Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Weigh In

-2lbs. Okay so am back in the 12's. Let me stay in there heading down towards 11 if you please.  I am now on a new 12 week fat burning programme (I have completed my other one) on The Biggest Loser workout and I did it today.  When I first did the programme I did 20 mins so will be interesting to see what 50 minutes 3 x a week will bring.  I didn't do any set exercise at the weekend and I need to make sure I do at least one workout, otherwise that's 8 days a month that I won't be exercising just because its the weekend. I cannot afford to do that.

Nevertheless I think I worked out 4 x last week (see exercise log 2012 on right hand side). I have pretty much kept up to date with my food diary.  Still room for improvement but was so much better than the previous weeks. 

All and all I've had a pretty good day as Monday's go. My son is representing his school in the UK School Chess Championships which he is very excited about. He has the possibility of winning £25 and a trophy. My friend had some great news today - looks like her critical illness policy is definitely paying out which is fantastic. I didn't get trampled on at the school book fair and my husband did my ironing whilst I completed my workout. Nigella tweeted me on my newsfeed (love her!!) and Jenni Murray said she didn't mind the mention in my Dukan Donut post.

After my workout I decided to jog to the post office with my parcels for posting (extra weight and all). Its only about 800 metres and it was tough! My bum seemed to be about 5 seconds behind the rest of my body! It was playing catch up and felt mighty heavy! I was panting away in the queue and am thinking how and earth can I jog 5km? I really don't know what the appeal of jogging is although I do know running is the best thing for shedding weight.  I think at my age its not great for your bones, your face or your boobs. My friend quite rightly said "gravity is working against you".  And my arse it would seem.

Until next week..


  1. Great result. And nice upbeat post. Did you see my quote today about happiness?

  2. Thank you Carole! No - will have a gander...x