Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday Chit Chat

Well I was a bit absent until Thursday this week. I wasn't well but I am now feeling 100 x better. So you can all rest easy and go about your business now that weight has been lifted off your minds!

Today we are off to visit my sister with all 3 children in tow. Her new house has been newly decorated and we are set to trash it within about 5 mins of our arrival.  She has been warned.  My sister doesn't have kids nor does spend much time with little people so it could be interesting.
Exercise has been majorly shite this week i.e none because of my flu like, sore throat etc and dieting has been moderate.  I've had yogurt for breakfast this morning (no bacon has featured) and I have set myself a dieting deadline.  To lose a stone by the end of April. My husband just laughed and said "right you're going to lose 1lb every 2 days are you?" He thinks its unrealistic and to just get back into losing weight every week like I was a few months back.  He said "it'll all come good in the end".

With that thought I shall bid you all a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

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