Wednesday, 4 April 2012

By Jesus, its Cadbury's not Judas!

Have you noticed Easter is just one big, fat feeding frenzy? Its starting to resemble and has been for quite a while now, another danger zone for anyone on a diet. Or, indeed, just looking to coast along at their normal weight.  It is heading perilously close to the Christmas self indulgence and weight gain territory.  As far as I can tell its about stuffing yourself senseless with chocolate (preferably the Cadbury's variety) than it is about that bloke. What's his name again? Oh yes, Jesus!

Easter summed up in a basket - chocolate eggs, bunny, Cadbury and cake - anyone seen Jesus knocking about?
I'm sure Jesus is most proud. Not only does he and Papa have to watch whilst we continue to kill men, women and children and money is still number one at the top of the root of all evil chart thousands of years down the line. They now have to see us celebrate Jesus type matters by gorging ourselves senseless with food and drink. I mean lets all have an orgy whilst we're at it. This, whilst vast parts of the world scrape around like dogs for anything that resembles a mere morsel, to stop themselves starving to death. Quality people.Quality. 

As you know I am not overly religious and I explained previously that if I were to partake in a bit of church going then I'd be a Mormon (see this post ).  My husband said "I can't believe you're taken in by that lot!"A lot of people see it more as a sect than as a religious group.  The Mormons can't seem to shake the history of polygamy which hasn't been practised for over 100 years.  They also ask that you give 10% of your earnings to the church which makes my husband even more sceptical.

When Hot Cross Buns go bad
Anyway, back to stuffing your face. Yes, I'm sure Jesus didn't for one minute anticipate that to celebrate his Resurrection we would all be scoffing Cadbury's creme eggs and other versions in great quantities. Let us not forget the other Easter offerings shall we - Hot Cross Buns offered up from January onwards, Simnel cake with the 11 little balls representing the Apostles (minus Judas of course), chocolate Easter cakes and then there's the huge roast that we are meant to cook. You only have to look at the supermarket adverts advertising all the food you must simply buy to have a great Easter. 

Now I understand all the significance of the eggs (representing the boulder), the Simnel cake (the Apostles), the hot cross bun (the cross), the end of lent and the feast etc etc. Don't get me wrong I like to enjoy celebrations and occasions with the next person and food and drink will always be used for doing this. But there is a line that needs to be drawn and consuming tons of chocolate Easter Eggs is that line. Its disgusting when you really think about it.  Its not big and its not clever.

Step away from the chocolate. Think about the significance of Easter, think about the people who can't gorge themselves silly, think about whether or not you want to be the next contestant on The Biggest Loser.

If none of that stops you then think about your waist line and then think about thanking me!

Happy Easter!

Simnel cake - picture from Nigella's Feast


  1. pass me a hot cross bun whilst i digest this...

  2. The egg also resembles new life and new life can be looked at being given if buying fair trade chocolate which supports farmers in some of the poorest countries. However, I will be sitting down to a large family roast on Sunday as it's the first weekend Hubby isn't working and celebrating being together as a family which all religions hold dear. A very thought provoking post that does make you think that actually maybe one creme egg should be enough and not the half dozen that, just because they're sold in a box of 6 doesn't mean you have to eat all of them in one sitting! xx

  3. Hi Lizzie - don't get me started on Fair Trade! Its probably the biggest con of our time (like organic and a post for another time) - the West explots the poorer countries and I don't for a minute believe the farmer receives anything like it should much like charity organisations where a nominal amount actually goes to what you think its going. Its a sad state of affairs it really is.

    The roast sounds lovely and don't get me wrong I like to eat (otherwise I wouldn't have piled on the pounds during pregnancy and beyond) more than the next person. The post stemed from the amount of tweets/fb comments on the amount of eggs that were being consumed - welcomed by pats on the back and had an air of kudos about its. Got me thinking about how this all used to be about the religious element but now it is purely commercialism and thinkng about ourselves. xx

  4. I like chocolate more than I like Jesus. *awaits thunderbolt* actually, that should read I believe in chocolate more than I believe in Jesus! Perhaps we should rename Easter 'chocoholiday' for us atheists, and the Christians can have Easter back as a respectful festival instead of an orgy of gluttony!

    1. no thunderbolt - I too was an atheist for many years until about 3 years ago! Yes, I think your plan is a good one!