dark lonely water about kids mucking around near ponds. Would love to go to Canada one day xx