Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday Chit Chat

Well this week hasn't been great.  On Monday evening me and the little fella developed conjunctivitis - I've only had it about 3 times in my life and its horrible. My eye was disgusting and looked like I was permanently crying.  So on the Tuesday I popped into the local chemist and told them I was currently using ointment called 'Golden Eye'.  The chemist laughed and said "where did you get that from its been discontinued"  "Erm at the back of a drawer" I replied sheepishly. So having purchased eye drops that are actually still in production our eyes did improve that day and the next.  By Thursday my daughter had the start of it so I kept her off school and got another lot of eye drops.  By this time I'm starting to feel very flu like but I reasoned an Olympic athlete (there are no similarities between us whatsoever) would not rain off training just because he/she had a bit of a cold. So whilst tough and more sweaty than usual, I felt triumphant that I had managed to do my exercise that day. 

Yesterday I was thinking perhaps that wasn't the best idea I'd had in a long while.  They always say exercising whilst not feeling well has no real benefit and 'they' may well be right.  I felt rotten - I had been up my usual once in the night and by 7.30 am I was transfixed to the settee.  My husband said and I quote "why don't you keep all the kids off - it won't hurt for them to miss one day of school".  You might need to re-read that again if it hasn't quite sunk in.  Now I'm not one for the battle of the sexes type shit that goes on a lot these days but really, really?? Only a man could say that. Or a person who doesn't look after kids AT ALL!!

In his defence he was thinking of me doing the school run - more like the school crawl to my untimely death.  He just hadn't thought it through. The school run takes about 5 mins to walk there - we're normally early. Yes even with 3 in tow I can still manage it - a lot can't and I've moaned about them before.  The head has recently put the lateness in the newsletter which has had all of zero impact.  As the school is on a hill and there is a side entrance I, personally, would make the fuckers walk back up and around and come through the main entrance. I would go so far as to have a little barrier emblazoned with LATE NOT THROUGH THE GATE or something like that. A bit of inconvenience is what is required like the inconvenience they inflict on everyone else.

I digress as ever.  So all in all the walk there, the chat and the blanking by pit bull, takes less then 30 mins. Now you don't have to be a mathematical genius to work out that that's less than an hour out of an 11 hour day until the husband comes home.  Or I could, like the husband said, be ill for 11 hours with all 3 children. My eldest are totally winding each other up at the moment and the thought of telling them off at regular intervals with food breaks and being ill had no appeal whatsoever. My response was "are you insane?". I relayed this to the mums in the playground - oh how they roared with laughter - "what...(between snorts) he said keep them all off if you're ill"?!

So today I feel slightly better, well a lot better than I did yesterday even though I've been up since 5 am on and off.  But diet wise I'm rubbish when I'm ill.  Unless food is physically incapable of passing down my throat I'll be eating thank you. Yesterday I had a 'sod it' attitude and only got up from the sofa to feed myself.  I also had a lovely 30 min snooze with the little fella in our bed - so it was worth being ill for that - toddler cuddles you can't beat it.  I have documented my binge in the Photo Food Diary and having looked at it, it does look remarkably similar to what I ate when I gained about 6 stone whilst pregnant. 

I have put a disclaimer on it. I would not try this at home if you want to lose weight. I have giving myself a mental beating and its not part of my normal 1970's diet. I only hope that I can redeem myself before Monday's weigh in. What do you think?

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