Sunday, 18 March 2012

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Oooohh Betty!  Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.  Its Mother Day, its The 1970's Diet so I just had to mention Michael Crawford in the classic 1970's sitcom Some Mother's do 'Ave' Em.  It was a regular television staple in our house and was watched by millions back in the day where we were limited to 3 (yes you heard right) television stations.  The mad cap antics of Frank Spencer were very funny especially the stunts at the end - which he did all himself.  Here's a clip to refresh your memory - probably the most popular one "rollerskating".  I love the bit on the bus where he says in his famously effeminate voice "I haven't got no change!"

So to Mother's Day. I'm partial to a bit of Mother's Day it has to be said.  Its right up there in birthday territory - the kids get so excited about it which is lovely.  I love all the little crafty bits they make which I always keep. Today they brought me breakfast in bed - 1 x slice of wholemeal with marmalade, 1 yogurt and 2 chocolate Cadbury Roses. The cards and little gifts they made were lovely and I also had 3 beautiful bouquets waiting for me downstairs. Although my daughter did give the game away when she said "you take your time eating your breakfast and then afterwards come and see your flowers!"

Cupcake Flower bouquet - I mean what's not to like!!

Speaking of which how about this fabulous creation that my friend makes at  Cakes by Fairies.   What's not to like about this work of art?  Flowers are so last season darling! Hit the 'like' button on her Facebook page if you think her creations are stunning. Or not - that's fine too.  They taste as good as they look - so many people churn out novelty cupcakes of equal visual standard but most, much like French car manufacturing, are style over substance. 

We have been for a walk in the woods and now, fingers crossed, I will be able to read the Sunday papers in peace. Wish me luck on that one.  I will phone my own mother too - I purchased some skin cream products by Neal's Yard Remedies for her. They are all organic and I love the packaging - I'm a sucker for packaging.  Okay I'm beginning to sound like one of those blogs reviewing stuff - I don't do that nor do I intend to honest guv!

I'm not close to my own mother.  We don't chat on the phone regularly, do lunch or any of those typical mother/daughter type things that I hope me and my own daughter will do when she's older. She prides herself on not doing stuff like that and actively seeks to be different. I often joke with her that she's a rebel without a cause as her set up is very conventional.  Married at 19, 3 kids at 23 and still married to my dad.

Today I suspect she is watching Chelsea on the telly or at the Bridge. Football comes before everything. We have little in common and I'm sure she will be the first to admit that she is not at all maternal. She found the whole having 3 children a bit of drudge whereas I find it a joy.  I think it makes me a better mother in any event - so I can thank her for that!
Happy Mother's Day!

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