Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Chit Chat

This is me August 2009 - weighing 12 stone 10lbs

I'm very happy here. I am wearing (although you can't see size 14 white (!) Capri trousers and my Tour de France top that I got in Paris.  We went there on honeymoon in July 2009.  I've put this up to remind myself what I look like with less weight on me.

This has been another less than satisfactory week - not so much on the food front but on the exercise front. I've slept with buddy (not his real name) 4 times this week. Last night was particularly bad as he was just awake on and off for 3 bloody hours! This is far worse, in my view, than if they're crying with teething pain or hungry. He was also good to go and up and about at 6.30 am.  He hadn't slept in the day and rarely does - in fact its all been a bit hit and miss since November.  So cue sore throat, cough, cold and my eyes are sore again.  I know its just from lack of sleep and feeling run down but its so frustrating as I'm rarely unwell.  It stops me from exercising and it pisses me off!!

I have so much more weight to lose. I need to train properly for the Race for Life. The Biggest Loser 60 minute workout I did the other day was excellent and if I could only manage to do that 3 x a week it would be falling off me so to speak. And I mean the real falling off me not like the way its meant to whilst "running around after a baby". Who runs around after a baby? They don't do anything.  That and breastfeeding - no it doesn't fall off you, if anything it makes you bigger because you're hungry all the time and sitting on your arse feeding your baby!

Anyway, as you can tell I am not in the best of spirits.  Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.


  1. Wishing you a much better day tomorrow. Mich x

  2. The breastfeeding thing is definitely a lie! I breast fed for 14 months and it just made me constantly hungry. And yes, glued to the sofa. No weight loss there. Hope you find the energy/sleep for a better day to day.

  3. Thank you Mich - had a sleep this morning and am wilting a bit now but hopefully be bit better Monday. Yes breastfeeding is a lie I tell you, I lie!! I know plenty that put on whilst breast feeding - sigh and more sighs! xx