Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Starving? I think not.

This is a diet blog. It is about my weight loss journey. It is about losing my body fat and reducing my weight. I've eaten my fair share of the food that is on offer to us all. And on offer it surely is. It's plentiful in our western world. I have consumed more than my body has wanted or needed.  Quite simply put, in layman's terms, I have been greedy.

Now most people (myself included) bemoan the fact, after they have over indulged for many years, that dieting is 'hard'. There's so much choice, we have no will power and we are unable to refuse the delicious foods available to us such as the treats for....well.....just because we deserve them.  Some even complain that when they're on a diet they are 'starving'.  I wrote about this before and will say it again - no one in the western world is starving.  I would suggest that when on a diet we may be hungry. 

Definition of Hunger
a. A strong desire or need for food.
b. The discomfort, weakness, or pain caused by a prolonged lack of food

Well for some, dieting to lose weight is a luxury that, sadly, they will never experience.  For far too many  option 'b' above is what they experience on a day to day basis. 

I have written this post as I am supporting the ONE campaign and would like you to do the same.  If you feel sadness and guilt that so many people in this world, our world, are starving then just sign the petition.
The key aims of the campaign are that by 2015:--
  • We could see 15 million fewer children chronically malnourished and 
  •  50 million people lifted out of extreme poverty

That's it. No money. Just a quick log on, log out - job done. What's the worse that could happen?!