Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Gingerbread Man Weight Loss Tool

Every home should have one
He has made a comeback.  When dieting its best to take one day at a time but with an eye on the month also. So enter my Gingerbread Man - rather dapper don't you think? He's even got a bow tie.  As you can see by my scrawl I have put the dates that are remaining in April. The cross indicates a job well done on the dieting and exercise front.  He is behind my main kitchen work surface and I feel his presence when I am making up my lunch.

Right, off to do the Biggest Loser workout.....


  1. Run run as fast as you can! - joking, obviously, I know how you feel about running. I like him, good idea. xx

  2. Didn't think of that clever!! He got another little tick today! xx