Thursday, 26 April 2012

I shall go to the ball

Oh er missus who'd have thought little old me would be nominated for a Mad Blog Award and in the Best Writer category.  So I was merrily scrolling through my phone this morning at Chill n Chat and I saw The 1970's Diet in this category. I couldn't believe it. 

Actually this morning I had written a short and bitter post about how I never get nominated for anything but hadn't hit the 'publish' button. It was sitting feeling sorry for itself in the 'draft' section. The amount of twitter blog type people I follow that keep saying "I've been nominated in not 1 but 50 categories!". I was happy for the ones that I like and follow but not for the ones who never blog about anything in particular - you know the album fillers of the blog world. I was beginning to feel a bit dejected and all self pitying like Cinderella - did she really need to go to the ball I mean she had all that cleaning to do?!

I was about to examine the reasons why no fucker had put my name forward - being a tad aggressive may have been a reason do you suppose? I think I may well have nominated myself (yes I have no shame and am a sad individual - see previous couple of posts to get the picture), however, I'm unsure as to whether or not that would have seen me through to the next round.  So I can only assume then that someone else nominated me too.  Maybe it was when I had a twitter attack and said something along the lines of "vote for me you bastards" as one person did say my intimidation tactics worked and rushed off to nominate me!

Anyway, all's fair in love and blog war and I am not going to worry about how I got there - I just got there!

Did she really have time to go to the ball? Was she selfish for leaving all the cleaning to the animals whilst she tried to bag herself a Prince?


  1. Congratulations! I have also been nominated but have no expectation of making it through to the next round, so I think you just have to appreciate this stage and squeeze all the fun you can out of it. And although lots of blogs have been nominated, there are gazillions of blogs on the world, so that must mean we're in the top half a per cent or something. Doesn't it?

    1. Thank you Jo and well done on yours - I am just happy to be nominated don't expect anything else at all there's like 200 + in there. I was just getting to be a bit dejected at all the "I've been nominated"! I heard there are millions of blogs so yes is cool! xx

  2. And it's the taking part that counts, not the winning. Probably no consolation, but I look forward to your posts more than any other. x

  3. Yes I'm really not fussed about winning got no chance but just to be in amongst it is cool. And that's good enough for me - looking forward to my posts! Just squeezing my head through the door as I type. Chuffed thanks! x

  4. Congratulations Cinders!! I think you're a winner. x

  5. Thank you! You are a bit biased but thank you anyway! Mwahhh xx