Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday Weigh In

2lbs gain.  Why has that happened? Oh yes, I exercised less and ate more not rocket science.  I am now under pressure to lose weight for my hols and as you know I'm not great at dieting to order.

I accidentally missed weigh in last week - the first time since I started this blog back in October 2011.  Now given that it was Easter which is now resembling Xmas time in terms of the encouragement to stuff yourself silly with chocolate and the kids were off I'm not that unhappy about it.

I am very happy that buddy is more or less sleeping through the night. Anyone that reads my blog regularly know that this has had a huge impact on my exercising and diet regime.  If he wakes crying now, which he does, he gets himself back to sleep within about 20 mins. I no longer go into him and we are all getting a good nights sleep.

It has been proven that lack of sleep is really bad for your metabolism and dieting in general. It also makes you very run down and lethargic.

My kids are still off school - for some reason our school always seem to have the holidays and then an extra day. I don't mind though, by and large they have been really good and we have been out and about but for the most part we have just had a lovely relaxing time.  I have been getting up gone 8 am and yesterday left the bed at 9.30am and this morning also. So I feel lovely and rested.  I really am not looking forward to having to get up, book bags and everything else that goes on with school life. 

This afternoon my daughter fell off her scooter. I think they are a bit of a death trap and I shouldn't have let her go down this hill. She was hysterical but I had my hands full with the shopping I was carrying, buddy on his scooter and my eldest on his bike. I knocked on a friend's door as we were closer to her house to our own but she was out. Anyway she seems fine but she did sprain her wrist.  Grrr we were having a nice day prior to that. My husband was a bit like well what do you expect going out with 3 children on different modes of transport - he doesn't like the scooters but he's also one for saying they have to have accidents to gage risk etc. Can't win!

It will be nice to get back into a routine though and I can focus on my exercise regime again as the Race for Life is looming large.  I suspect lots of mothers are now on diets again - its easy to start a diet though isn't it when you've been eating crap during the holidays? Just like its easy to say I'm on a diet the Monday you've had an over indulgence weekend.  I've said this before and I'll say it again there will always be school holidays so the trick is to treat it as any other day otherwise the pounds really will pile on over the years. I wrote a post a while back called Slim mums I salute you and this still stands true. Sorry if you have a child in nursery I went off on a tangent and I don't mean to upset anyone but I feel very strongly about them.

Whilst i do like writing various posts on my opinions on matters I'm going to concentrate on completing my food diary, my exercise log etc. It is a diet blog after all!

Until next week - if you can all stick with my blog that is!


  1. Lack of sleep is a killer. That's mainly what makes me stuff my face with all things bad. I look for the quick hit rather than taking the time to make something healthier. Hope you have a better week and your daughter's wrist heals quickly x

  2. Hi - yes it really doesn't help it makes you crave rubbish - last night he slept through! hooray not even a little bit of moaning so I think I had 6 hours in a row - I couldn't fall asleep until 1 am for some reason. My daughter's wrist it much better and went to school today thanks x