Monday, 30 April 2012


Did you know you can get T-shirts with this on - check out ebay
So I took to the streets tonight armed with my Ipod, rucksack (circa 1997 from backpacking days), asthma inhaler and £2 to "pick up some squash whilst you're out"!  This, as you know, is in preparation for The Race for Life that I am running with my friend and, at the last count, 14 others to support Cancer Research and to give Breast Cancer the middle finger.  I have done what is required of me on the clothing front - I have duly ordered a pink neon tutu, gloves in the style of Madonna, pink legwarmers, pink beads and a pink headband. I would ordinarily cringe at the sight of ladies en masse wearing this get up - funny how things change. Not only that we all have T-shirts which say "Oh Marvellous"- the title of my BF blog. By the way Cath, Roald Dahl spells Marvellous like this in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so it must be okay.

Now as you also know I do work out but running, my friends, is in a different league. Running is proper hard core as far as I'm concerned.  I read in the paper today that the latest thing for people to talk about is, not new bags, flash cars etc but how fast you can run and what marathon you are running in this year. Yes, by all accounts dinner party conversations across the land are full of "I'm considerably fitter than you". Now if you really want to top your neighbour - how about running a marathon in the Sahara?! Or how about getting new neighbours and never ever attending any poncey dinner parties again.

So I head on out after doing bottle, spellings, reading to me and reading to them.  The last time I ran was probably way back in the 80's and that was probably to catch a bus or to flee a security guard (a friend of mine was a bit of shoplifter in her day).  I think a little jog around the block up by the kids school and back - its no more than 1/2 a mile.  I've got my Freya sports bra on - I'm good to go.

My selection of running music was a mistake. A big mistake. Huge. I took off down the back straight very fast to Love is Noise by The Verve. Its a thumping track and being an Indie lover I thought this was ideal. Wrong.  I was flying but by the time I'd done about 300 metres I was knackered. I limped and gasped my way into the Co-op to "pick up some squash". Yes the extra weight really helped my cause. My bum was at least 30 seconds behind the rest of my body - maybe a support harness is required? I jogged up the hill, then walked, then saw some people so thought better run, walked, ran and then walked again.  Total time including squash collection was 15 minutes.

Oh how the hubster laughed when he saw me - even doing a little jog to open the door for me. Piss taker.  Anyway, I will not be defeated and will go out again tomorrow and I hope to get to Co-op without stopping.  I will also have a slight change of music - Frank Sinatra perhaps?

Finally this bikini arrived from Debenhams today aka big knickers and a bra that goes in the water. My husband loved it - but he would. Only a husband could say that. It looked okay but much more work to be done.

The Bikini and in the voice of Forrest Gump "And that's all I've got to say about that"


  1. C25K, tis your friend. google. you will be fine.

    P.s I hate running.

  2. Very good! Yes my sister runs and has done the Paris Marathon but hates running?!

  3. What a fabulous cause to be running for. Good luck to you Hun. Enjoy your day and enjoy wearing that bikini! I so love reading your blog it does make me giggle sometimes :) x

  4. Yes it is and now we have a local newspaper covering it too. My thighs are feeling mighty heavy today. Thank you re the blog! Chuffed! x

  5. did someone mention that I ran the Paris one Darling! a hideously slow time of 4 hours 58 if anyone is interested..!.....Let it be known that it will be my one and only time and will never again be mentioned at dinner parties ..;-)

  6. So no running in the Sahara then? You did great - I don't know how and why anyone runs. Its not natural! xx